On Resistance: BDS And Israel’s Declining Support Among Diaspora Jews

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Above Photo: By Kate Ausburn | CC BY 2.0

Like its predecessor movement decades ago in South Africa, assessing the success of BDS against Israel today necessarily rubs up against the tension between Israeli hasbara (propaganda) and its reality as an effective organizing tool against it throughout the world.

Though Israel has repeatedly claimed BDS has proven to be a failed venture, it’s a contention very much in desperate search of fact. Indeed, one need only look at the hundreds of millions of dollars that Israel has spent in various anti-BDS efforts to discern that its impact is not just productive, but poses a dynamic threat to the status quo ante of the state.

Why else would it continue to invest such large, indeed, increasing amounts of money against a movement that it asserts has had no cognizable impact upon its policies or its future?

To be sure, Israel has spent vast sums of money on anti-BDS lobbyists and publicity and on a veritable army of social media trolls used to promote fantasy as desperate push back against the truthful and appealing fact laden argument and results of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

It has expanded its use of public relations and law firms throughout the world in an effort to silence the movement through attacks on academic freedom, faculty and students and by legislative fiat designed to criminalize, sanction and otherwise deter persons or groups that engage in support for the BDS effort.

To the extent that pro Israeli lobbyists such as AIPAC have been able to purchase some state and federal anti-BDS legislative enactments in the United States, ultimately they will prove to be, of no moment, costly pyrrhic victories as courts strike them down as unconstitutional infringement upon free speech and association.

Further evidence of BDS achievement can be found through Israel’s dramatic increase in the use of travel and immigration bans to sanitize and control the debate over its domestic agenda.

Of late, thousands of Jews involved in the worldwide BDS movement have been banned from traveling to Israel. This unprecedented step demonstrates Israel fears BDS as a powerful global movement which could sway its domestic policy debate if activist Jews were permitted to enter the state. Ultimately, suppression of contentious ideas is the best evidence that the message itself is one the censor’s pen fears most.

In other ways Israel’s well-founded fear of BDS is conspicuous. Thus, while its machinery of censorship has long hidden behind the talisman of national security to control the publication of so-called military activity, it has expanded exponentially to now include information about the growth and efficacy of the BDS movement worldwide.

Indeed, attempts to silence the discussion of BDS success have become increasingly widespread in the massive world of social media. Whether by “voluntary” compliance of social networks or through legislative enactments of the Knesset, here, too, Israel seeks to downplay the achievement of BDS at, literally, the very moment it expands its assault upon it.

It takes little observation to see the palpable disconnect between Israel’s bullish claims that BDS poses no challenge to the course of its domestic strategy and the marked reality it sees as the mounting voice of BDS becomes a dramatic threat to those very policies.

Israel’s desperate, knee-jerk response to a purely peaceful international boycott speaks powerfully about its success in exposing not just the tailored and false Israeli narrative, but its significant impact on various aspects of its society including economic, social and political norms.

As so much the arsonist pouring gasoline on the flames while shouting fire, fire, fire, Israel’s attempt to silence internal political discourse and debate over the rights and freedom of Palestinians by seeking to curb those Jews who choose to partake in it, is destined to fail.

In point of fact, ultimately, it will only serve to expand opposition to Israeli policies among growing numbers of so-called Diaspora Jews who historically have served as a blind rubber stamp to its agenda.

If the BDS movement presents any weakness to date, it is that some of its advocates have conflated participation in geo-political support for a boycott effort with personal empowerment to seek to define, at times dictate, the nature of resistance on the ground, in occupied Palestine.

Thus, some movements and individual activists, particularly among Jewish supporters have used the BDS platform to argue that resistance to Israeli oppression in Palestine must necessarily be limited to individual acts of non-violence or peaceful mass protest alone.

In deigning to “legitimatize” and promote one form of resistance, to the exclusion of  all others, advocates of such politically correct dogma subvert, indeed weaken, the core intent of BDS- namely that of an international movement designed to pressure Israel, as an adjunct to resistance in Palestine, as determined and defined solely by Palestinians themselves.

BDS was calculated to serve as an international movement to pressure from the outside an otherwise intransigent Israeli state and body politic. To some, however, it has apparently evolved to provide “entitlement” as full and equal partners in a decision-making process that is not theirs to partake in let alone to decide.

As with all international human rights movements and struggles, this disconnect is not one beyond repair.  Ultimately, it will be overcome as the BDS movement continues to grow and mature.

Diaspora Jews

Today, there are twice as many Jews living in New York City than in any city of Israel. As a whole, there are more Jews who live outside of Israel than within it.

