Palestinian And Israeli Women Walking Hand In Hand For Peace

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More than 5000 Israeli and Palestinian women, dressed in white, have arrived in Jerusalem after a two-week march through the West Bank and Israel on October 8th. The women are calling for politicians to find a solution to end the decades-old Middle East conflict.

“We must reach a political agreement, we must change the paradigm that we have been taught for seven decades now, where we have been told that only war will bring peace,” said Women Wage Peace activist Vivian Silver. “We don’t believe that anymore. It’s been proven that it’s not true.”

The group Women Wage Peace, an organisation established after the 50-day Gaza war of 2014, organized the march. During that war more than 2100 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed. Israel put the number of its dead at 67 soldiers and six civilians.

“Among us are women from right-wing parties, left-wing parties, Jews and Arabs, women from cities and rural areas. Together we have decided to prevent the next war,” said Marilyn Smadja, one of the founders of Women Wage Peace.

“This march is not just another protest, but a way of saying that we want peace, and together we can obtain it,” said Palestinian Huda Abu Arqoub, cofounder of WWP from Hebron in the West Bank.

The event was aimed at sending a message to the political leaders on both sides to seek peace and ensure that women are represented in the negotiations.

  • Aquifer

    If women stopped fighting, there would still be war, if men stopped fighting there would be no more war …

    Women bring life into the world – at great expense to themselves, they do not wish to see it snuffed out …

  • Helen4Yemen

    Palestine was seized by force by European Jewry and still held by force by European Jewry. The Kenyans and the British did not walk hand-in-hand for peace nor did the Algerians with French. These are foreign colonial settlers who have passports from their countries of origin. There is no good Zionism as there is no good colonialism or good slavery. Christian Europe used Arab land to remove its own Jews that it had hated for centuries. There is not a country in the West that would refuse admit any of the Jews that lived there before WW2. These Europeans who want to hold the hands of the Palestinians “for peace” are simply foreign opportunists who love the good life on stolen Arab land.

  • DHFabian

    One interesting issue has simply been “disappeared” from the discussion, perhaps because it goes to the complexities of the Mideast itself. Israel is both the historic and modern Jewish nation. Jews are indigenous to this bit of land. It’s a tiny country, roughly the size of New Jersey, too small to continue “partitioning.” It’s the sole Jewish nation, surrounded by vast Arab lands. (For those who claim that Israel has some sort of power over US govt., note that the US is one of the top three providers of weapons to the Arab states.)

    If the goal were the establishment of an independent Palestinian (Arab) state, rather than the eradication of Jews from Israel, the focus would be on establishing that state within those vast Arab lands.

  • DHFabian

    It all depends on where one chooses to begin acknowledging the history of the Mideast.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Not a single European Jew has any genetic ties to that land. Where does the claim by the white man come from? What is it based on? That he left on “Diaspora” and had mixed race babies with European women? Is that it? Got proof? The entire claim is simply based on a myth and to steal other people’s land on a Cinderella story is ridiculous!

  • Helen4Yemen

    The problem is that you throw a lot of nonsense and when someone responds to your nonsense you are nowhere to be be found. That is what cowards do. I am Middle Eastern and indigenous to the region. Are you telling me Alan Dershowitz is also indigenous?

    Look at Alan Dershowitz’s DNA results.
    1) Europe is highlighted to trace his 99.9% European ancestry.
    2) Africa is highlighted because he has 0.1% African ancestry.
    3) Asia is highlighted because he has 0.1% Asian ancestry.
    4) The Middle East is totally left blank because they found
    no trace of Middle East ancestry – not even 0.1% – nothing – zilch!


  • Helen4Yemen

    Watch this video, the Ashkenazi is in fact one of the purest of any European groups at 99.9% European.


  • Helen4Yemen

    1. Jews are indigenous to that bit of land.

    That is like saying Muslims are indigenous to Saudi
    Arabia. Saudi Muslim are but not all Muslims. In the
    case of Jewry, 95% of world Jewry is the Ashkenazi
    who are totally a European people with confirmed
    DNA of 99.9% European and 0% Middle Eastern. How
    a people with no trace of Middle East ancestry are
    indigenous is just hard to understand. In addition, the
    Ashkenazi does claim to be a hybrid of European
    women and Israelite men. Does the Ashkenai also
    consider himself to be equally indigenous to Europe?

    2. Israel is both the historic and modern Jewish nation.

    I do not know what “historic” means. There was no
    nation called “Israel” unless in the biblical stories.
    There is a country that they now call “Israel” which is
    occupied and stolen Palestine. The Jews in Palestine
    are simply colonial settlers like the French in Algeria
    and the British in Kenya.

    3. The anti-Israel rhetoric centers on a notion
    that Jews, like American Indians, should not have any
    power within their own nations.

    The American Indians are indigenous to their soil. The
    Ashkenazi came all the way from Poland, Hungary,
    Germany and his European feet never touched that
    soil until they arrived as colonial settlers in the 1880’s.
    In fact, it is the Palestinians that you need to compare
    with the Native Indians, because both peoples are
    indigenous to their land, both people’s lands were
    salivated by Europeans, in both cases the white
    invaders did not want the people but only the land.

    4. To claim that the anti-Israel rhetoric is not
    anti-Jewish simply denies reality.

    98% of American Jews (Gallup 2014) supported the
    Gaza war and their sympathies were with the killers
    and not those killed.

    5. It’s just that this is the only racial group
    considered “acceptable” to bash.

    The Jews are white Europeans, black Africans, Asians,
    Arabs and how they can all be considered a racial group
    is hard to understand. Imagine the Muslims claiming
    they are a race.

