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Original Occupier Michael Pellagatti Bringing OWS To Life

SEPTEMBER 17, 2012- Occupy Wall Street protesters gather for the one year anniversary of their movement’s beginning. (Photo: Glenn Halog)

We couldn’t be happier that our movement brother Michael (Pella) Pellagatti is launching an Occupy-focused walking tour of lower Manhattan. One of the youngest members of the Guides Association of New York City (GANYC), he’ll be making stops at all the places that made Occupy Wall Street such a life-changing event for so many of us, and sharing his own experiences as an original occupier and member of the occupy media working group.

Occupy: The Tour with Original Occupier Michael Pellagatti starts where the city began at Bowling Green in front of the National Museum of the American Indian. Group size will be limited to 30 participants for a fact-filled 2 1/2-hour tour of OWS’ most important sites. Pellagatti will weave a colorful picture of America’s highly unequal financial and political histories using Wall Street’s corporations and America’s many anti-corruption activist movements to craft a truly unique New York city tour. It finishes on the Brooklyn Bridge to highlight the moment when Occupy Wall Street went from being a local movement into an international phenomenon.

“I call myself a radical tour guide because I fuse my political passion and my personal experiences with my rarified knowledge of New York City,” he says. “My goal is to help tour participants appreciate both past and recent history and to find their inner activist.”

The tour costs $30. Learn more here, and check out the Groupon special: #OccupyTourNYC

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