Obama Tells CEO’s Not Much Difference With Repubs and Dems

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Obama: Republicans and Democrats actually are “fighting inside the 40-yard lines” on key issues

Note: President Obama let the cat out of the bag when talking to CEO’s at a Wall Street Journal event last month, saying that on key issues the Republicans and Democrats agree.  Some of the quotes in the article below could have come from Ralph Nader describing how the Republicans and Democrats are more alike than different on the critical issues facing the nation.  Anyone capable of seeing President Obama’s policies and not be confused by the Democratic Party label or the fact that he is the first African American president would see that he is surrounded by Wall Street advisers – that he selected, that his health care law was implemented by a former health insurance company executive, that the outsourcing leader – General Electric – is his jobs czar and that his food czar is a former Monsanto executive.  But, for Obama to admit it makes the truth hard to ignore.

Obama speaks to CEO November 2013Republicans and Democrats actually are “fighting inside the 40-yard lines” on key issues, President Obama said Tuesday, and anyone who doubts that needs to visit other countries to get a look at real political and ideological divides.

American partisans often accuse the other party of being “socialists” (a Republican charge against Democrats) or “fascists” (the reverse), and Mr. Obama mocked the former at a meeting of top CEOs hosted by the Wall Street Journal in Washington.“People call me a socialist sometimes. But, no, you’ve got to meet real socialists. You’ll have a sense of what a socialist is,” Mr. Obama said. “I’m talking about lowering the corporate tax rate. My health-care reform is based on the private marketplace. The stock market is looking pretty good last time I checked.”

Mr. Obama, pitching his White House as business-friendly and focused above all on creating jobs and increasing economic growth, responded to a question about immigration reform by saying that Republicans and Democrats actually are not that far apart. He then evaluated the overall political landscape and dismissed the seeming gulf between his administration and congressional Republicans as minor disagreements compared to what’s seen in other parts of the world.

“In my conversations with Republicans, I actually think the divide is not that wide. So what we just have to do is find a pathway where Republicans, in the House in particular, feel comfortable enough about process that they can go ahead and meet us,” he said of immigration reform, before broadening his point.

“This, by the way, is a good example of something that’s been striking me about our politics for a while. When you go to other countries, the political divisions are so much more stark and wider. Here in America, the difference between Democrats and Republicans — we’re fighting inside the 40-yard lines,” he said.

For example, every European country has a major party that calls itself some variant of “socialist” or “social democrat” and which advocates, to at least some degree, public ownership of the means of production. France’s Francois Hollande, Britain’s Tony Blair and Germany’s Gerhard Schroeder are among the recent socialist-party leaders to have governed major powers.

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Ben Wolfgang covers the White House for The Washington Times. Before joining the Times in March 2011, Ben spent four years as a political reporter at the Republican-Herald in Pottsville, Pa. He can be reached at bwolfgang@washingtontimes.com.

  • “fighting inside the 40-yard lines” That, my friends is a profound acknowledgment that our President is totally disconnected with Americans. @BarackObama measures America by what other countries are doing? YIKES!! Dumb beyond the pale! Ugh!

    “I’m talking about lowering the corporate tax rate. My health-care reform is based on the private marketplace. The stock market is looking pretty good last time I checked.”

    This is right up there with “you can keep your health care plan” and

    “you can keep your doctor, period!”

    I’m thinking this article does not doubt anything @BarackObama says, even after everything he says is proven to be false. What am I missing?

    “Mr. Obama, pitching his White House as business-friendly and focused above all on creating jobs and increasing economic growth,”

    COULD MAKE AND HAVE CREDIBILITY. Believe @BarackObama when
    he says this and you also believe “You can keep your health Insurance” and
    “You can keep your doctor”. I don’t think this is rocket science.

    I am a supporter of ‘immigration reform’. Nothing the R’s or D’s have proposed comes even close to a fair immigration reform (I have written on the public Internet on this issue). Y’all ought to give immigration reform and fairness about 3 to 6 months thought before speaking out. I can readily identify any whose thinking is both shallow and emotional, but not deep.

  • OldTulsan

    That’s obvious by the two parties’ stand on job-killing free trade agreements…

    The U.S. has endured 34 years of “free” trade policies, supported by both parties…

    In 1979, Ronald Reagan started the idea of a North American Union, which led to NAFTA

    In 1992, President George H.W. Bush ceremonially signed NAFTA, along with Mexican President Salinas and Canadian Prime Minister Mulroney. His administration conducted the NAFTA negotiations.

