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Pipeline Protesters Reportedly Detained Inside Dog Kennels

By Andrew Emett for Nation of Change. Under arrest for protesting against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, many activists accused the police of holding them inside cages that appeared to be dog kennels with each detainee receiving a number written on their arm. Although law enforcement agencies routinely arrest political and environmental activists, they have no constitutional right to psychologically antagonize their prisoners by marking them like Holocaust survivors. Since Thursday, at least 142 activists have been arrested while protesting against the North Dakota oil pipeline. On Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders wrote a letter asking President Obama to intervene on behalf of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. Calling for a Justice Department investigation into police tactics, Standing Rock Tribal Chairman David Archambault II told Reuters on Saturday, “Let’s reroute the pipeline. It doesn’t have to put our water at risk.” Since August 10, more than 400 protesters have been arrested, including actress Shailene Woodley and Democracy Now! journalist Amy Goodman. The rioting charges against Goodman were dismissed earlier this month.

Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Occupy Hillary Clinton Campaign HQ

By Staff of RT - The campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn, New York, was taken over Thursday by protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline being constructed in North Dakota and three other states. They’re demanding the candidate declare where she stands. Surrounding a drum circle and teepee in the middle of Clinton’s presidential campaign headquarters in Brooklyn was a coalition of Bernie Sanders supporters, environmentalists and members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, all demonstrating against the planned 1,172-mile, $3.78 billion pipeline known as the Dakota Access.

Labor’s Neoliberal Caucus: Work With Corporations, Don’t Fight Them

By Warren Heyman & Andrew Tillett-Saks for Jacobin. Democrats have historically been the grudging partners of the labor movement, the more willing of the two major political parties to make concessions when pressured. Labor has thus often taken a more thoughtful and calculating approach to neoliberal Democrats, recognizing their distinct interests but maneuvering strategically at arm’s length to partner when possible. The AFL-CIO’s decision to wait to endorse Clinton until she defeated Bernie Sanders is an example of this more clear-eyed calculation. By contrast, the breakaway caucus unions represent a new way of dealing with these types of politicians, shifting from strategic alliances to sycophantic servitude. In pledging allegiance to Clinton so immediately and so fervently, the four breakaway unions appear to have lost the ability to identify labor’s own interests and enemies.

Stark New Evidence On How Money Shapes America’s Elections

By Lynn Parramore for INET - Outrage over how big money influences American politics has been boiling over this political season, energizing the campaigns of GOP nominee Donald Trump and former Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders alike. Citizens have long suspected that “We the People” increasingly means “We the Rich” at election time. Yet surprisingly, two generations of social scientists have insisted that wallets don’t matter that much in American politics. Elections are really about giving the people what they want. Money, they claim, has negligible impact on elections.

The Third Capitalist Party

By Travis Richard Sweatte for Jacobin Magazine. United States - In the aftermath of the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton may have a commanding lead, but it’s clear that she won’t be able to win over segments of Bernie Sanders supporters and other independents. Many Americans — repulsed by both Clinton and Trump — are eager to cast a protest vote for a third party. Predictably, mainstream commentators have roundly criticized these candidacies, evoking the memory of Ralph Nader’s Green Party run in 2000 and the specter of “election spoiling.” Much of this hysteria has centered around the “Bernie or Bust” campaign, which is increasingly associated with the Green Party candidacy of Jill Stein. But despite the liberal press’s endless hand-wringing over the remote possibility of Stein spoiling the race for Clinton, the fact is that the Green Party is by no means the largest third party in American politics.
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