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One Year of Occupy. One Year of Journalist Arrests

By Josh Stearns
Storify, September 18, 2012

Press suppression and journalist arrests have become an almost weekly occurrence since the start of Occupy Wall Street on September 17, 2011. As press, protesters and police converge in New York City for the one year anniversary, we’ll be tracking press suppression here.

  1. Monday, September 17, 2012

  2. (For arrests from Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th scroll to the bottom. With the arrests from this week, the total number of people who have been arrested while trying to cover Occupy protests now tops 90. For more background visit
  3. 1) Molly Crabapple, illustrator and journalist arrested.
  4. jcstearns
    Just confirmed: @mollycrabapple, an illustrator for the Nation and others outlets, was just… #S17 #OWS
  5. zipyrich
    My friend @mollycrabapple makes CNN, though not the way she’d like methinks.
  6. mollycrabapple
    Arrested. Twittering from police van
  7. 2) Photojournalist, Julian Reinhart was arrested. Reinhart is a member of the National Press Photographer’s Association and has been active in the New York General Assembly group.
  8. allisonkilkenny
    Another arrest at wall and water. Journalist. Photographer. #s17 #ows
  9. allisonkilkenny
    Journalist’s name is Julia #ows #s17
  10. TimKarr
    – @juliacreinhart , Ind photographer reportedly arrested earlier today in lower Manhattan. #journarrestv. @Timcast @jcstearns
  11. New York City police are continuing their crackdown against photographers and journalists during the Occupy Wall Street anniversary protest, arresting a photographer this morning because she did not have NYPD-issued press credentials, according to reports on Twitter. Julia Reinhart, who is also a member of the National Press Photographer Association, was wearing her NPPA identification at the time when she stopped to take a photo. A photo of her in handcuffs was posted on Instagram by Moccupychi.
  12. A photographer who witnessed the arrest identified the journalist as Julia Reinhardt, and that’s since been corroborated. The photographer stated that Reinhardt was plucked from a crowd, seemingly at random, and arrested, apparently because she lacked NYPD press credentials. She was reportedly wearing her National Press Photographer Association [NPPA] identification at the time.
  13. juliacreinhart
    Yes! Was just released on Desk Appearance Ticket. Charged with disorderly conduct RT @Stranahan@blogdiva @jcstearns her > @juliacreinhart ?
  14. 3) John Bolger, a student editor from Hunter College’s “The Envoy” was arrested.
  15. SPLC
    Breaking: Student editor from Hunter College’s@hunterenvoy arrested at #OWS this AM. #journarrestFollow @SPLC for more.
  16. SPLC
    The arrested student journalist, John Bolger, has reported on #OWS protests for the last year. Won award in April:
  17. 4) A livestreamer, Nathan Heustis, who is affiliated with Occupy Portland, was arrested. Remarkably he kept his camera rolling while in custody. 

    Video streaming by Ustream

  18. jessehadden
    Livestreamer @nathanheustis was arrested snatch-and-grab style this morning by NYPD. #opdx #s17
  19. nathanheustis
    this is nathans wife. nathan got snatched. in the back of a van
  21. 5) Journalist John Knefel was arrested. This is the second time NYPD has arrested Knefel, the last time was in December of 2011. 
  22. kgosztola
    Confirming #journarrest MT @JAMyerson: They just arrested @johnknefel. Yanked him off the sidewalk, threw him facedown on street


  1. yfrog – Oops!
  2. JAMyerson
    @jcstearns They got @johnknefel again. Yanked him off sidewalk.
  4. JAMyerson
    @jcstearns Yep. Talked to him as he was on ground and in van.
  5. rdevro
    Here’s how the NYPD deals with the press in NYC.@johnknefel being arrested while #S17 #OWS
  6. 6) Boston Phoenix journalist Chris Faraone was arrested for “disorderly conduct.”
  7. Fara1
    I just got out of jail. Was arrested despite screaming over and over that I’m a journalist. Story coming soon.#OWS #S17 #OccupyBoston
  8. Other articles about the arrests…
  9. Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16, 2012

  10. seksi
    on his stream @timcast says “NYPD is trying their best to bring #ows back” with
    1 like
  11. CarlosMiller
    Two Photogs, One Journalist Arrested as #ows Activists Descend Upon Wall Street for Anniversary | #s15
  12. 1) Photographer Charles Meachem arrested
  13. Steffikeith
    Photographer Charles Meachem arrested also lawyer Melissa Freedman who was trying to get protesters to back down #s15
  14. 2. A Mexican journalist was arrested – still looking for confirmation of her name.
  15. DustinSlaughter
    Per @firstnightfree who was arrested last night: Tells me a female Mexican journo was searched by a male#NYPD officer in jail. #S17 #OWS
  16. DustinSlaughter
    I found the Mexican journalist arrested last night. She’s lost feeling in her forearm from the cuffs: #OWS
  17. 3) Mark Provost was arrested
  18. JonnyTurnover
    Many #journarrest today ( #jailsupport )One said he thought this would never happen in his homeland, been arrested covering other countries
  19. jcstearns
    NY Daily News suggests that morning arrests at #OWSinclude “several reporters” via@anjalimullany #S17
  20. markaprovost
    I was arrested in NYC during an Occupy march this evening. NYPD was randomly grabbing people 3-5 at a time…


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