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Wildcat Strike Launched By UC Santa Cruz Grad Student Workers

Graduate student workers at the Santa Cruz campus of the leviathan University of California have voted to launch a wildcat grading strike in the lead up to final exams. Organized under Local 2865 of the UAW, these workers perform a wide variety of duties — everything from carrying out faculty research, to lecturing, to evaluating the coursework of tens of thousands of enrolled undergraduates — all in order to keep the university running smoothly.

Secretary Devos Denies Students’ Rights To Full Debt Cancellation

BOSTON –United States Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced that she will deny full student loan cancellation to student borrowers who were cheated by their colleges and applied to have their federal loans cancelled. This announcement comes despite defrauded students’ legal right to have their loans fully cancelled as a result of their school’s misconduct. The Department’s action sends hundreds of thousands of student borrowers into the holiday season with the fear that their bogus loans may not be discharged and that they may face collections from the Department of Education.

Student Loan Debt: Unsafe In Any Amount

If Americans were aware of the extent that student loan debt has been carved out to serve the pockets of the educational and financial industries as well as the government, they’d think twice before considering higher education. Beginning in the 1970s and over the next 4 decades, in bi-partisan administrations, student loan debt has been stripped of most consumer protections including, but not limited to, Truth in Lending, Statute of Limitations (federal), Fair Debt Collection practices, and bankruptcy (debtors can file and have their debt extinguished in bankruptcy only under the most dire of circumstances). Recently this fact was laid out when a top official of the Department of Education (DOE), A Wayne Johnson, quit in order to push an agenda to cancel much of the country’s student debt.  In reference to his two years at the DOE, Mr. Johnson said “[You’re] not going to fix something broken at its core.”

JDL Canada Thugs Attack York Students Then Cry “Anti-Semitism”

Canadian politicians are echoing fabricated claims of anti-Semitism after students rallying for Palestinian rights were attacked by a violent anti-Palestinian group at York University in Toronto last week. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asserted that “violence and racist chants” were directed at Jewish students, and blamed “anti-Semitism.” But available evidence, including video, paints a completely different picture: It was pro-Israel extremists who attacked students protesting the presence of Israeli soldiers on their campus.

NYC Students Strike To Demand Racial Equity In Nation’s Largest—And Most Segregated—School District

For the second consecutive week, students in New York City went on strike Monday morning to protest persistent segregation in their schools more than six decades after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that schools must serve children of all races equally. Led by the grassroots campaign Teens Take Charge, hundreds of students from several city high schools demanded an end to New York's "screening" system which has made the United States' largest school district also its most segregated. "We've met with politicians time and time again to urge them to integrate our schools," Marcus Alston...
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