Organized Campaigns Hit At Trump’s Foreign Policy Plans

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The borg or deep state is way more concerned with keeping up its plans of uncontested global dominance than with the welfare of the citizens within the empire.

February 13, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – “Moon Of Alabama” –  At the end of his administration Obama implemented a series of anti-Russian moves. The most obvious was the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats over unfounded allegation of Russian interference in the U.S. elections. Other moves included thelaunching of an Ukrainian offense against the Russian supported resistance in the east Ukraine.

These moves were designed to impede the incoming Trump administration in its announced plans towards more friendly relations with Russia. The incoming Trump administration countered Obama’s sanction move. Its designated National Security Advisor Flynn phoned up the Russian ambassador in Washington. He did not promise to immediately lift the sanctions but indirectly asked him to refrain from any harsh response:

The transcripts of the conversations don’t show Mr. Flynn made any sort of promise to lift the sanctions once Mr. Trump took office, the officials said. Rather, they show Mr.Flynn making more general comments about relations between the two countries improving under Mr. Trump, people familiar with them said.

This was arguably a sensible move in line with a smooth transition of government.

In the end the Russian government refrained from any in kind reaction to the Obama sanctions.

This was blow to the promoters of hostilities with Russia. It did not stop their meddling. The effort moved towards kicking Flynn out of his new position as NSC. A concerted media campaign was launched to insinuate an early Flynn failure and to press for his dismissal.

Bradd Jaffy @BraddJaffy
Within the last 30 mins — NYT, WashPost, WSJ and Politico each dropped pieces that have to be alarming for your future if you’re Mike Flynn
5:51 PM – 12 Feb 2017

Keep in mind that some 95% of the U.S. media was hostile to Trump during the election campaign. They all peddled the nonsense of “Russian hacks” when an insider leaked emails from the Democratic National Council. They are all willing to support any move that might hinder the Trump administration.

Thus this morning news was filled with these headlines:

All these stories are based on “inside views” from multiple “former and current officials”. All are build around the baseless allegations against Flynn of somehow colluding with the Russian government. All are likely more wishful thinking than fact.

It would be astonishing if Trump falls for this obviously well organized campaign against his administration. Should he fire Flynn or give in to such  pressure his enemies will smell blood, find a new target within his administration and intensify their fire.

Indeed a second well coordinated assault on an announced Trump policy, a change of course in Syria, is already in the making. This one aims at further maligning the Syrian government in an effort to make it impossible to argue for cooperation in the fight against the Islamic State.

  • A few days ago Amnesty International published an unfounded report about alleged executions in Syrian prisons.
  • Today Human Rights Watch claims that the Syrian government systematically used Chlorine in the fight over Aleppo. The sources are solely opposition supporters.
  • Based on similar vague “facts” the Atlantic Council, a NATO lobby with financial ties to Gulf governments, launches a huge propaganda report (large pdf) about the “war crime” of liberating Aleppo from Jihadis.

None of these “humanitarian” organization is concerned about the current devastating situation in Aleppo. For 40 days the water has been cut off by the Islamic State at the Euphrates pumping stations. There is no electricity. Fuel is sparse. Medications are difficult to find.

Their hypocrisy stinks to high heaven. These organizations all assert that the Syrian government, for example, attacked hospitals in east-Aleppo solely to hit civilians. At the same time they all applaud a much bigger assault on the Islamic State held Mosul by U.S. and Iraqi troops. There, the head of Human Rights Watch asserts, the hospitals are used by the Jihadis and thus attacks on them are justified:

Kenneth Roth @KenRoth
As battle for Mosul proceeds, ISIS is regularly occupying hospitals & medical facilities, endangering patients/staff

The anti-Flynn campaign as well as the bad-Assad campaign are aimed at Trump policy changes. These changes move away from the course the borg implemented throughout the Obama reign.

Meanwhile the Trump administration implements regressive economic and social policies without any noticeable resistance in the media, in Congress or from so called Non-Government-Organizations:

President Trump has embarked on the most aggressive campaign against government regulation in a generation, joining with Republican lawmakers to roll back rules already on the books and limit the ability of federal regulators to impose new ones.

The borg or deep state is way more concerned with keeping up its plans of uncontested global dominance than with the welfare of the citizens within the empire.

Trump promised to put “America first”, to prioritize the inner well being of the States over the quest for global hegemony. His voters elected him for that purpose. Should he fall for the organized campaigns against his plans predictable foreign policy disasters will dominate his presidency. He will then lose any chance for reelection.

  • occupyRUScom

    DEAR Bloggers Everywhere:

    The U.S. Primaries were [Truly] RIGGED” via the IRISH ! Not the RUSSIANs!

    HintL Hillary and her ‘Bill’ are the TRUE ‘Manchurian’ Candidates (ex incumbents) whom Work’ for the Evil ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (Vatican) a/k/a the ‘Mother Of Harlots” and manipulated by BELFAST via their
    Voting Machines (Sold t6o [stupid Unsuspecting American’s Voting Commissions (Through-Out the Land)… sooo the DEMocraps Evil Press and Elites+ are distracting this FACT by [shamelessly] Blaming the Russkies!

    Blame the DUBLIN (the IRISH) nay Moscow (The Russian People)!

    SHAME USA+ U.K. + IRELAND (a Member of Evil [Catholic] EUROpe!

  • Aquifer

    Interesting – tend to agree that if Flynn suggested to Russians relations would be better with Russia under Trump – do not see the harm in that especially when compared to the Reagan/Carter situation re the hostages in Iran where Reagan, through channels, convinced Iran to hang on to the hostages until after the election ….

  • mwildfire

    This report smells a little funny. Yeah, there was an intense anti-Russia campaign at the end of the Obama Administration, which the Trump team mostly refuses to collude with…but, well, there’s this laughable assertion:
    Meanwhile the Trump administration implements regressive
    economic and social policies without any noticeable resistance in the
    media, in Congress or from so called Non-Government-Organizations:
    Nope, there’s scarcely been a peep, has there?

  • PeterPaget

    This post confirms to many thinking people that the pro-Russian trolls and trumpists are out trying to stir up trouble with fake info and nonsense like this comment.