Obama, Pelosi And Reid Greeted By Anti-TPP Protesters In LA

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Above: About 250 people greeted President Obama, Senator Reid and Representative Pelosi with protests against the TPP at a high donor fundraiser in Los Angeles.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (#TPP), a global trade agreement being secretly negotiated by the US Trade Representative with 600 transnational corporations and industry trade groups, will affect nearly every aspect of Americans’ lives. If passed, it will undermine state, local and federal laws, including those governing food safety, environmental protection, internet freedom, worker rights, democratic sovereignty, healthcare and drug prices, and banking and finance regulation.

In short, it will be a disaster for public health and safety, future sustainability of the world’s food supply and basic democratic principles.

When asked why it was being negotiated in secret, Ron Kirk, the former US trade negotiator said, “Because if the people knew what was in it, it would never be passed.” It’s bad enough that Congress and the public have been shut out of these negotiations, while corporations are running the show. But even worse, the Obama Administration wants to ram the TPP through Congress using a Nixon-era process called Fast Track.

On November 25th, Barack Obama came to Beverly Hills for a high dollar fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial and Congressional Campaign Committees at the Beverly Park homes of former basketball star Magic Johnson and billionaire media mogul Haim Saban. Tickets started at $2500 a person for the reception and $16,200 a person for the dinner.

250 protesters were there to greet Obama and tell him to flush the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Below is how the day and night went in pictures.

To join the campaign to stop the TPP and fast track visit www.FlushTheTPP.org.

Photo Gallery: The Democrats held a high dollar fundraiser in Beverly Hills on November 25th that was attended by the three Democratic leaders: President Obama, Senator Reid and Representative Pelosi — along with 250 people outside protesting the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The photographers for the photo essay below are: Barry Levine, Guero Cerdo, Jessica Niederbruning, D’Marie Mulattieri, JB Wagoner, Ina Martinez, Niloo Khodadadeh, Mike Chamness, Rachael Sullivan , Sheila Burnham, Esperanza Ramirez, Justice Served and Matthew Leddy.

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  • D’Marie Mulattieri

    Finally, as we near the completion of negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership people are starting to hear and be concerned. The question is though, will ENOUGH people be alerted so as to stem the tide? There appears to be a veil between the TPP and main stream media. When they do talk about it, they never reveal the depth of the agreement’s traitorous contents. WE NEED TO BE THE MEDIA!!!

    Please take the time to educate yourself on the TPP. Then call your Congress members; both your Representative and your two Senators and advise them to vote NO on Fast Track Authority (a tool that past Presidents have used to pass disastrous free trade agreements) and NO on the TPP!

    Talk to everyone you meet and just ask them, “Do you know about the TPP?” 9.5 out of 10 people will not know what you are talking about. Quickly tell them and give them a flyer. This is an affordable flyer to download and pass out: http://marchagainstmonsanto.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/stop-tpp-halfpagepostage.jpg

    Together, standing united, we can end the TPP! Thank you to everyone working so diligently on this campaign.

  • kevinzeese

    That’s right. It was good to see 250 people out to protest Obama, Pelosi and Reid on the TPP.

    The next big day that we hope people will organize around is the global day of action on Dec 3. You can sign up at http://www.FlushTheTPP.org

    We can stop the TPP but it requires people to take action. Organize for the 3rd and call your member of Congress 202-224-3121 and tell them “no Fast Track for the TPP or any corporate trade agreements.”

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