Organizing Call: After The DNC And RNC – We Can’t Breathe!

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Above photo: Black Lives Matter protesters are seen marching upon the Tennessee State Capitol building on June 04, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. George Floyd’s death set off days and nights of protests as its the most recent in a series of deaths of African Americans by the police. Jason Kempin/Getty Images.

After the Conventions and After the Election: Keep it in the Streets – Against Racism, Evictions and War.

The Democratic and Republican Conventions are not confronting the crises of our times – the economic collapse, COVID pandemic, lack of access to healthcare, inequality, racism, the cost of education, and never-ending wars and more.

No matter which corporate-funded party wins the election, the people must rule from below.

The national uprising against police violence and the hundreds of wildcat strikes and rent strikes are a few examples among many that show once again that the only way to challenge this racist, militarized system is with the explosive power of people making demands and shutting the system down.

Regardless of what happens in November our only way forward is to stay mobilized!

Join us for this important webinar: After The DNC And RNC – We Can’t Breathe! Aug 30, 2020 02:00 PM in Eastern Time  Register here

Demanding justice and accountability against racist killer cops! In defense of Migrants rounded up and deported! In solidarity with LGBTQ and Disabled people Against endless wars, sanctions and occupations.

We face the greatest capitalist crash in US history and an out of control COVID-19 pandemic.

The people must remain mobilized through the election and beyond. We will not win the change we need at the ballot box.

The two candidates of the parties of the billionaires ignore the super-majority views of the people in the US who support improved Medicare for all, a robust Green New Deal, an end to inequality and taxation of the wealthy, an end to the never-ending wars and US imperialism. Neither party is responding to the call to stop racist militarized policing, invest in alternatives to policing while cutting police budget and democratic community control of the police. No matter who is elected the people must be mobilized in 2021 until the people’s demands are met.

Join us for this important webinar: After The DNC And RNC – We Can’t Breathe! Aug 30, 2020 02:00 PM in Eastern Time  Register here

We defend:
– Resistance from Minneapolis to Portland and NYC to Chicago,
– Education workers opposing dangerous school reopening
– Organizers of rent strikes and against evictions
– Black Lives Matter Movement everywhere
– Social movements seeking peace and justice
– Solidarity with all those resisting US imperialist violence

Join us for this important webinar: After The DNC And RNC – We Can’t Breathe! Aug 30, 2020 02:00 PM in Eastern Time  Register here

Organized by:

Coalition to March on the DNC
Coalition to March on the RNC
UNAC – United National Antiwar Coalition
ILPS – International League of Peoples Struggles
BAYAN – Philippine Coalition
NAARPR – National Alliance Against Racism & Political Repression
BAP – Black Alliance for Peace
IAC – International Action Center
VFP – Veterans For Peace
Cuba SI
IFCO/Pastors for Peace
FIRE – Fight for Im/migrants & Refugees Everywhere
AFGJ – Alliance for Global Justice
Popular Resistance
SanctionsKill Campaign
US Peace Council
Peoples Power Assemblies NYC
December 12 Movement
Call to Action on Puerto Rico
Jornada: Se Acabaron Las Promesas
USPCN U.S. Palestinian Community Network
POWIR – People’s Opposition to War, Imperialism, and Racism
Southern Workers Assembly
SDS- Students for a Democratic Society
The People’s Forum

  • Who D. Who

    I haven’t been able to breathe since the Bush/Cheney coup of 2000…

  • Richard Allen

    There is no hope for real change under the present oligarchic structure of the US government. That is why the revolution to put it in power in the late 1700s was a bad thing for historical development of the colonies. Too bad the British forces combined with many loyalists did not put it down when they could have.

  • Nylene13

    Great article on Counterpunch News today about Cuban doctors who go all over the world to help. Apparently the U.S Government has tried to bribe them into defecting to the U.S.

    Now the U.S is telling the countries the Cuban Doctors go to help with the C. Virus-that Cuban Doctors should not be should not be allowed to help.

  • Nylene13

    I have not been able to breathe since President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Dr. ML King were assassinated.

  • Nylene13

    You mean so we could still be under the power of England? That place where Julian Assange is currently in prison for daring to practice Freedom of the Press?

