Open Wounds, Open Wars: Veterans And The Fight For Our Lives, Against Empire

| Resistance Report

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We need to be open and honest about what the empire means and how we all suffer from it – and how these diverse but shared experiences can be our strength, not our fault lines. As we rattle thrones, we must build solidarity and heal – with veterans. Marine veteran and senior fellow at the center for international policy, Matthew Hoh sits down with us to talk about veteran health, suicide and recent news from the empire.

  • CALynnie

    Great interview. Thank you for your wonderful work.

  • jwreitter

    When peace is possible, enlightened veterans will lead the way. Who better to explain the folly of oily quagmire “forever wars” of pillage and destruction? Killing poor civilians, including women and children, with continuous drone bombs is vile terrorism and will cause deadly blowback for generations.