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Open Letter To FCC Employees On Real Net Neutrality

Dear FCC Employees,

We have spent a good deal of time at the FCC camping in front of the Maine Ave. entrance, leafleting and rallying to reclassify the Internet as a common carrier.

First, we want to thank you for your support. Overwhelmingly employees at the FCC have supported an Internet free of discrimination. Many of you want what is best for the country – that the greatest communication tool ever invented continue to be a source for democratization of mass communication, creative entrepreneurship and a platform for growth and creativity.

Second, we want you to know you are not alone. You are not alone inside the FCC nor are you alone among the American people. After our encampment and hundreds of thousands of emails and phone calls, the FCC Commissioners voted to allow reclassifying the Internet as a common carrier to be included in the rulemaking process.  In the first month of the public comment period, more than 105,000 people have commented on the new rule. The overwhelming majority want the Internet to be reclassified so it can be a public utility without any discrimination.  Polls show super-majorities of Americans, over 70%, want the Internet to be net neutral.

Third, you are not powerless. Some FCC employees tell us they feel powerless. One person inside the FCC can make a difference. Previous fliers have described how you can blow the whistle if you see corruption. You can now do this safely and with public support. Multiple media outlets have installed a new system to allow anonymous leaks of documents, ‘SecureDrop.’ It is easy to find on the Internet. And whistleblower support groups are ready to have your back. If you have information, share it. You can make an historic difference.

The government knows that if the FCC allows the corporations to break the Internet – a technology that holds incredible promise for humankind – there will be a revolt. Already more people are becoming aware of the illegitimacy of our corporate-dominated government and are becoming active.

If we stand together calling for an open Internet, free of discrimination, classified as a common carrier, we will win.

Finally, we want to invite you to the noon showing on July 1 of the musical: Which Side Are You On, Tom? The musical places Tom Wheeler between The People and the giant Telecom industries. Chairman Tom Wheeler can be a hero who will be remembered in history as a key person who saved the Internet for all humanity. We know Chairman Wheeler has strong industry ties, and has profited immensely from his alliance with telecoms and broadband providers, but we also know that the people he serves want the Internet to be free of discrimination.

Thank you all for your important work.

Your fellow citizens

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