    Another thing-Africans brought here to America- were brought by English Sea Captains in their slave ships-not by Americans. That was fine with England-lots of $$$$$$$ for England, without having to dirty THEIR sacred shores with slaves.

  • Richard Allen

    Oh please, the USA would have evolved into a well-run independent parliamentary system like the other American colonies that did not rebel to form Canada. The rebellion known as American Revolution was not so popular until the rebels practised absolute terrorism against most of the people who were forced to accept it. The history you read in school is not totally correct. Slavery was very American, and it is actually still allowed by the Constitution. Slavery was banned in England by 1840 but was a very strong defended institution in USA until a bloody war was fought to overthrow it. As for Mr Assange, I strongly believe he is treated the way he is and imprisoned on the orders of USA.

  • Robert Riley

    In solidarity with black people in North America, I have not been able to breathe since 1619!

  • Who D. Who

    At that point, you might as well roll it all the way back to 1492…

  • Robert Riley

    You’re 100% right.

  • Bill Rood

    Through most of the Civil War, there was a threat of intervention by the UK to protect its cotton imports and textile exports to the US. The hypocritical Brits were not overtly pro-slavery, but they were definitely on the side of the Confederacy. The diplomacy of Czar Alexander II was instrumental in preventing an intervention, and he freed Russian serfs in 1861.

  • Bill Rood

    It’s a generational thing. You can’t expect younger generations to be aware of the 1967 Detroit riots that occurred while I was a junior at the University of Michigan. Or for that matter Kent State. Has anybody here seen my old friend Abraham? Can you tell me where he’s gone? Well, Bye bye, American Pie! OK, Boomer?

  • Alan MacDonald

    Richard, the “present EMPIRE structure of the US”

    Yes, Richard, this extant, but well hidden, Disguised Global Crony
    Capitalist EMPIRE is nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as our
    formerly “promising” and sometimes progressive country (PKA) America.

    Faux-Emperor Trump is merely a nasty Chucky-doll puppet as the installed
    “rougher-talking” neocon ‘R’ Vichy party of the Empire — while Bye Bye
    Byeden and the “smoother-lying” neoliberal con ‘D’ Vichy Party of the
    exact same effin Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire is auditioning
    for the ‘role’ of faux president.

    The Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire is an eight-sectored Empire!

    “The U.S. state is a key point of condensation for pressures from dominant
    groups around the world to resolve problems of global capitalism and to
    secure the legitimacy of the system overall. In this regard, “U.S.”
    imperialism refers to the use by transnational elites of the U.S. state
    apparatus (hard & soft powers) to continue to attempt to expand,
    defend, and stabilize the global capitalist system. We are witness less
    to a “U.S.” imperialism per se than to a global capitalist imperialism.

    We face an EMPIRE OF GLOBAL CAPITAL, headquartered, for evident historical reasons, in Washington.” [Caps added]

    Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity, 2014 Robinson, William Cambridge University Press

    “Show me what democracy looks like”
    “This ain’t what democracy looks like”
    “This is what EMPIRE looks like”

    And, Yes, Richard this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire, given the only two alternatives in our globalized world — which are either global democracy or the Global Empire — which the ‘Ruling-Elite’, UHNWIs, 0.03%ers, and self-appointed “Masters of the Universe” are plotting, scheming, manipulating, propagandizing, and most importantly “diving and conquering” ‘we the people’ is all designed to destroy, so that EMPIRE reaches the un-holy grail of a GINI Coefficient of Wealth Inequality of 1.0 (the Gold Standard, which is achieved when ONE SINGLE GREEDY person holds all the wealth in the world).

    Currently, the U.S. is truly #1 — and all we powerless peons can cry-out at sporting events and at Emperor Trump Rallies: “We’re #1, We’re #1, We’re #1” — because we are #1 in the category of having the MOST UNEVEN Distribution of Wealth in the whole effin world, at 0.8!!

