organize-iconWhether we are engaging in acts of resistance or creating new, alternative institutions, we need to create sustainable, democratic organizations that empower their members while also protecting against disruption. This section provides articles about effective organizing, creating democratic decision-making structures, building coalitions with other groups, and more. Visit the Resources Page for tools to assist your organizing efforts.

Revolution In An Age Of Resurgent Fascism

By Atlee McFellin, Hampton Think. -

The late sociologist Erik Olin Wright used the phrase “ruptural transformation” as stand-in for revolution, inaccurately summarizing this as “Smash first, build second.” His immensely popular and useful work also unfortunately erased historical [...]

Image Comics Workers Have Officially Certified Their Groundbreaking Union

By James Whitbrook, Gizmodo. -

After formally announcing the formation of Comic Book Workers United late last year—the first specific union to support workers within comics publishing—workers at Image Comics have voted to officially certify their union in the results of a [...]

Michigan Teachers Discuss Collective Action To Close Schools

By Jerry White, WSWS. -

Michigan teachers took part in an emergency meeting Tuesday afternoon to organize collective action to close schools and stop the spread of COVID-19. The meeting, sponsored by the Michigan Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee, included a [...]

Politics And Prose Becomes First Unionized Bookstore In DC

By Politics And Prose And Ufcw Local 400, Portside. -

We are pleased to announce that Politics and Prose and UFCW Local 400 have reached agreement on the scope of a bargaining unit at P&P, and the union has now been formally recognized as the collective bargaining agent for the bookstore unit. Both [...]

Retail Workers Are Organizing And Speaking Out

By Sydney Pereira, Prism. -

In a petition Indianapolis Target employee Andrew Stacy drafted, one of the key demands is for a minimum $17 per hour, but when Stacy and their coworker were posting the flyers in the break room and distributing them, they were caught. [...]

Building Collective Power Within Our Organizations

By Jen Disla, Organizing Upgrade. -

As we imagine an alternative society, we should think about how we will create something more collective, something where all people have a voice. Most of us come from a tradition where a select few make large impactful decisions for social [...]

Amazon Unionization Efforts Get A Boost Under A Settlement With NLRB

By Associated Press, Reader Supported News. -

According to the settlement, the online behemoth Amazon said it would reach out to its warehouse workers — former and current — via email who were on the job anytime from March 22 to now to notify them of their organizing rights. The settlement [...]

Graduate Workers Win Union In Card Count

By Austin Fisher, Portside. -

It’s official: graduate student workers at the University of New Mexico have the right to demand school officials come to the bargaining table. New Mexico’s statewide labor board counted 887 cards signed by UNM graduate students expressing their [...]

Who Might Strike In 2022?

By Dan Dimaggio, Labor Notes. -

2021 saw high-profile strikes and contract battles that put unions in the public spotlight. And 2022 could potentially be more explosive. Workers are already sensing their increased leverage in a tight labor market. They’ll be feeling the [...]

Low Wages And Exploitative Conditions Are Sparking Graduate Student Strikes

By Tyler Walicek, Truthout. -

Many graduate students find themselves caught between these multiple fronts: burdened with past student debt, earning sub-living-wage pay in their present work and facing dwindling future opportunities. Universities have grown over-reliant on [...]

UC Recognizes Student Researchers United Union Of 17,000 Workers

By Emma Taila, The Daily Californian. -

California - The university agreed Wednesday to recognize Student Researchers United, or SRU, a union representing 17,000 student researchers employed by the UC system. The decision came after nearly 11,000 student researchers across the [...]

Going To Work Shouldn’t Be A Death Sentence

By Madeleine Freeman, Left Voice. -

On Friday night, at a candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, an alarm sounded with a tornado warning. One employee, Elijah Johnson, approached his manager. “I asked to leave and they told me I’d be fired.” “‘Even with the weather like this, [...]

Auto Workers Win Direct Democracy In Referendum

By Jonah Furman, Labor Notes. -

The members of the United Auto Workers have voted overwhelmingly to move to a direct voting system for choosing their union leadership—“one member, one vote.” With all votes counted as of December 2, direct elections had the support of 63.6 [...]

People In Prison Organize Collectively For Survival

By Kelly Hayes, Truthout. -

On this show, we talk about how to build the relationships and analysis we need to create movements that can win. When we have talked about the rise of fascism, and how to fight it, I have often made the point that we have a lot to learn from [...]

Starbucks Workers Agree To A Union In Buffalo

By Dee-Ann Durbin and Caroline Thompson, AP News. -

Buffalo, NY - Starbucks workers at a store in Buffalo, New York, voted to unionize on Thursday, a first for the 50-year-old coffee retailer in the U.S. and the latest sign that the labor movement is stirring after decades of decline. The [...]