    In 1993, President Clinton signed NAFTA after it was ratified.

    In 2004, the Bush administration (N. Gregory Mankiw) stated that the offshoring of blue-colla­r AND white-coll­ar jobs would enrich the U.S. Link available upon request.

    In 2011, the Obama administration selected Jeff “I’m a nut on China” Immelt, GE’s CEO, a high priest of the offshoring cult, to be the chairman of the administration’s jobs commission , which never had a meeting. It was disbanded on January 31, 2013, when its charter expired.

    In 2012, President Obama AND Mitt Romney both supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, described by the Congressional Progressive Caucus as NAFTA on steroids.

    Get ready for Ross Perot’s “giant sucking sound” to get louder.

  • kevinzeese

    Not sure what you are saying egbegb, Obama’s healthcare law is definitely based on a market model rather than treating healthcare as a public good like the rest of the developed world. It is based on the insurance industry, pharmaceutical industry and for-profit hospitals. That is why it will not work, i.e. it will not control costs and will not provide healthcare to all. He treats healthcare as a commodity, a profit center for Wall Street rather than a public service. It is surprising to hear Obama tell the truth about his lousy healthcare bill.

    And, he is also telling the truth when he says that he is trying to lower corporate tax rates — when he should be doing the opposite since real corporate taxes are way too low. And, he is right that the stock market has done very well under his “recovery.”

    He could have added he is trying to cut Social Security and Medicare, has supported austerity measures and is pushing a corporate trade agreement that seeks to rig trade for big business.

    Popular Resistance published another article today that showed the wealth divide has been made worse under Obama and that this is the first “recovery” where the wealth divide has expanded. These are because of his pro big business policies. Now if you are a small business the story is different. The bi-partisans in Washington do the bidding of their donors and that is Wall Street, insurance, big pharma, agribusiness and weapons makers. The rest of us our screwed.

  • I don’t know enough about Hollande or Schroeder to comment on their politics, but I do not know where Ben Wolfgang ever got the idea that Tony Blair was a socialist or a socialist party leader. His governing philosophy was in tune with Clinton’s (Third Way-DLC) and he found lotsa ways of getting along with GWB. Downing Street Memo, anyone?

  • Your statement “the rest of us are screwed” is dead on. However, ObamaCare is not based on any market model. It is based on an ugly mix of government regulated insurance companies, Medicare and big corporations. There is no fair or free market in health care today or even in 2008 (BO – Before Obama). The free market in health care died long ago and the disruptive influence of the Federal government both inventing health care insurance and then entering the health care insurance business has been a disaster for America. I am a Social Security and Medicare ‘victim’ and I am far, very far, from rich. I hate both Social Security and Medicare because of what they have done to me and my family. ObamaCare just makes things worse. When It comes time for you to retire AND you analyze what you have given to the Federal Government over your lifetime and understand, you will not be happy. I have done that and I am not happy. Not only that, I am one of the last people to expect to receive more from Social Security Benefits than I put in. Everyone from now on won’t.

    Ida Mae Fully paid the dear sum of $22 into Social Security before retiring in 1940 to become the very first person to receive a Social Security check. Over her remaining life she received $22,000. Between 1940, the ROI has steadily shrunk. I will receive far more than you ever will.

    Yet there are organizations who do not participate in Social Security and 100% of them do better. Here’s a few:

    States where teachers do not participate in Social Security
    Minnesota Connecticut Missouri Illinois Nevada Kentucky Ohio Louisiana Texas Alaska Maine California Massachusetts Colorado


    When our government empowers people to go to the doctor of their choice, receive health care services and pay on the way out, then, our government is helping all Americans. ObamaCare cannot ever do that. Medicare does not do that and Medicaid certainly does not do that.

    Why do people insist on having ‘insurance’ and then complain about the insurance doesn’t cover x, the insurance plans are too complex (including VA,Medicare,Medicaid) and doctor’s refuse my insurance. Why don’t Americans insist their federal government empowers them to go to the doctor of their choice ON THE DAY THE BILL IS SIGNED INTO LAW and pay on the way out ?? All 315,000,000 American? Our public education system has failed us. Critical thinking is missing and presumed dead in every single health care discussion I have seen.

  • jeff4justice

    YouTube search: How 3rd Parties Can Win By 2014 & 2016

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