  • Bill Rood

    Part of the problem is that the authors refer to the “COVID pandemic” rather than a “p-l-andemic” and to “racist killer cops” rather than just “killer cops.” Let’s set aside Daniel Shaver and Tony Timpa for a bit, and let me declare I did not vote for Trump in 2016 and am likely to vote 3rd party in 2020. Then, let’s look at the Covid-19 timeline:

    None of the antics of the first 3 years worked. Mueller and the impeachment were a total flop, and the real US economy, based increasingly on gig work, appeared to be improving even as Wall Street was preparing to implode. The globalists both within the Democratic Party and outside — within the State Department, DoD, intelligence, media and now evidently WHO and HHS — rehearsed a scheme at Event201 designed to 1) torpedo Trump’s re-election, 2) provide an excuse for the expected Wall Street collapse and 3) provide an opportunity to further concentrate wealth (power) in elite hands through a “Global Reset.” They would use the contrived response to a relatively harmless virus they knew well (some say because they created it, others just that they had studied its close relatives) to blow up the economies of the entire Western world (and they hoped Russia and China as well). If that failed, they would resort to civil unrest as “Plan B.”

    The initial conspiracy was small, involving only a minority of those attending Event201, mainly those in the medical establishment (Gates/Big Pharma/WHO/HHS/CDC/FDA/NIH/NIAID). That was the tip of the spear. The pool of those cooperating (usually unknowingly) with the conspiracy was enhanced mostly through assumptions about the expertise and integrity of WHO, HHS and subordinate organizations, and through group think. As Dmitri Orlov has reminded us,

    The WHO makes gratuitous use of appellations such as “world” and “health” but is actually a semi-private entity lavishly financed by Bill Gates and Big Pharma, which is owned by a handful of highly inbred oligarchic entities that include Vanguard, BlackRock, Capital Group, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Northern Trust and State Street, which in turn own each other in various convoluted ways.

    Let’s review the evidence.

    1) WHO developed a recommended treatment protocol that ignored past successes in working with corona viruses like SARS and MERS and any success the Chinese had in clinical treatment of the virus. Thus, they recommended against the use of corticosteroids such as methylprednisolone, dexamethasone (and recently Budesonide) in the treatment of the ARDS phase of the disease and instead promoted the use of deadly ventilators. My opinion is this protocol was designed to enhance the affects of the virus without regard to human life. In its original early May .pdf promoting MATH+, Eastern Virginia Medical School was scathing in its criticism of WHO’s early protocol, hinting deliberate malfeasance. They’ve toned it down in their June 27 version (under pressure?), but are still very critical,

    The systematic failure of critical care systems to adopt corticosteroid therapy resulted from the published recommendations against corticosteroids use by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Thoracic Society (ATS), Infectious Diseases Association of America (IDSA) among others…. Their erroneous recommendation to avoid corticosteroids in the treatment of COVID-19 has led to the development of myriad organ failures, which have overwhelmed critical care systems across the world and led to excess deaths. The recently announced results of the RECOVERY-DEXAMETHASONE study provides definitive and unambiguous evidence of the lifesaving benefits of corticosteroids and strong validation of the MATH + protocol.

    An increasing number of health care workers now understand this but are afraid to speak out.

    2) WHO exaggerated the death rate of Covid-19 in China by comparing its rate of (deaths)/(confirmed Covid-19 cases) against the flu’s (deaths)/(estimated total flu cases) rather than the more appropriate (deaths)/(confirmed flu cases). Had the more appropriate comparison been made, people would have understood Covid-19 was not significantly more dangerous than the flu. This inflated death rate was fed into Neil Ferguson’s modeling at the Imperial College. Garbage in, garbage out was accepted at face value by most government planners. After all, WHO and the Imperial College wouldn’t lie to please a major donor like Bill Gates, would they? Studies of the epidemic in Gangelt, Germany and by Stanford U. in Santa Clara Co., CA, showed the infection rate was far higher and therefore the infection fatality rate far lower than the WHO estimates. This was underreported in corporate media.

    3) CDC and the FDA attempted to hide the widespread circulation of SARS-CoV-2 by discouraging Dr. Helen Chu’s extensive testing of collected samples, eventually ordering her to cease and desist. It has since been revealed that not only was the virus circulating outside China in 2019, but that US intelligence agencies were aware in November, 2019, of the potential for a novel corona virus epidemic in China. Thus, early testing was discouraged in order to hide the widespread circulation of the virus and make it appear that its spread was sudden in late February, early March. This was also input to Ferguson’s model.

