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A Michigan College-Bound Student Was Among The 35 Beheaded By Saudi Arabia

Mujtaba al-Sweikat was only 17 years old when he was detained by the Saudi Arabian government in 2012 for the alleged crime of attending a pro-democracy rally. He’d been planning on leaving the country to attend Western Michigan University, where he’d been accepted as a student, and was in fact detained at the airport as he was preparing to board an international flight to the United States. But al-Sweikat was convicted based on a confession extracted via torture and beheaded on Tuesday along with more than 35 other men who were executed for various crimes — most having to do with pro-democracy demonstrations and denouncing the authoritarian regime, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

Chilean Police Repress Thousands Of Protesting Students

Thousands of students peacfully demonstrated in Santiago Thursday during a renewed protest to demand sweeping education reforms, but were attacked by anti-riot police. The march, which had started peacefully with thousands of students carrying signs and banners demanding reforms, turned into violent clashes as anti-riot police attacked protesters. Police used water canons and tear gas to disperse the large crowds of students who responded by throwing rocks and other objects at police.

Citing School Officials’ Campaign Contributions To Pugh, Hopkins Students Protest Private Police Plan

Occupying a campus building for nearly a week, protesters say plan is tainted by its ties to a “pay-to-play” mayor. They chant every hour, often choosing “No justice. No peace. No private police.” They chant whenever President Ronald J. Daniels passes by, calling on the Johns Hopkins University president to “Ne-go-ti-ate!” And now, after nearly a week camped out in the Garland Hall administration building, students protesting the school’s private police force initiative have another message...

Students Lead The Movement To Restore Prisoners’ Voting Rights On The East Coast

Currently the only two states in which incarcerated individuals have the right to vote. In Maine and Vermont incarcerated individuals never lost their voting rights. These two states also have the whitest prison populations and with the realization that policies never came to strip the rights of incarcerated citizens in the north-most region of the east cost, the argument that prisoners lose their voting rights as a form of punishment for their ‘breaking social contract’ is false looking at our reality. It’s also worth noting that incarcerated citizens’ loss of voting rights wasn’t a standard practice in the United States.

Students Face Criminal Charges After Calling Border Agents ‘Murderers’

Two University of Arizona students who protested an on-campus presentation by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency last month by calling the agents "murder patrol" and "an extension of the KKK" have been charged with misdemeanors, university officials confirmed on Tuesday. The case is being closely watched by free-speech advocates who say it is unusual for arrests to follow a nonviolent campus protest. They say tougher crackdowns on student protests can be expected in light of President Trump's executive order threatening to withhold federal money from campuses that fail to protect free speech.
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