Obama’s Drones Made Simple

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Obama’s Drones Made Simple

Before the 2012 election, Obama told John Stewart of The Daily Show: “one of the things we’ve got to do is put a legal architecture in place, and we need Congressional help in order to do that, to make sure that not only am I reined in but any president is reined in terms of some of the decisions that we’re making.”
In a development that will shock nobody, no such legal architecture has been put in place to “reign in” Obama or any future POTUS.

Obama’s drone wars have killed more than 2400 civilians in countries that pose no threat to us and with whom we are not at war, and continue to mock international law and the U.S. constitution.

Among those targeted and killed have been United States citizens.
So what version of legal twister could the White House staff come up with to justify the President to be judge, jury, and executioner of people- including American Citizens- all over the world? For those of you (including Obama, apparently) who justify our drone wars as self defense, then let me ask you this:
How do you define self-defense? Think about it for a second.

Perhaps we should frame the question differently: Under what conditions can we justify the use of violence in our personal lives? I’m certainly no legal expert, but say a person breaks into your house looking to do you harm. Before you know what has happened, they have killed your brother. Sequences of nerve cells fire off shooting adrenaline and cortisol into your bloodstream. Somehow your mind remembers, and your body approximates, some middle school karate kata and you render the intruder defenseless. Scrubbing the blood drippings from your carpet, you call the police, and some form of justice is administered.

We would all agree that is self-defense, yes? A justified (in the moral and legal sense term) use of force.

Now imagine it is years later that it is you breaking into someone’s house. It is not the home of the person who broke into your house, but it is in the same zip code.

Well it might be.

Actually, it is a few zip codes away from the where the person who broke into your house lives, but you want to make sure no one from this zip code ever breaks into your house again. And actually, you are not personally breaking in, your highly armored remote control plane is. You are sitting at home in yourSponge Bob underwear controlling the weapon with an x-box controller stuffing your face with Cheetos and scratching your groin.

You hover quietly for a few days, just staring at the resident, and then without warning you press a few buttons on your joystick and fire at the resident of the home, who – after all, lives in the same zip code as that person who broke into you’re your house all those years ago. You are more accurate with this rocket launcher compared to the shock and awe megaton bombs you used to drop in this neighborhood (or was it another neighborhood?) but this rocket business is still pretty messy and things get pretty broken and lots of people die.

Today, your rocket launcher fires, goes through the a window next to the residents head and hits an elementary school outside, killing the lucky and maiming many more.

This does not morally trouble you, and you are able to sleep easy at night knowing that no one from that zip code has broken into your home since you began your campaign in that zip code.

An international committee awards you a prize for promoting peace in the world, and you have an extra spring in your step having won an election for the second time that will allow you to oversee that kill list for another four years while enjoying restful nights sleep in a large white home at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue.

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  • Southernfink

    The drone assassinations are one thing, only 2 % of them have been directed at high value targets, the reason given for carrying out the other 98% carries no logic for me, the targets are always purported AQ members who pose some ‘imminent’ threat to the safety of the US, yet this is never proven, ask more persistently and it becomes a matter of national security.

    My theory is that the entire WOT,(data harvest included) is directly related to installing and maintaining US friendly puppet regimes, their purpose is to sign one of the inappropriately termed Free Trade Agreement’s by which a government can be manipulated, still valid after governments have been replaced by elections they are a useful tool for multinational corporations.

    What does the WOT and the current batch of US designed ‘FTA’ all have in common, global dominance for the US and the Isolation of their ‘competitors’, namely nations who’s government’s traditionally lean to the left, and in principle if you look at any culture under a microscope, you will find that they all have very strong socialist ideals and traits, basically that is the entire idea behind the inappropriately termed free trade agreements, they are a cleverly designed deal by which any government can be manipulated by using the ISDS clause….just in case the majority of voters choose for a ”People’s” government.

  • SickOfTheStupid

    most folks do not realize our government is pimping out its drones , the majority of drone missions in countrys like Pakistan and Yemen are contracted on behalf of the local government and are being used for local law enforcement or targeting political dissidents that have no involvement in Al Qaeda or US terrorism. In order for our government to operate in these country’s they have agreed to do their dirty work for them .

  • Southernfink

    That’s another aspect of the “drone campaign” the bit where they actually pay for information concerning purported AQ members, old disputes are being resolved…it’s just a matter of whom supplies the US with information.

    The local authorities are indeed giving permission, Yemen is another such example, puppets stay in place while any potential political opposition is dealt with.

  • MechyTechy

    National Security. It’s not an explanation, so it must be an excuse. Excuses are what the human animal offers when logic will not justify our actions. It is really unfortunate for everyone that a nation conceived as a democracy has devolved into the plutocracy it has become. Too bad the constitution wasn’t finished and that we are not working on it. So, we have a CIA out of control (behaving illegally and immorally in our behalf), we have Citizens United (elections for sale), we have Free Trade Agreements (compromising the economy and sovereignty of participating nations for the benefit of corporate interests), a perpetual state of war . . . and we are told we are not supposed to ask. Will we ever learn how to make representative government work?

  • il corvo

    Mr. Trainor or anyone else, How many wars has the US been involved in that were purely defensive and by this I mean that someone was actually breaking into our homes/militarily invading this country?

    Times up.

  • Ralphdd

    I can think of two and three if you count 911 but only after our complicity in all of them.