On Contact: Paris Uprising, May 1968

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On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to author and translator, Mitch Abidor, about the lessons from the student uprising in Paris in May 1968.

“What happens in May is as a mass cultural, as a class event, its results are ambiguous but its results for the individual are enormous. There was a great and really funny example in the book when I asked everybody, “How did it change your life?” And so people told me about how “I discovered my voice. The first time I spoke it changed my entire being.”

Mitch Abidor’s book is entitled ‘May Made Me – An Oral History of the 1968 Uprising in France.’

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  • 0040

    While as I recall the European riots of 1968 did drive nails into Americas coffin that Vietnam had become after wasting the TET victory won in February of 1968 , MLK assassinated in April , RFK in June, Chicago’s infamous police riot during the DNC convention , Johnson’s resignation , Nixon reemergence as war criminal in chief , a major if unreported flu epidemic that killed over 100000 in America alone. Lots to choose from and Mr Hedges talks of French student revolts ??? Whats that about ?? Cognitive dissonance , some sort of burn-out , or flight back into his academic Ivory Tower?

  • Southern

    I appreciate Chris Hedges weekly interviews – they never cease to be interesting and thought provoking – time and again people rise up however they don’t always end up accomplishing their objectives while those in power do some clever maneuvering to ensure that nothing really changes.

    When South African apartheid ended – Economic power did not end up with the working class – it remained with the minority.

    For any revolution to be successful – the objectives set out by the ”revolutionaries” have to be non negotiable.

    Paris in the late 60’s triggered some memories.

  • jwreitter


  • 0040

    Non negotiable as they were in Vietnam from North Vietnam’s point of view ? Apartheid in South Africa still exists , although now managed by black-men for profit of course. . In the 1960s France had de Gaulle and Algeria good reasons to revolt. The US defeat in Vietnam pleased the French elites as they abetted the North Vietnamese throughout the peace negotiations with the traitorous /Nixon /Kissinger regime.