Chris Hedges: Putting The War In Syria In Full Context

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It’s been more than a week since the Trump administration abruptly switched out of “America first” mode and into intervention mode by dropping 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airfield. As Chris Hedges and Alternet journalists Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton argue in this episode of “On Contact With Chris Hedges,” the American public has been lacking something very important before—and after—that strike.

Simply put, that would be context. More specifically, it comes down to crucial questions that are not being addressed publicly by members of the U.S. government or the mainstream media.

Take these questions, for example: What’s the relationship between the regime change in Libya, encouraged and enabled by the Obama administration in 2011, and the ongoing refugee crisis? Or between that crisis and Brexit? Who are the White Helmets? How are all these questions related to the current conflict in Syria, and the role of the U.S. in that conflict? What role do Iran and Saudi Arabia, in addition to Russia, play in Washington’s stance toward Syrian President Bashar Assad?

Hedges opens the discussion by pointing to the contextual vacuum that American media outlets and government officials aren’t in a hurry to fill. He notes how U.S.-backed campaigns for regime change “have a long history.”

Norton, who reports for Alternet’s Grayzone project with Blumenthal, remarks that there has been “no independent international corroboration” of the official Western account that the Syrian government was behind the alleged lethal gassing of Syrian civilians on April 4, which spurred Trump to order military action.

Blumenthal is blunt as he warns, “If Syria is finally smashed apart, we will see the release of the monster of all monsters.”

Below, watch Hedges and his guests connect the dots about “The Uncivil War,” as the episode is titled:

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  • Jon

    Many sound ideas, but need a bit of tweaking. For instance, we need to allow full and free debates by LWV for all who are qualified, e.g. have met the legal requirements. Otherwise we could have dozens, including a bunch of loonies taking up time. Yeah I know, look at the clowns who tried to be president this time!)

  • Laurie

    Yes, I agree. These are just some ideas I came up with to show for an example of what a list of demands could look like. By all means tweak away.

  • Jon

    The elephant in the room of course, is HOW to do
    this with all the alligators in the swamp! I personally think it will take arrests and trials of the perpetrators by courageous people and prosecutors.

  • Laurie

    I’m an ideas person, not an organizer. However, with my idea I think everyone can see how our election system is corrupt and needs a good cleaning. Both the right and the left have 3rd parties that they would like to see get a fairer chance. And granted not every looney should be able to participate but the system could also be far more open than it is. I’d like to see 6 parties. 3 for each side of the aisle to participate and end the 2 party stranglehold. So, if an organizer saw this idea and liked it, it could be appealing to a wide population of people. Hey I think I just came up with number 11, more parties. I’m trying to keep it at 10 though. I think 10 demands is a good start and not too much.

  • Laurie

    Another fantastic thing to look into is Thomas Linzey and the Democracy School. Also, Programs On Corporations And Democracy. POCLAD

  • Jon

    Me too–I’m a conceptualizer,with a philosophy background, and a self-defined “unrepentant sixties radical activist.” (Radical in the original meaning of getting to the root of an issue.) I’ve been a Green since a founding member in 1989 in Hawai’i. Yes multiple parties, with instant runoff voting for sure (we passed that via citizen’s initiative in Maine where I am now, and expect it to be in place for all elections in 2018.)
    You may want to check on Amazon my book Liberate Hawai’i! t is about the (still existing, but dormant) sovereignty of the country of Hawai’i, fraudulently claimed to have been “annexed” by the US in 1898, and continued fraudulent “statehood” proclaimed in1959. I learned a lot from Hawaiian scholar-activists in my over 3 decades there.

  • USA is committing aggression on Syria in a broad day light and Syrian people are demanding to stop it, and Americans are pretending not hearing anything at all.
    In any sense, what happening in Syria is definitely a problem that belongs to American people, but they are trying not to see it whatsoever.

  • Jon

    Yes, I am aware of Linzey’s fine work and have known of POCLAD for some 20 years.

  • Jon

    And a host of other countries too, beginning with the first unwanted “regime change” in Hawai’i in 1893! Efforts are boldly underway to reverse THAT one (see my post above) But it is not accurate to put the blame on all Americans, as some of us have been on the path for truth,justice and peace for decades.