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Bay Area Occupy Returns With Labor Day Convergence

Occupy Action Council, a coalition of Bay Area Occupy groups that are part of the world wide Occupy Wall Street movement announces their plans for a convergence on Labor Day (September 2nd) 2013. The all-day gathering starts at 11 AM at Chelsea Manning Plaza formerly Bradley Manning Plaza). The location is the rechristened Justin Herman Plaza at San Francisco’s Embarcadero. Notable events throughout the day will include a press conference at 1PM, a General Assembly at 3 PM and a march to the Federal Reserve building at 101 Market Street.Occupy SF flier
A symbol of the financial stranglehold that the banks in the Federal Reserve System hold over the people of the world, the Federal Reserve building at 101 Market Street is also a symbol of political resistance and protest, being the site of the occupation that began in September 2011 and later spread to Chelsea Manning Plaza nearby. It is the site from which Occupy San Francisco was forcibly evicted in December 2011. Because the Federal Reserve represents the pinnacle of modern financial corruption, inequality and the unchecked powers of concentrated wealth, alternatives to the Federal Reserve System including Public Banking and issuing debt free money, will be an integral part of the discussion at the convergence.

Ruthie Sakheim, a member of OccupySF Environmental Justice group explained, “The convergence is needed because voting in elections is no longer enough to bring about political change. Regardless of party, our politicians have repeatedly proven themselves either unable or unwilling to challenge the corporate elite. Victorious candidates have continued to serve the interests of the corporations, including companies within this buiding, at the expense of the rest of us: the workers, the middle class, the poor and the powerless. The only ones who’ve continued to prosper are the 1% by ruthlessly exploiting the people and recklessly plundering the natural world. They have so thoroughly corrupted and co-opted every level of our government that protest and direct action are our only means of redress left.”
“Occupy is coming together again because recent events have shown Occupy’s goals still have not been met,” said Jane Smith, an Occupy Ba Area United activist. Citing such problems as unwarranted privatization of public assets like the Post Office, dishonest double-dealing and union busting by the bosses and civic officials in places like the BART strike, the looting and pillaging of our public education system through attacks on the City College of San Francisco by opportunistic corporate bandits, and America’s still worsening income inequality, felt a convergence is needed to brainstorm ideas and find objectives to end the ultimate corporate control that grips the Bay Area, the country, and the world.

Activities at the convergence include music, speak outs, and art. The convergence will be open to both Occupiers and other interested persons. Occupy Action Council emphasizes that the group is committed to nonviolent direct action.

  • I see NO mention of the unemployed in this rally/protest. Why? Does anyone give a damn about us?

  • Occupy is a stolen movement….The 99ers existed before Occupy However, we was a threat to a labor movement…We was a labor movement that didn’t require dues for a voice in the government….Amazing how people don’t look up the history of things before they support it…..

  • Kevin Zeese

    Step and make your voice heard. I’m sure the unemployed would be very welcome at this event. It would be great to see unemployed workers organized. They would be a very important voice.

  • I wish I/we could but many of us long-term unemployed are broke or almost broke. Or, if we are working (usually part-time, temp, etc.) cannot leave or will lose that job. It costs $$ to go to rallies and protests. We tried to organize one in 2010 to DC, but nobody could afford transportation or housing to do it and then, we were overshadowed by Occupy who never mentioned us. I was/am disillusioned. There are millions of us suffering and barely scraping by and we have no voice. Politicians used it to get re-elected but it was all talk. We are the former middle class. Veterans, recent college grads, and those over 50 are getting some consideration, but those of in the gaps are completely ignored.

  • Ruthie Sakheim

    We must all be one voice. We must all be in solidarity with one another!!!

  • Adrienne Fong

    It’s the non-employed and under-employed that initiated this call and have put their hearts and soul into it! The organizing is being done on a different level! There are no fancy posters etc….

  • ethan davidson

    I think “the poor and the powerless” pretty much covers the unemployed. As for it costing money to get there, well, it’s primarily aimed at local people, although all are welcome. And it’s on labor day, when a lot of people get the day off. We are on a very low budget ourselves and can’t serve everybody. If you live to far away from San Francisco and don’t have the money or time to get here, I encourage you to organize something wherever you are.
    Believe me, plenty of our people are “in the gaps.”
    Sprry you had a bad experiance in DC. I wasn’t there and don’t know what happened. I wish you all the best, and sincerily encourage you to organize something near where you are.

  • Robert Kolbe

    Glad to see this. Love the comments about organizing an action where you live. This is a special day and people should spend it doing what they like. You might “like” to come to SF and join us though. Peace with jobs.