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I Was A Student Worker Fighting For A $15 Wage. Now, I’m Facing A Criminal Record.

On Monday, February 4, I will have my day in court in New Brunswick, New Jersey. That’s not where I’d like to be spending my morning. I’d rather be at my office in DC working on getting back-pay for federal contract workers. But on Monday, 11 of my former classmates and I will march into the courtroom with our lawyer and defend ourselves against the charges brought upon us by our alma mater—Rutgers University. On December 12, 2017, dozens of students, workers, and activists of United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) staged a peaceful protest asking the Board of Trustees to give campus workers like me $15 an hour and a union contract.

Belgian Student Climate Protests Snowball

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Thousands of Belgian students skipped classes for the fourth week in a row on Thursday to protest against global warming, part of a growing youth protest around the world. Beating drums, chanting and carrying signs, some 30,000 teenagers braved the cold in Brussels and other cities to call on local politicians for stronger action to prevent climate change. "It's our planet and the generation before us hasn't done anything," said Julian Rume, 17. "In 20, 30 years, we will all be migrants, we'll all be moved out of our planet." The demonstrations are part of a broader grassroots movement started by Swedish student Greta Thunberg, 16, last year.

Want To Improve Education? Empower The Students.

Autumn is here — and with it, a renewed conversation about how educators, parents, and communities improve their students’ education. Often in this discussion, solutions come down from on high through public officials or people within the educational system. This fall, visionary school leaders will be challenging that top-down norm by showing that empowering students and families to directly decide what their schools need, through participatory budgeting (PB), can drastically improve the quality of their schooling. What is PB? Instead of government and school officials making every budgetary decision, PB gives real people real power over budget decisions in their schools and communities.

How Activists Are Moving The Dial On Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt has just reached an all-time high of $1.465 trillion. That’s double the $675 billion in loan debt amassed in June 2009, according to a recent report from Bloomberg. With more than 44.5 million people in some type of student loan debt, it’s increasingly becoming part of the platforms of high-profile progressive policymakers. The national conversation has come a long way in the years since activists started pushing the issue of student debt during the 2008 recession. Now, incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is vocal about the idea of student loan debt cancellation and Sen. Bernie Sanders talked about making public college tuition-free during his presidential campaign.

Jeffrey D. Armstrong: Quit Threatening Peaceful CAL POLY Students!

I implore you to drop the formal warnings received by students who sang in front of the Raytheon table at their fall career fair. The peaceful students repeated an activity they had held in the spring, after being cleared of any wrongdoing. But they are again being threatened with disciplinary action by your administration. For simply singing, for less than fifteen minutes. The peaceful, singing students wished to shed light on the connection between Cal Poly and Raytheon, and between Raytheon and the death of civilians in Yemen and in conflicts around the world. They skillfully put Cal Poly’s educational philosophy “learn by doing” into practice, and exercised their right to free speech.
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