Historically, almost all the world’s Jewry has supported Israel as so much a rite of passage from childhood when, beginning long ago, parents and grandparents spoke with glowing praise of a Jewish state built of principled hard work… anchored by democratic ideal.

It was a lie. A grand, perverse lie; one passed with success, in silence, among Diaspora Jews who knew nothing but families and lives built largely of tradition and belief, insulated and isolated from the appalling reality of a far-off Israeli state ripped from the age-old land and history that was, and remains, Palestine.

If truth is the ultimate linchpin of freedom, for some, calculated falsehood has proven to be an accomplished segue between manipulated historical fact and unworthy political survival. Nowhere is that more manifestly apparent, or proven, than it has been with regard to the grand sale of Israel.

In this tale, Israel provides to Jews the hope of a place to one day visit or live, to spend time and passage with those of “shared belief” or, in times of need, to find refuge from a seeming repetitive, cruel history that has sought to punish them in many places… for little more than being Jews.

Born in a time where tailored controlled verse was so much the rule and technology of the day, for decades Zionists successfully sold the narrative of an enlightened state under siege; a small, idealistic pond surrounded by an enormous voracious sea of enemies hell-bent on its destruction.

For children in Hebrew schools throughout the world, be they from the most orthodox of families to those who embraced Reform Judaism to others anchored somewhere in between, the idea of an unbreakable birth-bond between them and Israel became the driving primer of each day.

At yearly festivals, prayers sought to connect today’s families with Jews of a distant millennium together with those who live an essentially state-defined life of Judaism in Israel, one far removed from the theological underpinning of its birth.

From these Zionist sacraments, it was expected, indeed, became the almost preordained norm, that Jews outside of Israel were obligated to lend their obedient voice and moral and financial support to a state most knew nothing about other than the carefully crafted message passed down from generation to generation.

Wars came and went with Israeli figures elevated to iconic stature built from little more than body counts meted out by them, and their minion, upon largely defenseless civilians.

Over time, with doublespeak in the lead, no outrage proved beyond the pale. A brutal occupation became a necessary, but tempered, security step; apartheid a misunderstood gesture to enable Jews and Palestinians to pursue and strengthen their unique identities and faith, among themselves, in safety; embargoes of food, medicine and water a minimal construct to prevent the introduction of weapons of terror. And so it goes, on and on and on. An institutional state of successful rewrite that has long controlled the storyline that defined it.

As with all myth, sooner or later reality swallows a sculpted sale… be it of the moment, the person or the state. In this case, for Diaspora Jews, a reckoning with painful truth was to come…  and now grows, day by day, in particular among a generation of millennials weaned from dutiful support for a mythical place and time that did not, and does not, exist.

For a generation of Jews born against the pall of the atrocities of Deir Yassin and a hundred other ravaged, age-old Palestinian villages, the Hollywood classic “Exodus” proved to be a quixotic lure.  After all, who could withstand the good looks and charisma of Paul Newman or Sal Mineo.

For them, the desperate flight from the strangle of genocide to the welcome and safe arms of their own “homeland” was a tale that echoed throughout Jewish communities of the day with scant second thought or challenge. To do so was rank heresy.

For those of us who came of age later, during the militant days of the US civil rights and anti war movements, the journey from obedient cheer to unbridled challenge proved to be an essential leap of faith that moved many from complacency to confrontation. For some Jews of the time, the ring of challenge necessarily meant a de nova look at long settled misconceptions about just what Israel was, indeed, had always been. It was not a pretty picture.

For more than a few, it set in motion a life-long examination that often stumbled for want of fresh eyes or reliable information. Decades away from cell phones, YouTube, the internet, and alternative news sources, we were largely driven by information cast by but a hand full of structured reports within acceptable margins controlled by a few major media outlets.

Indeed, when it came to Israel, ours was not a generation moved by the reality of bombings, assassinations or collective punishment that unfolded in virtual time for all to see. To the contrary, we were force-fed the dreamy tempt of socialist kibbutzim bringing forth life from a barren desert… only later to learn that its sanded base was but a thin windblown veneer over the rubble of destroyed Palestinian villages and the skeletal remains of children.

Lest there be any failed memory or fidelity on our part, once a year, tens of thousands of    Holocaust survivors appear at memorials in Israel for those left behind, only later to be returned to the darkness of their own abject poverty.   And who can forget the grandmotherly smile of Prime Minister Golda Meir wrapped in her apron preparing blintzes for guests only later to proclaim, “there is no such thing as a Palestinian…[it’s] not as though there was a Palestinian people… and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them… they did not exist.”

