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Protesting Students ‘Occupy’ Delhi Art College With Graffiti

By Dipanita Nath in Indian Express - Threads criss-cross a patch of a wall like a colourful cobweb gone chaotic. Through the artwork, a third-year student of Applied Art, Aditya Verma, is registering his protest against the College of Art, Delhi. “Look at the base of this wall, it is cracked like the system here. The college covers the crack with paint but does not repair it. My threads may be weak and break, but they sure as hell can highlight the problem of the crack,” said the 21-year-old. Students of the college have been on strike since August 31 to demand better infrastructure, equipment, staff and sanitation facilities, among others. Since Tuesday, the 16th day of the protest, the students have been “occupying” the campus the way only artists can — by covering the walls and pathways with graffiti.

Colleges Flush With Cash Saddle Poorest Students With Debt

By Annie Waldman and Sisi Wei in ProPublica - A ProPublica analysis based on new data from the U.S. Department of Education shows that students from low-income families graduate from NYU saddled with huge federal loans. The school’s Pell Grant recipients – students from families that make less than $30,000 a year – owe an average of $23,250 in federal loans after graduation. That’s more federal loan debt than low-income students take on at for-profit giant University of Phoenix, though NYU graduates have higher earnings and default less on their debt. NYU is not the only university with a billion-dollar endowment to leave its poorest students with heavy debt loads. More than a quarter of the nation’s 60 wealthiest universities leave their low-income students owing an average of more than $20,000 in federal loans.

When Someone Says We Can’t Afford Free College, Show Them This

By C. Robert Gibson in US Uncut - Anytime one of your old high school classmates or right-wing family members makes an ignorant comment on Facebook about how free college would be too expensive, show them this. A recent Facebook comment, responding to someone who posted a derogatory status update saying people asking for free college should “pay for it yourself,” broke down the math comparing the $80 billion that President Obama proposed to fund free community college, to the amount spent maintaining America’s military-industrial complex. “That’s about the cost of 8 months of war in Iraq,” the commenter said. “That’s $8 billion per year divided by the total number of taxpayers in America. In 2013, there were 242 million taxpayers so going of that number it would cost the average American taxpayer $33/year. Wow, so scary. What a horrible way to spend $33.”

Faculty Of Colleges Urge Gov. Wolf Take Action On Climate Change

By Ad Crable in Lancaster Online - Some 33 faculty members from three colleges in Lancaster County have sent a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that stresses the validity of climate change and endorses President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan to cut carbon pollution at coal-fired power plants. The 33 from Franklin & Marshall College, Elizabethtown College and Millersville University also urged the EPA to adopt strong rules to capture methane pollution from oil and gas drilling, which they said was quickly becoming a major driver for climate change. “Without a planet that can sustain us, nothing else matters,” said Sarah Dawson, director of the Wohlsen Center for Sustainable Environment at F&M.

‘I Learned More Leading Student-Debt Strike Than I Did at College’

By Nathan Hornes for Yes! Magazine - Soon after we started our campaign, Debt Collective, a debt resistance group that grew out of Occupy Wall Street, contacted us. They had heard some of the complaints about Everest and had also heard about our activism. When we met with them they told us how they had recently figured out a way to buy medical debt for pennies on the dollar and abolish it. They wanted to start doing the same for student loan debt. The people we met through Debt Collective also told us about how Corinthian Colleges—the group of colleges Everest belongs to—had been screwing over students across the country. Up until then I’d thought it was just my campus, but then I began to understand that tons of people were dealing with our same problems. Debt Collective helped us take our campaign to the next level. Now I’m known as the guy who helped shape the very first student debt strike.
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