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US Student Loan Debt Hits Record $1.46 Trillion. Funny, That’s More Than GOP’s Corporate-Friendly Tax Giveaway

It's been almost a year since the Republican Party and President Donald Trump delivered their behemoth giveaway to the nation's corporations and wealthiest individuals by passing a $1.5 trillion controversial tax bill that will ultimately blow a $5 trillion hole—or larger—in the nation's budget. On Monday morning, Bloomberg reported that the amount of U.S. student loan debt has more than doubled since 2009 and now sits at a record $1.47 trillion. That's interesting. Those numbers are very similar in size. Meanwhile, also on Monday morning, Forbes noted how—due to the fraudulent practices of for-profit colleges and under orders from a federal court...

Students Are Suing For A Constitutional Right To Education

Nearly all of the world’s 180-plus countries include the term education in their constitution. Most guarantee every child the right to free education, and many make participation in some form of schooling mandatory; some even provide universal access to affordable college. For the remaining handful, the UN’s decades-old treaty on children’s rights, which stipulates various educational protections, serves as a backup, and has been ratified by pretty much every sovereign nation on the planet. Except for one. That one country is the United States of America, a nation that prizes the idea that anyone should be able to build a better life through education and hard work.

Breaking The Chains Of Debt: Lessons From Babylonia For Today’s Student Crisis

Today, the wealthy depict inequality in glowing colors as a byproduct of economies pulling ahead, “creating wealth” by innovations that add to prosperity. This view is unprecedented in history. From antiquity to quite recently, personal accumulation of large amounts of wealth was frowned upon, because it usually was achieved at the expense of others. One party’s gain often tended to be at the expense of others, polarizing communities by pushing many below poverty levels. The most corrosive method of gaining personal wealth, from the ancient world to today, is interest-bearing debt that mounts up with compound interest.

Students At Two Maryland Universities Protest ICE Contracts

BALTIMORE (AP)- Students at two Maryland campuses are demanding their universities end contracts with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.            The Baltimore Sun reports the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, College Park are among six higher-education institutions that have ICE contracts.            On Thursday, Johns Hopkins students conducted a teach-in and rally calling on the Baltimore school to end the contracts, arguing the federal agency violates human rights and goes against the university's values.

The Clock Is Ticking On Addressing Climate Change — Med Students Can Help

The latest report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns us that we have only 12 years left to keep the maximum temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius and, thus, avoid calamitous environmental devastation. This report, over 1200 pages and written by 91 researchers across 44 countries, explains that global emissions will have to be slashed by 45 percent to reach this new target. Currently, it is estimated that the world’s temperature will rise by 3 degrees Celsius should no new measures be taken. While the difference between 1.5 degrees and 2 degrees Celsius may not seem substantial, make no mistake about it – the difference is absolutely staggering.
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