Today, the Jewish community in the United States is very different from the one that I was reared in.  Generations have come and gone where the prettied-up narrative has long since been replaced by the reality of an open and honest examination, especially among young American Jews, of a state built of brazen land theft and ethnic cleansing; one maintained by occupation and apartheid punctuated by very public, periodic bursts of mindless death and destruction.

In the internet age, it is simply no longer possible to suppress or recast the horror of Palestinian life under the brutal control of an Israeli state that has long since held itself out as beyond the reach of international or humanitarian law in its drive to cleanse Palestine of its entire indigenous population. Today, this reality moves a generation of young Diaspora Jews in ways over fundamental human rights and social justice long ignored or rationalized away by their parents and grandparents.

Whether it’s the reality of Jewish picnickers overlooking Gaza and applauding with the blast of each phosphorous bomb exploding on civilians below, the death of infants for want of energy for incubators, mass incarceration of Palestinian children without formal charge or trial, the murder of defenseless unarmed demonstrators, rampaging “settlers” screaming death to Arabs or elected Palestinian “Israelis” ejected from the Knesset for daring to challenge the political rampage of  its Jewish majority, the daily nightmare that is Palestine increasingly resonates with anger and resistance among millennial Jews who shout, “not in our name.”

For decades Israel came to depend upon Diaspora Jews for political, economic and moral support that was provided without question or challenge as so much primordial identification.  Those days are gone. In demonstrations, meeting halls, academia, and through alliances with other social justice groups, a new generation of informed and outraged Jews has, at long last, rejected the notion of a Jewish state built on the back of endless Palestinian suffering and injustice. Indeed, more than a few challenge the very legitimacy of the state of Israel.

The idea of unconditional support for an authoritarian Jewish state has lost its long secure place as increasing numbers of millennial Jews see, and rightly so, silence as willing complicity.

The closure of Gaza is now more than a decade old as millions are held hostage, daily, to a cruel and systematic attack on their very existence. The occupation is more than fifty years old. Throughout Palestine, not a day passes without a new and very public Israeli outrage.

For Diaspora Jews, the battle against ruthless Israeli hegemony will neither be easy nor painless. At times, it will echo with the determined and peaceful call of BDS. Some will be drawn to the barricade of militant resistance and, perhaps, pay a terrible price for that step. Still, others will preach to the uncertain through prose or poetry that resonates with the sweet lyric of freedom.

Resistance demands determined diversity. It is long. It is hard. It is costly. For eleven million stateless Palestinians there is no alternative until justice be had.

  • Helen4Yemen

    You repeated the word “Diaspora” (capital D) at least 7 times in this article

    and what you are saying is that Jews are descended from no other place on

    earth but Palestine and those not living in Palestine are in “Diaspora”. If you

    are Ashkenazi, have you looked in the mirror lately and staring back at you is

    none other than one who resembles George Bush or Hillary Clinton but no

    one with even the slightest resemblance to anyone in the Middle East? I am

    from the Middle East and the word “diaspora” offends me because the white

    man (Ashkenazi) uses it to falsely claim a genetic link to the region. I have

    looked at dozens of DNA results for the Ashkenazi and what is amazing is

    how they are all almost identical in their DNA to one another, all almost at

    99% European and 0% Middle Eastern. Where did you get the chutzpah to

    claim to be in “Diaspora” at 0% Middle Eastern genetic ancestry? The

    Eskimos, the Hutus, the Zulus have something in common with you: they are

    all at 0% Middle Eastern ancestry. Can they also claim to be in the

    “Diaspora”? The Palestinian tragedy is connected with the word “Diaspora”,

    because lily white European Jewry shamelessly claims ancestry ties to

    Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and hence claiming the land of their “ancestors”. The

    mother of all frauds is the European Jew claiming a connection to a land

    inhabited by people of color. I am here to tell you as native to the region

    that the Ashkenazi has no more or less connection to our region than the

    Christians of the world.

    A 2014 Gallup survey disclosed that 93% of American Jews supported the

    bombings of Gaza, 5% did not care one way or another and 2% expressed

    sympathy for Palestinians. A 2009 ADL survey also disclosed American Jews

    overwhelmingly supported the genocide of the people of Gaza in 2009.

    American Jewry is less than 2% of US population and world Jewry is at about

    .02% of world population. Since Jews who join Palestinian solidarity

    movements do so to undermine the movement from within, I say they

    should be prevented from joining. The Gallup survey of 2014 mentioned

    above is a good reason to be careful when admitting these folks who more

    than likely will have a hidden agenda. There are hundreds of Jewish groups

    with names like “Jews-for-this” and “Jews-for-that”. Why do Jews feel the

    need to join BDS unless to undermine it from within?

