Online Censorship, Learned Patriarchy & No NAFTA 2

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This week on Act Out!, can you see me from your digital filter bubble? The scary thing is you probably don’t even realize that everything you see online is, in fact, filtered. We dive into the various kinds of online censorship that are shaping our ever-more-narrowed world view. Up next, what women learn from the patriarchy’s ills. And finally, No NAFTA – a ghost from trade deals past is back, and so is the fight for fair trade over free trade.

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  • DHFabian

    It would be good to examine the “self-censorship” practiced online as well by those who work to block out comments with which they personally disagree. This seems to have been fairly common during the H. Clinton campaign, for example.

    Those who are not on the right wing do not march in lockstep. We could all benefit from considering the different perspectives and different approaches to dealing with the tremendous tangle is crises facing us.