    6. What we call “Palestinians” are Arab Israelis
    who are recruited to work against the Jewish nation,

    The Ashkenazi hatched a scheme: he told the world
    that he was not taking anyone’s land but only a piece
    of uninhabited Arab land. But when the white
    Ashkenazi arrived as a colonial settler in 1882, he
    found 400,000 Arabic speaking Palestinian Muslims,
    40,000 Arabic speaking indigenous Palestinian
    Christians and 15,000 foreign and Yiddish speaking
    Jews from Eastern Europe There were no Jews living
    in Palestine for over 1,000 years before the scheme to
    send indigent European Jewry to live off welfare they
    call “haluka” as a scheme to start planting the seeds
    of Jewish presence on that land ahead of the stampede.

    7. What we call “Palestinians” are Arab Israelis
    who are recruited to work against the Jewish nation,

    You are simply speaking like an idiot. Who was
    working against the British in Kenya, against the
    French in Algeria? Your disgusting hasabara is that the
    land was empty. “A Jewish state would not have come
    into being without the uprooting of 700,000
    Palestinians. Therefore it was necessary to uproot
    them. There was no choice but to expel that
    population”. (Benny Morris)

    8. Many Arabs live and work in peace in
    Israel, and these are separate from those we call

    Palestinian are one people whetehr they are in Gaza,
    the West Bank or what they call “Israel” or outside of

    9. Much of the world does not see the
    fairness of “100% Arabs, 0% Jews.”

    100% of the Jews now in Palestine are of foreign
    origin since there are no more indigenous Palestinian
    Jews left anywhere in the world. The Ashkenazi Jewry
    that makes up 95% of world Jewry was inserted on
    Arab land in order to remove him from Europe where
    he was hated for centuries.

    10. why a “fair partitioning” of the Mideast
    would be: 100% for the Arabs, 0% for the Jews.

    Just because you refer to the Ashkenazi as “Jews”
    does not transform him from European (at confirmed
    DNA of 99.9% European and 0% Middle Eastern) into
    nartive. He is simply a European colonial settler like
    the French in Algeria and the British in Kenya. It is like
    the Japanese saying why is Arab land 100% Arab and
    0% Japanese? The Ashkenazi is in fact as alien to the
    region as the Japanese. But the Ashkenazi likes to hide
    behind the world “Jew”.

    11. The goal, of course, is to wipe out Israel itself.

    How is “Israel” different than the French in Algeria
    and the British in Kenya? “Israel” was created by force
    and “Israel” continues to exist only by the use of
    force. The Ashkenazi is native to Lithuania, Hungary,
    Poland and can easily go home.

    12. Israel is already so tiny

    The Ashkenazi did arrive to grab what they call
    Greater Israel: all of Palestine, all of Jordan, all
    of Lebanon, 2/3 of Syria, 1/2 of Saudi Arabia, Egypt up
    to the Nile and it would displace 70,000,000 people
    who already live in those areas.

    13. that Jews should be denied the right to self-govern

    The Ashkenazi who makes up 95% of world Jewry is
    simply a foreign colonial settler. His ancestry at 99.9%
    is Poland, Hungry, Lithuania, Ukraine … He should
    have been given land in Europe where his ancestry is
    from. Christian Europe simply was looking for lands
    inhabited by non-whites to remove the unwanted
    European Jewry to. Countries they had plans to settle
    these unfortunate European Jewry were in addition
    to Palestine: Argentina, Madagascar, Uganda, Angola,
    Mozambique, Cyprus.

    14. to maintain the sole Jewish nation, the
    nation in which Jews originated?

    DNA has confirmed that that Ashkenazi origin is
    Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine at a stunning of
    99.9% with no trace of Middle East ancestry – not
    even 1%. It is ridiculous when white Europeans claim
    to have originated from a land inhabited by non-whites.
    It is even childish.

    15. Besides American Indians, are there any
    other people who, you believe, should not have the
    right to self-determination, as sovereign nations?

    You have it backwards. It is the Palestinians that you
    need to compare with the Native Indians, because in
    both cases, white Europeans arrived on their land and
    stole their land at gun point. In both cases, the white
    Europeans did not want the people but only the land
    and engaged in genocide of the natives.

    16. Israel is a tiny country, the sole Jewish
    nation. It is roughly the size of New Jersey (one of our
    smallest states).

    Every square inch of that land was stolen by the
    Ashkenazi at gun point. Why not give the Ashkenazi
    land in his motherlands of Ukraine or Poland or Russia or
    Lithuania. “Israel” is twice the size of Lebanon and
    simply stolen Arab land.

  • Helen4Yemen


    Are you

    50/50 Israelite/European?
    75/25 Israelite/European?
    25/75 Israelite/European?
    99/1 Israelite/European?
    1/99 Israelite/European?
    0/99 Israelite/European?

    Herzl referred to himself as a Hebrew? What the hell does it mean?
    How can a European be a Hebrew? Don’t you feel some shame
    when you know you are a European people pretending to be what you are not?

  • Helen4Yemen

    I am Middle Eastern and I simply resent the white man from Europe arriving and claiming to be “returning” stole Arab land. Go try to knock on someone’s house and tell them that the house used to be belong to your auntie 100 years ago. The Ashkenazi simply arrived and stole Arab land by force and is holding it by force – or is Palestine by any chance your grandma Goldberg’s land?

  • Helen4Yemen

    I said you are a COWARD and cannot stick around to answer my question.
    How is the European known as the Ashkenazi connected to that land? Tell me?

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    How would you know? All you’ve got back past the Hasmonean Dynasty is fairy tales.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Oh stop it! You know as well as I do that the evil Zionist thugdom was created by atrocities and terror by a murderous mafia out of Europe, and that it won’t stop until it has swallowed mythical “Eretz Israel”.