    Please study the link below carefully. Europe is highlighted to trace his 99.9%

    European ancestry, Asia is highlighted to trace his 0.1% ancestry and even

    Africa is highlighted to trace the origin of his <0.1% African ancestry. But the

    Middle East is left totally left blank because they found no trace of Middle

    East ancestry for the Ashkenazi, not even 0.1%! What would it require for

    you to abandon the fiction called “Diaspora”?


  • Helen4Yemen

    How does a “Diaspora” Jew become non-diaspora?

    It requires only a plane trip to stolen Palestine, right?

  • Helen4Yemen

    Can I then reach the conclusion that left-leaning blogs like Counterpunch

    and Popular Resistance are deliberately peddling the fabrication called


    Is it also possible that those who allowed this “diaspora” nonsense to be

    published do not know that Jews are just like Muslims and Christians who

    converted to their respective religions? Zionism is based on this nonsense

    called “diaspora” with no proof at all that such an event took place.

    People need to understand that the reason that there are no indigenous

    Palestinian Jews is because over centuries the ancient Jews of Palestine

    converted to Christianity and then to Islam and today’s Palestinians are

    descended from the ancient Jews while the Ashkenazi who make up 95% of

    world Jewry are descended from the Khazars.

    The human race is divided into 26 genetic groups and one of them listed under

    Europe is #22 “European-Jewish”. Is that not code for Khazar? What else is it?

    1 Africa North ………………… 14 Iberian Peninsula
    2 Africa South-Central …….. 15 Great Britain
    Hunter Gatherers ……………. 16 Italy/Greece
    3 Africa Southeastern ……….17 Ireland
    4 Benin/Togo …………………..18 Europe East
    5 Cameroon/Congo ………….19 Europe West
    6 Ivory Coast/Ghana ……….. 20 Scandinavia
    7 Mali …………………………….. 21 Finland/Northwest Russia
    8 Nigeria ………………………… 22 European Jewish
    9 Senegal ……………………….Pacific Islander
    America …………………………. 23 Polynesia
    10 Native American …………. 24 Melanesia
    Asia ……………………………….West Asia
    11 Asia East …………………….25 Caucasus
    12 Asia Central ………………. 26 Middle East
    13 Asia South

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Actually, “Diaspora” is a phonied up explanation for how Jews got so disseminated. The truth is that they were created that way as an integral part of the administrative temple system that the Persians developed to rule their Archaemean empire.

    Persians occupied the highest positions in each temple state, giving them control of the cultural, legal and administrative traditions of the conquered nations. Nominally, these ethnic and religious minorities followed their own legal code in personal matters such as marriage and family law. The conquered people were given land allotments in exchange for taxes and military service. Among these settlers were all groups such as Babylonians, Aramaeans, Jews, Indians and Sakai. In Susa itself, besides the local population and the Persians, there were large numbers of Babylonians, Egyptians, Jews and Greeks.

    After the conquest of the Achaemenian empire by Alexander, the Seleucid Greeks and Parthians followed the same policies. All the main cities had Persian, Aramaean, Babylonian, Greek, Christian and Jewish temples. The Jewish chronicles mention the Parthian period as one of the best in their history. Jews enjoyed a long period of peace and had close contacts with the government. Centers of Jewish life in the Parthian empire were in Mesopotamia at Nisibis and Nehardea. A representative called the “exilarch” represented the Jewish minority at court and also carried out functions of a political-administrative nature. Jews took an active part in organizing the silk trade, supported by the kings and started a community in China.

    Philo and Flavius Josephus documented the earlier relations between Jews and Parthians. The Jews took part in the rebellions against Trajan in Mesopotamia (116 AD), adding to their unpopularity in the Roman world after the Jewish War of 66-70 AD, and shortly, in 132-135 AD, they were to rebel under Bar Kosiba and finish up evicted from Jerusalem, taking many Jewish refugees into the Parthian empire.


    So the “Jews” were originally from Persia, but also incorporated the local religious hierarchy into the Persian led temple state system. All other “Jewish” history was gathered from various sources, constructed, and invented at the Great Library in Alexandria. That’s why the Jewish Bible has all these incoherent bits and pieces sticking out of it, such as Satan being God’s prosecutor or “the Adversary”, a local mythology rather than another representation of the Persian personification of the evil spirit, or Ahriman.

    So, we see that the Jews have no special relationship to Palestine by history. All that was invented later by Jewish control freaks. It’s just that the Persian temple state system reverted to a national system somewhere in the 4th to 3rd century BCE, probably deriving from the change in masters from Persian to Greek to Roman and the consequent periods of autonomy.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    The “Diaspora” becomes totally unnecessary piece of fiction, when you investigate the Persian temple state system of administering their empire and how they create “Jews” as their primary administrators.

