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Palestine Action Sets Up Camp

Palestine Action have set up camp outside UAV Engines Ltd, the Israeli drones factory that has rightly been a prime target for extensive direct action as part of the #ShutElbitDown campaign.

Activists confirm they plan to hold their ground, and will not leave until Elbit have left Shenstone, a sleepy English village near Lichfield. The factory produces engines and other components used to make drones such as the Hermes 450 — these are lethal munitions that have maimed and killed countless Palestinian men, women and children for decades.

With activists taking over the space, the site is ours, and you can now join the ground camp in resistance to Israel’s arms industry.

We ain’t leaving until Elbit does!


Where is the camp?

The camp is directly facing Israel’s arms factory in Shenstone. To find the camp, use the address of UAV Engines: Lynn Lane, Lichfield, WS14 0DT

Why #ShutElbitDown?

Elbit systems is Israel’s largest private arms company, which openly markets its weapons as “battle tested ” on the captive population of Gaza. Britain is home to at least 8 of its production sites — better known and described as death factories. They are supplying the world’s most notorious repressive regimes, including India’s current occupation of Kashmir.

Both the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, as well as the UK police, have been trialling Elbit’s drones to mass-surveil large stretches of our beautiful coastline, in keeping with Priti Patel’s destructive militarisation of the English Channel.

Elbit Systems has also played a key role in the development of Trump’s militarised US/Mexico border wall, while the very same technologies are also being used to securitise and control the native O’odham people on Arizona’s indigenous reserves.

Palestine Action, has taken sustained direct action against Elbit, leading to the permanent closure of Elbit’s arms factory in Oldham and its London headquarters. Our campaign have cost Elbit Systems & associated companies over millions in losses so far, and we’re only just getting started. Join the Palestine Action Camp and help finish them off for good!

What to expect from the camp?

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be contacted on Signal by a camp organiser. Make sure you have signal messenger downloaded before:

We would like to ask for donations to both fund the camp, its activities and to keep the occupation going.

To find out more follow us on Twitter & Instagram (@pal_action), or contact (general camp queries)

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