    4) Combining the over-estimated death rate with the apparent rapid spread of the virus and Ferguson’s GIGO modeling, Trump’s Covid task force pressured him to declare an emergency, which encouraged state governors and health officials to order lockdowns in order to “flatten the curve” and avoid overwhelming health facilities. At the time, this was not intended to totally stop the epidemic or eradicate the virus. Officials recognized lockdowns would not reduce the eventual total of infections. It turned out NYC was the only locality that even approached saturation, but even there neither the field hospital set up at Javits Center nor the hospital ship Comfort were anywhere near capacity. Across the country, hospitals laid off staff, especially staff that would have cared for non-Covid-19 patients. This became widely known on social media.

    5) The medical establishment also used the prediction of overwhelmed medical facilities to pressure state officials to discharge active Covid patients into nursing homes which a) were prone to spreading respiratory infections and b) had a large pool of vulnerable patients with comorbidities. This was contrary to the recommendations of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Elders were also pressured to sign DNRs.

    6) Even with all that, CDC saw that the death rates it had generated, mainly among the elderly or co-morbid, were not convincing enough, so they issued new directives on how to record cause of death on death certificates. Deceased who tested positive for Covid, and even those who tested negative but had some Covid symptoms, were to be assumed to have died of Covid. Dr. Scott Jensen explained that this was unprecedented. There were numerous reports of people whose relatives insisted they died of something else (sometimes even trauma) who were reported as died of Covid. This too became widely known on social media.

    7) In addition to corticosteroids, the medical establishment ignored the use of Hydroxychloroquine and intravenous vitamin C, and later both discouraged and sabotaged clinical trials of HCQ by promoting trials that were designed to fail. They even got a fraudulent study published in Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine that later had to be retracted, but not before the damage was done. They encouraged governors to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship by prohibiting the off label prescription of HCQ in the early stage of the disease, the only time Dr. Didier Raoult said it would be effective. In Michigan, medical staff were arrested for administering intravenous vitamin C, which is now an integral part of Eastern Virginia Medical School’s MATH+Hospital Treatment Protocol for Covid-19. In its latest .pdf, EVMS continues to discourage HCQ due to these fraudulent trials and because it is focused on the treatment of hospitalized patients. Since June 27, there has been a clinical trial showing the efficacy of HCQ when used early. EVMS does recommend a prophylactic treatment that includes zinc and quercetin (a zinc ionophore that substitutes for the ionophore effect of HCQ when administered with zinc). Who can forget Fauci’s constant attacks on HCQ use and the Trump Derangement Syndreom crowd’s making fun of Trump for promoting it?

    8) When media reports appeared that revealed all this malfeasance or otherwise questioned the WHO/CDC narratives, they were suppressed and censored by social media. Experts with opinions contrary to the dominant narrative were intimidated and slandered. Corporate media, controlled by the same globalists pushing the pandemic agenda, simply refused to repeat stories if they couldn’t somehow smear the author as a “quack.” Some health care workers who have attempted to blow the whistle have lost their jobs, and dissident doctors like Dr. Jensen are punished by hauling them before licensing boards. This sort of response was recommended by Event 201.

    9) When it began to appear that deaths from Covid had peaked after vulnerable nursing home patients had been killed off and the death certificate scam was being questioned, the public started getting restless and demonstrated to reopen to save jobs. The medical establishment and globalist allies were losing control of the narrative. With mounting pressure from alternate media sources that sounded more credible than corporate media, a distraction was needed. So Plan B was invoked, and the death of George Floyd was used as a spark to start what were at first peaceful demonstrations. As with most color revolutions designed to take out a leader the globalists don’t like, the peaceful demonstrators were quickly infiltrated by violent rioters funded by Soros and other elite interests. Pallets of bricks were conveniently left on demonstration routes, while Black Block agents provocateur destroyed property over the objections of black citizens. Black residents wept over the destruction of their neighborhoods and murdered children. This was all condoned, even encouraged by Democratic mayors and governors who thought they had Trump trapped in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” dilemma. If he deployed troops over the objections of local leaders, he’d be called a fascist. If he didn’t, he’d be weak. Trump decided to wait until the violence became unbearable to most residents. Eventually, the Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, came into conflict with aldermen and is now quietly cooperating with federal authorities. Portland, where federal protective services are being used to lawfully protect a courthouse, is the outlier. But it doesn’t really matter what mayors or governors think, because most people approve of federal actions there.

