On Contact: Trump And The ‘Permanent Lie’

| Resistance Report

Chris Hedges talks to Mark Green, former New York City Consumer Affairs Commissioner and Public Advocate, about the “permanent lie” used by US President Donald Trump to cancel out reality. Mark Green is co-author, with Ralph Nader, of “Fake President: Decoding Trump’s gaslighting, corruption, and general bullsh*t.”

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  • potshot

    Disappointing to hear Mark Green allow any purchase in his soft spot for Nancy Pelosi. The Dims are in many ways the more effective evil. In any event, the equal. I don’t think there’s any one person for example, more responsible for President Trump than Obama.

  • NoNameSoSueMe

    “The key to success is sincerity. If you can fake that you’ve got it made.” – George Burns

  • John R.

    From my POV most fakes are rather easy to spot and I often wonder how anyone can fall for their brand of BS over the course of time.