    Note that the Ashkenazi aren’t even Persian in their original derivation.

    Judaism: The Diaspora of the Jews from its Persian Origins to the Khazars

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    “There are hundreds of Jewish groups with names like “Jews-for-this” and “Jews-for-that”. Why do Jews feel the need to join BDS unless to undermine it from within?”

    There is precedent for this. Martin Luther King was financially dependent on Jewish support. That is why contrary to all his principles he came out in support of the savage Jewish invader assault on the people of Palestine.

  • KennyB

    It’s of little consequence how Jews got to be where they are, other than the ones living in the modern State of Israel. Arthur Koestler was very imaginative in creating the Ashkenazi Jews from the Khazars, but in truth, Jews ARE a seperate race, and hence what is being done in Israel is naked racism in that, by LAW if you do not have a Jewish mother, you cannot be a full citizen of Israel, and all the other race-based laws that are a lot like the ones that Afrikaaner Nationalists enacted in South Africa to discriminate against Black South Africans on purely racial grounds, for instance, forbidding inter-racial marriage.

    It may well be a fiction that the Jews became scattered all over the world after the destruction of the temple in 70CE, but the use of the word “diaspora” is usually used simply to mean “Jews who are living somewhere other than in Israel”.

    Stay focused on the issue which is that the Modern State of Israel is thoroughly racist and that decent people everywhere must unite against Israeli Jewish racism just as they united against White South African racism.

  • Helen4Yemen

    You are trying to deny that the Ashkenazi are European? Are the

    Ethiopian Jews not African? “Diaspora” is a religious word meant to

    signify the Jews (black, white, brown, yellow) are away from their

    original land of Palestine. What other reasons did the lily-white

    Ashkenazi give for the conquest of Palestine except that they were

    reclaiming their ancestral land? You seem to forget that “Jewish

    racism” = “Ashkenazi racism” since the white Jew discriminates not only

    against the natives of Palestine but also against non-white Jews.

  • Helen4Yemen

    “Jews are a separate race”? You mean the African, Asian, European,

    Arab Jews are one race separate from the rest of humanity? The DNA of

    the Yemeni Jew is Middle Eastern and that of the European Jew is

    European. There goes your theory getting demolished by DNA – not that

    it even makes sense without DNA.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Let’s say they did like African Americans have ancestral ties to Africa. Does it mean European Jewry can arrive on the wings of the US-UN-UK and take land by force?

  • Helen4Yemen

    I believe he may have been a Christian Zionist.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    As far as I’m concerned, even if the Ashkenazi derived from Palestine and all the Biblical fairy tales were true, neither the Ashkenazi, nor any Jews, would have the right to take the land by force. As an extra, I’m intent on blowing those fallacious excuses away too. Let’s call it a full spectrum assault on their crimes against humanity, which I see no sign of them ever stopping on their own accord.

    I’m also curious as to how they got so fvcking perverted too. The poor things even started out perverted as Persian temple states vampirizing the local populace for the Shahanshah (King of Kings). They even drained Babylon to the extent of impoverishing them and threatening them with starvation. No wonder their empire was continually aflame with rebellion.

    It’s funny that the Zionists are rabid to have somebody else fight a war with Iran, which was true source of their beginning. Zionists are not scholars, they are rabid fvckers, extreme sociopaths.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Any other reason that his calling criticism of “Israel” anti-Semitic?

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    He may well have been. I never investigated that question.

    Any other reason than his calling criticism of “Israel” anti-Semitic?

  • Helen4Yemen

    There is this video where he speaks of “Israel” having the right to exist as if Palestine is his grandmother’s land. Also, not a word of condemnation against the Zionist entity when he riled against American military adventures around the world. Edward Said, the late Palestinian professor wrote in his books how disappointed he was in MLK and that MLK had strong Zionist leaning.


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    I looked around and saw this, which is also very interesting.

    Martin Luther King on who the real Jews are


    Published on Nov 11, 2016


    Oh, my! The things I’ve missed!

  • Helen4Yemen

    MLK would never say anything that could be considered somewhat uncomfortable for the Jews’ ears. But Malcolm did and here are a few excerpts from “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” (1965)

    Early one morning in Harlem, a tall, light Negro wearing a hat and with a woman’s stocking drawn down over his face held up a Negro bartender and manager who were counting up the night’s receipts. Like most bars in Harlem, Negroes fronted, and a Jew really owned the place. To get a license, one had to know somebody in the State Liquor Authority, and Jews working with Jews seemed to have the best S.L.A. contacts.