    10) Now that people are sufficiently distracted from alt-media reporting skeptical of the p-l-andemic narrative, corporate media reports “cases” rising. Corporate media is promoting this as a scare tactic, while not reporting on the facts of increased testing or that all cause death rates have been declining and are now significantly below what would be expected for the time of year.

    11) It’s difficult to predict where all this is heading, except that it will be bad for the American people, whatever the outcome is. I’m convinced that if Biden wins the globalists will be all in for pervasive contact tracing, which means surveillance whether you are infected or not, and eventually vaccine mandates and either tattoos or chips so your entire background can be pulled up no matter where police stop you. Medical totalitarianism. Meanwhile, all investigations of Democratic crimes in violation of the Constitution will be stopped. It begins to appear Trump is buying these permanent losses of Constitutional rights with his Warp Speed project, but at least he’s likely to continue the Barr-Durham investigation. It took Heracles to clean the entire Agean Stables, so maybe half is better than none.

    12) I worry there will be an increase in infections during the winter. If death rates are marginally higher than for the seasonal flu, this will be called a “second wave,” but nobody will report that most of the newly infected will be people who were forced to wear a mask for 8 hours every day, which decreased their T-cell activity, the prime mechanism for immunity from corona viruses.

    I will vote for neither Trump nor Biden, though pollsters give me no choice other than those two or “not sure.” I’m convinced nothing substantial will change until Americans start voting 3rd party in large numbers, and not just for President. The Democrats must be utterly destroyed, like the Whigs of the 1850s. Not until the Whigs collapsed were the Republicans able to rise.

  • Richard Allen

    Yes, of course you can alwaysvpoint to little tidbits of history. That has nothing to do with my thinling that the tevolition installed an pligarchisl conytol over societu that more than likely could have been prevented bu peaceful evolition toward responsible governmrnt. This has nothing to do with the British. It would have been established and developed by Americans. The rebels were the ones who took liberty and justice away from the people. Thete was considerable freedom of protest that th rebels.quickly took away from their opposition. Under the British rule there were personal rights and independence destroyed by the rebels as they unfortunately were suckered into revolition by the oligarchs who had much to gain by establishing themselves in power.

  • Richard Allen

    Sorry for typos. Screen chsnged on me

  • Nylene13

    I think, knowing my children and their friends, that younger generations are more aware of history than you think. My hope is that the younger generations survive, and pick up the gauntlet, which they seem to be trying to do.

  • Nylene13

    “Oh please” ?
    I notice how you just ignored my comment that it was ENGLISH ships that brought Africans to be slaves in America.

    Slavery WAS banned in England —but encouraged in America – by England.

    Yes, Assange IS likely treated the way he is and imprisoned by orders of the U.S. Government. Shame on England!!!

  • Richard Allen

    In colonial days all ships from England or the colonies were English ships. The slave trade was participated in by any number of countries and colonies flying different national flags. It was very profitable. It only ended when the all-powerful Royal Navy stopped the slave trade by boarding and searching all suspected ships. The immorality of slavery is shared by all, not just one group or one nation.

  • Nylene13

    “all ships”? Good thing we had a Revolution and got rid of England.

  • MrRedwoodGuy .

    You’ll never beat them at their game, with their rules, on their court.

    The masses have the numbers – – but lack the imagination to redefine the game being played, and the rules it will play by.

    The masses stick with the Game Plan of the Masters – Tweeting, Facebooking, Texting, Smart Phoning, Emailing, Credit Carding, ATMing, falling into every stupid spring-trap set by the Masters, locked into their surveillance. How dumb is that?

    Dream a different dream, get a different result. A few can’t stop millions.

