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Behind The Booing: A Sanders Delegate Reflects On DNC Protests

By Lauren Steiner for Truthout - It all started three weeks before the Democratic National Convention (DNC), which I was attending as a Bernie Sanders delegate from California. I started Los Angeles for Bernie in June of 2015, so going to the convention was the culmination of my year-long journey for Bernie. Little did I know that Sanders' actions would leave a vacuum for me and my fellow delegates to fill. Like most supporters, I was disappointed to see Sanders endorse Hillary Clinton two weeks before the convention.

Movement For Bernie Becomes Movement For The 99%

By Staff of Movement For The 99 - The huge movement that lifted up Bernie Sanders’ historic campaign for president is at a crossroads. Either we continue the political revolution independent of the corporate dominated Democratic Party or we allow our movement to be defanged and de-railed. Unfortunately, the entire history of social movements attempting to transform the Democratic Party from within has failed, instead resulting in the co-optation and collapse of social movements.

Sanders Supporters Protests Against Dems Helping Create Local Change

By Molly Knefel for Truthout - Democrats in Philadelphia have spent this week reckoning with powerful divisions within their party, most visibly from Bernie Sanders delegates attempting to push the party to the left. The big question of the week is: what will the movement inspired by Sanders look like now that Hillary Clinton has secured the nomination? On Tuesday, a small group of elected officials from around the country gathered at the Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia.

Sanders Fans Make Scene In Neon Green

By Peter Schroeder for The Hill - PHILADELPHIA — Bernie Sanders’s delegates are making their presence known on the final day of the Democratic National Convention — by wearing can’t-miss neon-green T-shirts. Backers of the Democratic presidential runner-up have disrupted convention proceedings with protests inside and outside the Wells Fargo Center, charging the Democratic Party did not treat him fairly in his primary fight. But as Hillary Clinton prepares to take the stage and accept the party’s presidential nomination Thursday, Sanders backers say they want to be seen, but not to make a scene.

In Defense Of My Fellow Sanders Delegates

By Tom Gallagher for Common Dreams - By now everyone who cares to knows that some Bernie Sanders delegates did some booing on the first day of the Democratic National Convention. Even booed Sanders himself when he spoke in support of Hillary Clinton. And then some of them even walked out of the convention hall after the roll call finally gave Clinton the nomination. Understandably, the usual condemnation has followed – from the usual sources. Well, I’m a delegate who did no booing and did no walking, but I want to say a few words in defense of my confreres.
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