    For an example of what I am talking about-in every black ghetto, Jews own the major businesses. Every night the owners of those businesses go home with that black community’s money, which helps the ghetto to stay poor. But I doubt that I have ever uttered this absolute truth before an audience without being hotly challenged, and accused by a Jew of anti-Semitism. Why? I will bet that I have told five hundred such challengers that Jews as a group would never watch some other minority systematically siphoning out their community’s resources without doing something about it. I have told them that if I tell the simple truth, it doesn’t mean that I am anti-Semitic; it means merely that I am anti-exploitation.

    Almost from the first I had been guessing about something; and I took a chance-and I really shook up that “super-sleuth.” From the consistent subjectivity in just about everything he asked and said, I had deduced something, and I told him, “You know, I think you’re a Jew with an Anglicized name.” His involuntary expression told me I’d hit the button. He asked me how I knew. I told him I’d had so much experience with how Jews would attack me that I usually could identify them. I told him all I held against the Jew was that so many Jews actually were hypocrites in their claim to be friends of the American black man, and it burned me up to be so often called “antiSemitic” when I spoke things I knew to be the absolute truth about Jews. I told him that, yes, I gave the Jew credit for being among all other whites the most active, and the most vocal, financier, “leader” and “liberal” in the Negro civil rights movement. But I said at the same time I knew that the Jew played these roles for a very careful strategic reason: the more prejudice in America could be focused upon the Negro, then the more the white Gentiles’ prejudice would keep diverted off the Jew. I said that to me, one proof that all the civil rights posturing of so many Jews wasn’t sincere was that so often in the North the quickest segregationists were Jews themselves. Look at practically everything the black man is trying to “integrate” into for instance; if Jews are not the actual owners, or are not in controlling positions, then they have major stockholdings or they are otherwise in powerful leverage positions-and do they really sincerely exert these influences? No!

    And an even clearer proof for me of how Jews truly regard Negroes, I said, was what invariably happened wherever a Negro moved into any white residential neighborhood that was thickly Jewish. Who would always lead the whites’ exodus? The Jews! Generally in these situations, some whites stay put-you just notice who they are: they’re Irish Catholics, they’re Italians; they’re rarely ever any Jews. And, ironically, the Jews themselves often still have trouble being accepted.

    Saying this, I know I’ll hear “anti-Semitic” from every direction again. Oh, yes! But truth is truth.

    “Malcolm speaking in Harlem stared down at one of the white reporters present, the only whites admitted to the meeting, and went on, ‘Now, there’s a reporter who hasn’t taken a note in half an hour, but as soon as I start talking about the Jews, he’s busy taking notes to prove that I’m antiSemitic.

  • Helen4Yemen


    The title itself is wrong! Are they saying the Nigerian, Chinese, Yemeni, Iraqi,

    Indian Jews all “diaspora” from Persia? NO! Yemeni Jews are Yemeni as

    Nigerian Jews are Nigerian, etc. I doubt very much that the Yemeni Jew does

    not think he is Yemeni. It is the Ashkenazi who totally rejects any connection

    to Europe except as a “diaspora” immigrant from Palestine. The white Jew

    simply detests being European. That is not my problem, is it?

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    The anti-Semite slur is one of the most powerful tools in their arsenal of defamation. I doubt that they will ever give it up.

    Whatever their level Jews using other people as fronts is another standard behavior of theirs, e.g. Baron Rothschild using J.P. Morgan.

    I keep collecting material and arguments for debunking and counter attacking. I imagine I will never have enough. I’ve just collected your comment here as another tool. Thanks!

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    I suspect that’s the reason that the Iranian Jews are very reluctant to move to Palestine. They know that they are already home, hence are impervious to the Ashkenazi mendacities claiming Palestine.

    Besides, they know that the rabidly racist European Ashkenazi will make them into 2nd class citizens.

  • Helen4Yemen

    I do not believe that any Jews feel “they are already

    home”. They will stick around only if life is comfy where

    they are. The table below is the Iranian Jewish population

    that I gathered from the American Jewish Committee (AJC)

    archives. What caught my attention was the jump in the

    number of Jews between 1945 and and 1950 of 30,000. Those

    could have only been Ashkenazi immigrants from Europe and

    considering that Jews love to live in countries that are

    ruled by kings or European colonizers. The Shah ruled for 4

    decades between 1941 and 1979. You also notice that they

    did not go to “Israel” and they left Iran only after the

    Iranian revolution. I am not sure what % of the 10,000 Jews

    now in Iran are indigenous what % Ashkenazi (if any).

