Obama on Between Two Ferns: Did He Get Across To The Young  ‘Invincibles’?

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It is hard not to give Barack Obama points for his recent appearance on Between two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.

In genuinely disarming post-hipster fashion, the President was transparent about his reasons for appearing on the program. “I would not be here if I did not have something to plug, Zack,” the president informed his expertly inept host. And plug away he did, in a direct appeal to reach younger citizens to sign up at healthcare.gov.

Young people do not want to pay for health insurance.

Whether it is because they have better things to do with their disposable income or because, even after deferring on those student loans again, they do not have any disposable income because their McJob in this McConomy sucks, or whether it is because in their youth they feel invincible (or some combination of these reasons) young people are just not signing up. Which, in an insurance system that requires many people paying into the system who will not in fact use the system, is a major problem.

Baby Boomers, many of whom have long since left behind their bra burning days and traded in their revolutionary worldview for a hummer and a 3 car garage McMansion lifestyle, need to go to the doctor a lot more than the young invincibles, and need the young invincibles- whose suffering in the McConomy is a result, in large part, to the globalization the once revolutionary and now much more comfortable Baby boomers have by and large embraced, are not buying.

Which brings us to the absurd scenario in which President Obama, in a effort to meet the kids on their playing field, humbled himself to great comedic effect on funny or die to sell you me and just about everyone we know on INSURANCE REFORM – a massive theft from taxpayers and bonus to an industry that makes profit (and greed is good, right people?) only when it takes more money in (premiums) than it pays out (benefits).

In other words- Obama was in between two ferns selling you on the Mitt Romney program that benefits an industry that makes profits by denying people coverage.

What we need in this country is what every other developed country in the world already has- a single payer health care plan.  This would eliminate insurance for all but those who want to purchase supplemental plans and replace it with a health care program that treats health care as a human right.

Again, every other developed country in the world has bought into this, and it was sold to them without heads of state appearing on faux community TV programs.

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  • Mark Matson

    “What we need in this country is what every other developed country in the world already has- a single payer health care plan.”

    Not true. Australia, Japan, The Netherlands and Switzerland all have private mandates as part of their healthcare system. Their systems are more mature and more regulated than Obamacare, but they didn’t necessarily start that way. Obamacare is a first step.

    Also, Obamacare limits the profit margins of the health insurance companies by requiring to 15-20% (depending upon size, if I remember) of all proceeds to go to actual care. Insurance corporations have already paid back millions to their customers because of this.

    Obamacare is far from perfect and I agree with much of the gist of this article, but I also think it is misplaced. Obamacare is way better than what we had before and is a reasonable place to start building something better.

    And besides, young people not earning much will qualify for large subsidies. Combine that with purchasing a rock-bottom ‘bronze’ plan and it might even be free, or darn close.

  • Thomas Milligan

    I don’t know the actual numbers, but I question the idea that Boomers have “by and large” embraced globalization.

    I haven’t, and I know exactly *one* of my contemporaries living in a McMansion with a 3-car garage. Obviously, there must be a substantial number who gave up on the ideals of the 60’s and joined the dark side, but I’d ask you to remember that there are also a lot of us who spent our working lives trying to live out of those ideals and make the world a better, or at least a less bad, place. The fact that we failed does not negate the effort. The game was rigged against us, as it is against you.

    I don’t blame “young people” who don’t want to buy into the health-insurance scam. We need *one* marginally-competent bureaucracy to administer payment for medical care, we don’t need thousands of parasitic entities leaching the dollars to overpaid executives and stockholders. Just one of the many arguments we’ve lost to The Money in the last 30 years.

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  • jemcgloin

    Young people do get sick and have accidents. So until we get single payer healthcare, which is obviously the best system, writing articles that encourage people to go without health insurance is probably a little irresponsible.
    There are a lot of giveaways to the insurance industry in Obamacare, but there also a lot of consumer protections that didn’t exist before. And since most of the plans on the new markets are relatively low cost, high deductible plans, they are basically appropriate for young people who will hopefully not have to use them.