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Palestine: At Least 112 Killed And 760 Injured While Waiting For Food

Above photo: A smashed box of humanitarian food aid stained with blood, after the latest massacre by Israeli occupation forces that killed at least 104 people in Al-Nabulsi, Palestine, on February 29, 2024. X/@madhoun95.

At least 112 people waiting for food aid have been murdered and over 760 have been injured after being targeted and shot by Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip this Thursday, February 29, as reported by the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

According to Al Jazeera, citizens had gathered on Al-Rashid Street in Gaza, to wait for aid trucks with flour, but were targeted by the Israeli occupation army. After opening fire, Israeli tanks advanced and ran over many of the bodies and wounded. “It is a massacre,” the outlet stated, “adding to the famine that threatens citizens in Gaza.”

The media verified images showing the bodies of dozens of dead and injured Palestinians being transported to hospitals in trucks, while ambulances could not reach the area because the roads were “completely destroyed.” The Palestinian Ministry of Health stated that dozens of injured people are in serious and critical condition.

Reports even detail how some of the dead and injured had to be transported on donkey carts, while others were stuck on the streets for hours.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned the “atrocious massacre” and called for an immediate ceasefire “as the only way to protect civilians,” calling this massacre “an integral part of the war of mass extermination ” of Palestinians by the Israeli settler occupiers.

“The Israeli Government does not pay attention to international calls and demands for the protection of civilians,” and exercises “the brutal policy of forced displacement of our people,” the ministry argued.

Israeli occupation’s version

The Israel Occupation Forces made the heinous claims that people were injured “as a result of alleged pushing and trampling” while surrounding the trucks, and “looting” the supplies being delivered in an area that this same illegal occupation’s authorities have stopped humanitarian aid from reaching.

A military source informed settler outlet The Times of Israel that part of the crowd had begun to advance toward Israeli occupation forces—claiming they were the ones coordinating aid—in a way that “endangered” the troops, who opened fire against innocent and defenseless people.

The colonial occupation’s authorities spread a video of desperate Palestinians trying to reach vehicles containing food aid in a way that many analysts have described as a dehumanization attempt, trying to portray Palestinians as insects or animals, in line with their genocidal colonial policies.

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