  • Richard Allen

    “Got rid of England?” I guess you do not know that each colony was run independently. A governor represented the crown, but he was controlled by the legislative bodies because they paid his salary. Only when the tremendous debt from defeating the threat of France in America needed paying did parliament attempt small taxation. This did not go over well and really meant nothing. The demagogues who wanted Indian lands, piracy, smuggling, non-payment of debts were the ones that stirred up trouble with the rabble. I explained briefly how they took and controlled power. Result: the.mess of oligarchic, non responsible, poorly representative government that we suffer under to-day. By 1860 many states were fed up with USA and tried to get out. Their failure only secured and emboldened the oligarchy. Study history, not propaganda.

  • Nylene13

    I don’t know what you are blathering about.

    Yes, we had a Revolution and got rid of England.

    And now, apparently, as you admit, we control England- as England is keeping Assange in Prison as a favor (or following orders) to Trump.

  • zak1

    Does this coalition have any plans to make noise around the only electoral alternative this season? The article mentions the DNC and the RNC – do they use the opportunity to endorse the Green Party campaign of Hawkins/Walker? Or, if there’s debate around that – then do they make noise around the debate – to remind people that there’s a real question of an alternative?

    As far as I see, Hawkins/Walker are not doing nearly enough to draw attention to themselves – in 2016, when the DNC had their convention, Jill Stein crashed the party and pushed her face into the cameras.

    Hawkins and Walker are strong candidates, but with a hostile media, they can’t act like normal candidates – they can’t just wait around to be interviewed – they need to think like performance artists who can provoke attention – they need to get more creative about making themselves into clickbait – at least they can look for opportunities to tie themselves to popular media topics

    Some examples of recent opportunities:

    Joe Biden is a Medicare recipient who’s earned 16 million dollars in the last four years alone, and yet now in the New Yorker Biden is using the word “jihadists” to describe Americans who want Medicare-for-All during a pandemic – the Guardian just ran a story on this – why aren’t Hawkins/Walker and the left media shouting Biden’s words from the rooftops, demanding that Biden apologize to the American people for this insult – and maybe shouting out how much money he’s received from the corporate health insurance and pharmaceutical industries?

    We’ve had about two weeks of enormous media hoopla about Kamala Harris – have the Greens leaped into this? Have we seen a new Green ad titled “Green VP Amanda Walker Responds to Kamala Harris Appointment”? Or “Green VP Angela Walker Challenges Kamala Harris”?

    2016 Green VP Ajamu Baraka just held a fascinating YouTube panel with Howie Hawkins, discussing Hawkins’ Party-Building book with two major progressive media figures – Krystal Ball of Hill Rising, and Jacobin’s Bhaskar Sunkara – I hope this becomes a series, but the event itself was newsworthy (has anyone covered it?) The conversation was fascinating and valuable, about the possibilities of third parties – but somehow in all the academic talk, the two obvious, central questions were completely missed:

    1. Did these two Progressive Media Heavyweights have anything to say about why their own outlets were not covering the Green Party (apart from a token chat here and there) and what can be done about it? Or how Black Agenda Report could increase its coverage, and make more noise about the Green campaign?

    Why didn’t Hawkins ask these people about it – when they were sitting right in front of him? Does he only wait to receive questions, without initiating any? And why didn’t they ask Ralph Nader about this when he showed up – about Nader using his media visibility to promote coverage of the Greens, on his own platform, not just as Howie’s guest?

    2. The whole talk was about Hawkins’ powerful vision to create a strong and solid third party – with no talk about what the first step would be now to implement this?

    Hawkins and Walker were recently on Tightrope with Cornel West – West mentioned the upcoming People’s Party Convention, which he’ll be attending (he wasn’t at the Green Convention, even though he endorsed Jill Stein in 2016) – why didn’t Hawkins and Walker use the opportunity to talk with West about the Greens in relation to the People’s Party and DemExit – even to raise a question about it?

    Jesse Ventura was a weak candidate, but he’s not afraid to push himself into our faces

  • kevinzeese

    This is a very difficult year for third parties. Hawkins/Walker are reaching out to the media constantly but the media ignores them. Even Democracy Now! which had covered Green candidates in the past has not interviewed Howie Hawkins. Write them and complain,

    This coalition is not an electoral coalition. Some support other socialist candidates and some are staying out of elections. I do not expect an endorsement of any candidate.

