Over 100 Domestic Workers Rally For Basic Labor Standards

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Earlier this week, over 100 domestic care workers rallied at the White House to urge the Obama Administration and the Department of Labor to end the delays in advancing new regulations that would provide home care workers with basic labor protections.

It has been 75 years since the passage of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which unfairly excluded caregivers from minimum wage and overtime protections.  It’s been almost TWO years since President Obama announced he would change this outdated law. How can we ask the people who care for our families to work without overtime and minimum wage?

Momentum has been growing – and we are close to winning these basic protections.  But, we are not there yet.  Two million home care workers – most of whom are women – are still waiting and we must keep the pressure on!

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  • With all due respect, how can these workers afford the time to protest if they are so very poor? If they are unemployed, then I can understand.

    However, should they prevail in their wish, many of those other workers who are employed will become unemployed. All work is based on what the hiring person can afford. Force me to hire a baby sitter at $14/hr and I won’t do it. Neither will anyone else. However, there are other solutions so I will still
    go out at night and have a babysitter/home_care_worker/… and I won’t pay $14/hr.

    I don’t think this is rocket science, but those protestors are very probably victims of a liberal public education (or not) and have no clue about economics or what other people think.

  • job

    And remember that at the end of your life when you need to be spoon fed or have your diaper changed. I hope, then, that you get what you pay for!