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Students Continue Occupation Over University’s Failures To Address Racist Incidents

Syracuse, NY - Students with #NotAgainSU, a movement that formed in response to racist and hate incidents on campus that the university has not adequately addressed, have been occupying the administrative building on campus since Monday afternoon. The University responded harshly, cutting off their access to food and supplies and suspending them Monday night. [Breaking: The University lifted the suspensions Wednesday evening] Campus police are also treating them harshly. CNN reports: A spate of bias incidents beginning in November 2019 helped spur #NotAgainSU's first protests. Following those protests, Syracuse administration released a list of commitments in response to the demands of protestors.

Striking University Of California-Santa Cruz Grad Students Defy UAW, Arrests And Threats Of Termination

Graduate student instructors (GSIs) and teaching assistants (TAs) at University of California-Santa Cruz are beginning the sixth day of their wildcat strike to demand a cost of living adjustment. Like many educators in California, grad students have confronted stagnant wages alongside skyrocketing rents that leave them struggling to survive in one of the most expensive cities in the United States.

#NotAgainSU: Students Occupy Administrative Building, Threatened And Denied Food

Syracuse, NY - Students with #NotAgainSU, who have been protesting racism and hate incidents on campus that are not being punished, are currently occupying the admissions building, Crouse-Hinds Hall. Their action began yesterday. Last night when the university ordered them to leave at closing time and move their action to the library, which is open twenty-four hours a day, the students refused. Today, the students remain in Crouse-Hinds Hall, but rather than listening to their concerns, the university is limiting access to the building to employees only and preventing anyone from bringing food inside. The students say they are hungry. They haven't eaten since Monday afternoon. They also report that the building is cold and that police are acting violently.

Facing Skyrocketing Rents, Santa Cruz Grad Students Extend Wildcat Strike

Protesting low wages in one of the most unaffordable cities in the country, graduate students at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) went on a wildcat grading strike in December and are now organizing for a full strike, beginning February 10. Graduate student workers at the 10 UC campuses across the state receive the same wages—$2,434 a month, which after taxes amounts to just over $18,000 a year, given that we are only paid for nine months.

Chicago High School Students Hold Sit-In In Defense Of Students Who Refused To Stand For National Anthem

Students at Chicago’s Nicholas Senn High School carried out a sit-in on Wednesday in response to a teacher telling a Hispanic student, Yésica Salazar, 17, to “go back to your country” after Salazar refused to stand for the American national anthem during an assembly on January 30. Another student who also refused to stand, Tionda Cobb, 18, was questioned about her status in the school’s free lunch program and was told she should stand because, “people had died for the country.”
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