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Occupy Istanbul/Gezi Park Organizing

Beşiktaş football supporters march past Gezi Park (chanting back and forth their team colors Siyah (black) Beyaz (white)). Alongside the two other central Istanbul football teams Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe, they have been accredited with much of the effort taken to defeat the police in Taksim, and now in keeping them from retaking the Park and the Square. It is also important to acknowledge the existence and action of other important ‘civil-political’ groups and collectives. Gezi Park is becoming increasingly organised with various workshops and activities. Crowds at night have been growing to the point where it is hard to move. The park is well equipped for the nightly gas attacks which range from mild to severe. Concrete demands for the multifarious ‘movement’ have been issued by the Taksim Solidarity, an interest group that combines more than 180 different groups who gathered in Taksim during the recent days.

Occupy Istanbul/Gezi Park 5th June from Christopher Patz on Vimeo.

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