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Bernie Sanders Delegates Mad As Hell At DNC; Wondering What’s Next

By Chloe Angyal for The Huffington Post - PHILADELPHIA ― Jim Boydston was hoarse. He’d been talking all day, and yelling all night, and at the Democratic National Convention, the days and the nights are very long. But hoarseness didn’t stop him from singing, and in the middle of the lobby of the Marriott hotel in Center City, he belted out a song about Bernie Sanders and his fight to protect the American people from corporate greed.

Bernie Sanders Supporters Just Staged Massive Walkout At DNC

By Zach Cartwright for US Uncut - Bernie Sanders delegates are leaving the Wells Fargo Center in droves, protesting the Democratic National Committee’s bias toward Hillary Clinton throughout the primary process. In a video tweeted by NBC News’ Monica Alba, Sanders’ most ardent supporters are seen walking out, holding signs and chanting “Show me what Democracy looks like! This is what Democracy looks like!” NPR’s Asma Khalid also tweeted video of Sanders supporters chanting “Walk out! Walk out!” after the nomination vote.

What Happens To The Bernie Sanders Movement If He Loses?

By George Lakey for Waging Nonviolence - The corrupted system, however, does not lead me to dismiss Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic nomination for president. He and the many people working with him have already contributed mightily to the task of preparing Americans for a living revolution. How so? First, he articulates clearly truths about our system that many Americans have figured out, but have wondered — for good reason — if they are alone. In a recent ABC/Washington Post poll, 68 percent agreed that we live in a country whose economic system favors the rich rather than the rest of us.

Mic Check! Bernie Sanders Swallows Occupy’s Microphone

By Marisa Holmes for International Times - There are still barricades around Liberty Square. More than four years after the eviction, New York City and Brookfield Office Properties, the owners of the park, have physically enclosed the space. Cars parked on nearby streets bear the logo of the new NYPD special task force for handling protests, the Strategic Response Group. The government is still concerned about the possibility of occupation, and clearly intends to prevent it from happening ever again. Occupy Wall Street challenged the legitimacy of the American state.

An Open Letter To Bernie Sanders Supporters

By C. Robert Gibson in Occupy - Dear Bernie Sanders supporters, Shut up and listen for once. When black women interrupt your candidate, don't call them "thugs." And when protesters hijack your hero's microphone to have their story heard, it doesn't mean they're paid provocateurs in some elaborate plot involving George Soros and Hillary Clinton. You know who else propagates wild conspiracy theories about George Soros funding left-wing protesters? Glenn Beck and Allen West. So congratulations, white progressives – your fanaticism for Bernie has turned you into the thing you hate. Bernie Sanders says the only thing that will guarantee his election is a "political revolution." But when that revolution tried to speak, you suppressed it. Unlike Occupy Wall Street, this movement wasn't started by or largely made up of white progressives.
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