  • zak1

    I’m writing all the time to media outlets to complain about this

    Why doesn’t this article even mention the Greens? It makes a complaint, and then reiterates this universe where nothing even exists outside the duopoly –

    On this site you could invite a major progressive media figure like Krystal Ball and then focus your conversation on why the progressive media are so hostile to the Greens and refuse to even cover them – this is a very important topic that nobody is touching –

    (Amy Goodman was covering Jill Stein, but then Goodman got arrested in Dakota and after that she suddenly stopped her coverage; Robert Scheer is often on your site and yet his site also stopped covering the Greens after 2016 – have you asked him about this?)

    But what I’m talking about here is the way the Greens are representing themselves – they knew from the very beginning that the media would ignore them; it’s not any kind of surprise

    I see them missing opportunities to draw more attention to themselves, even in terms of how they set up their own videos, and my points are all very specific questions about what Hawkins/Walker themselves are or are not doing in terms of what they DO control, and I’m making specific suggestions

    A few months ago someone asked Angela Walker how she planned to aggressively lobby the Sanders supporters to vote Green – Walker immediately recoiled at the word “aggressive” – and we’re expecting these people to jump into a pool of sharks to fight for us

    On Tightrope, Cornel West asked Hawkins directly what the Green campaign intended to do right now to capitalize on this political moment; Hawkins just responded by saying people should vote for him, but this wasn’t what West was asking

    Socialist Alternative made a similar critique about Green Party visibility at rallies and protests in the midst of this social upheaval

    Caitlin Johnstone also mentioned on her site that the Greens were by far the best ticket, and said it was a pity that they’re running such a mild campaign this year (I’ve often encouraged her to mention the Greens more, but that doesn’t change her point here) Johnstone challenged Hawkins and Walker to breathe fire

    Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker are brilliant candidates, and more people should see them; if media covered all candidates equally they’d easily win

    – in 2016 Jill Stein did very well – better than any Green candidate since 2000, and she also made the Greens into a conversation topic;

    how do Hawkins/Walker expect to get more votes than Stein did? What are they going to do differently to get more attention so they can pass that 5 percent plus threshhold?

  • Richard Allen

    “Blathering”?? That word should be applied to you with constant repetition of hatred for England. Get a better sense of less biased, less prejudiced history and you might just have intelligent things to say.

  • Nylene13

    I don’t hate England. They gave us the Beatles.

  • RickW

    The demagogues who wanted Indian lands, piracy, smuggling, non-payment of debts were the ones that stirred up trouble with the rabble.
    Good to see one other holding similar views! Most settlers at the time didn’t want to separate. But the “provocateurs” (rabble rousers/ sh*t disturbers) prevailed, just at a time when England was “consolidating” it’s latest conquest in India, which it considered much more valuable than a bunch of fur traders.

  • Richard Allen

    I can agree with you on both of these comments!

  • Richard Allen

    With a strong interest in history I never praise the success of a revolution that never needed to happen. Look what we got!

  • Nylene13

    The Declaration of Independence
    The Bill of Rights
    The Constitution

    All Men are created equal, with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Thomas Jefferson

    He could not end slavery, not for lack of DESPERATELY Trying, but he could give us the WORDS to continue the fight for Freedom for All.

  • Richard Allen

    The English colonies were the most free place on earth wiith limited government. The.rebels turned them into a hell hole. They persecuted the large part of the population that would not join them–killed, imprisoned, conficated property, drove them out. People feared the rebels. The revolution was lost by a bungling arrogant king, his ministers and generals. The documents you refer to are really just words. Jefferson did not really mean them. He was a slave owner and often cruel. Such documents can often be ignored and were. The mess USA is presently in is because of the revolution and the establishment of oligarchic government. The documents you cite were used to force central control, particularly after the civil war when all opposition was violently put down.

  • Nylene13

    “Just Words”

    You are an idiot.

  • Richard Allen

    You are no gentlemen. Discussion ended. Believe what you want to.believe

  • Nylene13

    Well you are right about one thing. I am no “gentlemen”.