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Occupy Biden Pressures The President To Act On Climate

Above photo: Climate activists. Ray Bailey.

As the Earth heats up, so does the Pressure on Biden to take more Action on Climate.

Since Saturday, climate activists have been protesting outside President Biden’s neighborhood in Wilmington, DE, while pushing the President to declare a climate emergency.

Delaware – This week, environmental advocates addressed intensifying fossil fuel pollution, climate injustices, and the Biden administration’s failure to take the lead on climate crisis solutions during the Occupy Biden protests in Wilmington, DE. Their goal remains to increase the pressure on the President to declare a climate emergency. The Delawarean led actions are supported by dozens of environmental and social justice groups from around the country and have resulted in hundreds of people taking action. They began on Christmas Day, December 25, and will continue through New Year Day, January 1. 

The focus of the day’s protest was solutions to our climate crisis. Attendees at Occupy Biden are demanding that President Biden use his executive powers to declare a national climate emergency and pledge to allow no more new fossil fuel projects. Within these demands we stand in solidarity with others around countless agendas including supporting environmental justice frontline communities, addressing the climate impact of US military operations around the world, and reducing our carbon emissions by supporting Indigenous land rights and transitioning in a just and equitable way to renewable and adaptable energy solutions.

We demand that our President take action based on the science and not the fossil fuel lobby or the legislators making millions off of fossil fuels. We demand that he protect our living Earth and all of its inhabitants by doing EVERYTHING in his executive power to address our climate crisis. We will not rest until our demands are met.  Karen Igou Wilmington business owner and founder, Extinction Rebellion Delaware.

We are in a climate emergency no question about it and President Biden, who said we are in a “code red” emergency already, should make it official by issuing an executive order to that effect. Then, based on that emergency, he should direct all federal agencies to oppose any new fossil fuel infrastructure as the International Energy Agency itself has said all countries should do this year.  Ted Glick, Beyond Extreme Emergency.

There’s no excuse. We have the technology and the capability to change the trajectory of our future right now. The only thing we are waiting on is action. That’s why I’m here – I’m taking action because our leaders aren’t. And I’ll keep coming back until they do. Brittany Robinson, Wilmington millennial 

Participating Orgs

  • 2021 Grandparents Walk for their Grandchildren and Mother Earth

  • Beyond Extreme Energy

  • Build Back Fossil Free has donated a large sum

  • Extinction Rebellion DE, Philly, Richmond VA and NYC

  • Sunrise Newark DE and Baltimore

  • Fridays for Future DE

  • Working Families Party

  • Honeybee Kitchen and Market

  • Democratic Socialists of America

  • Climate Mobilization

  • Philly Water Protectors

  • Seeds of Peace Catering

  • Marcellus Outreach Butler (PA) aka MOB

  • The Green Party of Butler and Venango Counties

  • Code Pink

  • Peace, Justice, Sustainability NOW!

  • YES Youth Environmental Summit

  • Third Act

  • Veterans For Peace

  • Gamers For Peace

  • Delaware Riverkeeper

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