On Contact: Rebel, Rebel With Popular Resistance

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Above photo: Chris Hedges and Margaret Flowers at the Bank of America protest in New York City, April 2011. By Kelly Locker.

This week on On Contact with Chris Hedges, Dr. Margaret Flowers and attorney Kevin Zeese speak about social transformation and building a culture of resistance. They discuss the roles of movements and electoral politics in social change and the necessity of direct action to impact the power structure. They also discuss the free Popular Resistance School.

Hedges was involved in organizing the occupation of Freedom Plaza in 2011, part of the Occupy Movement, and the strategy retreat that led to the founding of Popular Resistance in 2013. Hedges’ first-hand knowledge of major transformations that countries have experienced while being a foreign correspondent for the New York Times informs the work of Popular Resistance.

  • This was an excellent interview. It was broad in scope and shared information not widely available.

    Thank you all for the energy you unfailingly put behind the movements for meaningful change.

  • voza0db

    Hello to you both!

    Since I’m a viewer of RT since 2009… I can, comfortably, make this joke in honor of the DNC and most democrats!


  • voza0db
  • voza0db

    About Occupy!

    The effects were zero…

    They did what they had to do – for saving themselves – and they just started last month to do it again.

    So… It’s just like what you talked about the protest about the never ending war in Afghanistan, arrests and in the end, 9 years later, the war carries on.

    Like I always say don’t try to stop a tsunami with a glass of water!

    And, I’m sad to inform you both that this is what you’ve been doing.

    Even if you can join 10,000,000 umans with glasses of water the Tsunami (the rest of the Herd) will just carry on…

    I’ve already told Kelly what’s the REAL SOLUTION! It’s not nice, but we aren’t able to CHANGE. (and by ‘we’ I mean the entire uman specie, not just one or two individuals!)

  • Guy

    Excellent interview from all the participants .
    In somewhat the same vein if anyone is interested check out the “New Horizons Conference” and an article by professor Anthony Hall ,attending and providing a Canadian perspective.