    Year — Iran

    1940 — 50,000
    1945 — 50,000
    1950 — 80,000
    1955 — 80,000
    1960 — 80,000
    1965 — 80,000
    1970 — 80,000
    1975 — 80,000
    1980 — 70,000
    1982 — 32,000
    1985 — 30,000
    1990 — 20,000
    1993 — 14,500
    2000 — 12,000
    2004 — 10,900

  • Helen4Yemen

    In 2014, the Turkish PM was angry that the Jews in Turkey

    did not protest the bombing of Gaza and accused them of

    living at the expense of the Turkish people and he also

    mentioned what the Turkish people had for them after

    they were expelled from Spain. Meaning that the Jews

    referred to as “Turkish Jews” are not indigenous but

    European migrants.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Nice! You certainly showed that 2500 years was too long a time for them to remember that they were already home.

    Also, what Wikipedia has to say about where they went backs your contention that they don’t recognize anyplace as home.

    At the time of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, 80,000-100,000 Jews were living in Iran. From then on, Jewish emigration from Iran dramatically increased, as about 20,000 Jews left within several months of the revolution alone.[39] The vast majority of Iran’s Jewish population, some 60,000 Jews, emigrated, of whom 35,000 went to the United States, 20,000 to Israel, and 5,000 to Europe (mainly to the United Kingdom, France, Germany,
    Italy, and Switzerland).[46]

    Some sources put the Iranian Jewish population in the mid and late 1980s as between 50,000–60,000.[47] An estimate based on the 1986 census put the figure considerably higher for the same time, around 55,000.[48] From the mid-1990s to the present there has been more uniformity in the figures, with most government sources since then estimating roughly 25,000 Jews remaining in Iran.[49][50][51][52][53] However, a 2012 census put the figure at about 8,756.[54] These official figures are considered bloated, and the Jewish community may not amount to more than 10,000.[55]


    Khomeini declared that “We recognize our Jews as separate from those godless, bloodsucking Zionists.”[55] and issued a fatwa decreeing that the Jews were to be protected.[5

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    They are likely descended from Khazars and Berbers.

  • KennyB

    Really, Helen, does it matter? The issue is not where the Ashkenazi originate from, what DNA differences there are or any such side-issue. The point is, the Modern State of Israel has entrenched racism in their law and has set about ethnically cleansing the Arabic-speaking population. That is what good people everywhere must oppose. Zionist Jews do not get a free pass to practice racism and genocide on account of the Jewish Holocaust. The same standard of behaviour that was expected of White South Africans applies equally to Israeli Jews. We need to make it very clear to Zionists and their Evangelical Christian supporters, that racism is not acceptable and that their methodical elimination of Arabic-speaking people within their borders has to stop.

  • Helen4Yemen

    For what other reason did European Jewry invade Palestine but the claim of ancestry to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, right? Had the colonizers of Palestine been the French or the English, then no need to bring up DNA because the French or the English do not deny being European. The Ashkenazi people say they are not European but Israelite from Palestine.

    It is not about racism but about the fact that a foreign people took Arab land by force and are holding it by force. That is the issue. Racism is guaranteed to follow when a people who believe they are superior to the colonized people arrive.

  • kevinzeese

    While what you say is true, the location of Israel served apurpose for dominating an area of grear oil wealth. It is where the US and Europe needed an unsinkable battleship to control the oil in Arab nations. A jewish state is a disguise.

  • KennyB

    Of course the myth of the conversation between God and Abraham where he granted Abraham’s descendents the land “from the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates” is made up. There’s no evidence that any of it is historical. Probably Abraham is based on a character from the Gilgamesh Epic and the entire Pentateuch is of Babylonian origin, a pseudo-history written to give some of the tribes of Canaan a special status, i.e. “God blessed the descendants of Avraham, Yitzak and Yakov ahead of the rest of humanity”. I’m suggesting that Jewish Exceptionalism had its origin in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah and is just as fraudulent now as it was then. That’s the irony of religion; you can just make up any story and it becomes “true” when enough people decide to put faith in it. L. Ron Hubbard has shown us how it’s done.

    Whether it’s racism, colonialism or both, the Modern State of Israel is doing (and has always done) things that are unacceptable by any decent human standards, and the BDS deserves our support.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Do you not think that Arthur Koestler has been proven right by this?


  • KennyB

    No, I don’t. The Khazar hypothesis is interesting, but lacks corroboration from reliable sources. Also, I think it’s irrelevant to the BDS topic. The modern State of Israel exists, and needs to be opposed because of their racism and ethnic cleansing.

    We certainly can agree on a number of points:
    1. The claimed “history” i.e. that “god” gifted the Levant to Abraham’s descendents is false.
    2. Modern Jews have no historical claim on the Levant.
    3. The Jewish Holocaust does not in any way justify the Zionists stealing land from Arabs or Arabic-speakers.
    4. Christian Zionists are hopelessly ignorant of the history and intent of Zionism and of the cruel and inhumane things that Israel is doing to Arabic speakers in Palestine. They are more than willing to believe the “necessary defence” propaganda that Israel produces and support Israel for completely bogus ideological reasons.

    I do not, and will not support the slanderous use of the word “Jew” that others here are so prone to. I do not lump all Jews in the same category. Hating all Jews negates all credibility of those individuals. Not all Jews are Zionists, and in fact, support for Zionism and the State of Israel in decline in most Jewish communities. I also do not believe that all Jews are active and knowing participants in a global conspiracy to dominate all humanity even if some Jews are. Neo-nazi language is inappropriate for civilised people and if we want to get support for BDS, writing like Alt-Right bigots is not the way to do it.

  • Helen4Yemen

    1) The human race is divided into 26 genetic groups and one of them has the name of “European-Jewish” or “Ashkenazi-Jewish” listed under Europe. “European-Jewish” sits on top of and covers the genetic region called “Europe-East”? Why don’t you tell me who the people of “European-Jewish” are. If they are not Khazars, what else are they?

    2) “The modern state of israel” exists by force, does it not? In 1962, the Algerians forced out 1,000,000 French after being colonized for 132 years. How long as your “modern state of israel” been in existence?

    3) Who do you think should have the final say in who can stay and who should leave? Those with the fake name of “Israelis” or the natives?

    4) I do not know what you mean by “slanderous use of the word “Jew”. Unless you can show me such a case, you need to be very careful smearing my name. Jew-hatred was the phenomenon of the Christian West, was it not? I do not care what the occupiers of Palestine call themselves – whether Jews or Hindus or Eskimos. They are a foreign people who seized land by force.

    5) A 2014 survey by Gallup revealsed that:
    93% of American Jews supported the Gaza bombings
    5% did not care one way or another
    2% expressed sympathy for the Palestinians.

    6) Neo-Nazi language: you have to be very careful how you word your accusations – unless of course you can site one statement that I wrote that you can claim used “neo-Nazi” language.

    7) “Arabic speakers in Palestine”? Therefore, they are not Arabs or Palestinians but “Arabic speakers”? How about the Yiddish-speaker of Palestine? Who were those? Can we refer to you simply as “the English speaker”?

    8) Have had enough reading so much of your nonsense and I wish not to have to waste my time reading another such nonsense.



  • KennyB

    Do what ever you want, Helen. If you’re not prepared to debate, explain and discuss, stay away from the “Reply” button.

    1. I don’t know. Does anyone definitively know where Ashkenazi Jews originated from? Arthur Koestler’s hypothesis remains unproven.

    2. Yes. Since 14 May 1948.

    3. The natives

    4. It applies to many posts I see in Disqus, although none of yours that I have read.

    5. Hopefully non-Jews are more sympathetic towards Palestinians.

    6. If the cap doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. See point 4.

    7. Yes, not all Palestinians are Arabs. People migrated into the Levant who were not Arabs. Happens everywhere.

    8. Get over yourself. You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    General Marshall did not think that “Israel” was at all good for America. He stopped speaking to Clark Clifford after Clifford used Truman’s corruption to support Israel in return for the presidency. Yeah, the Zionist support system got it for the compliant, shallow, naive Pendergast machine tool.

    Have your read Alison Weir’s Against Our Better Judgement? It’s only a very concise ~100 pages and ~100 pages of notes to delve into, a format that I love.

    The “unsinkable battleship” theme is just another fallacious excuse for supporting the vicious Zionist-Talmudist thugs in their rape of Palestine. We have no bases there. We die for them. They never die for us. They even murdered our sailors.

    Our oil position in the Middle East was secure after the disgusting schmoozing between FDR and the odious King Saud in 1945 at Bitter Lake directly after the Yalta conference. We didn’t need the freaking Zionist-Talmudists inflaming the Middle East and making gigatons of enemies for our obstreperous corruption of a government.

    You’re right about the “Jewish state” being a disguise. It’s a disguise of the tool of sovereignty in renders to the Talmudist element of the the matrix of global mafias. Look! By that sovereignty they have nuclear weapons targeted to blackmail us and Europe.

    Note the way Olmert was taken down for corruption, and Netanyahu teeters for the same reason. Doesn’t that make you wonder who really rules the Talmudist thugdom?

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Descendants of the Khazars admit that they are Khazars and speak the Khazar tongue, Yiddish.