Palestinian Prisoners Give IPS Until Friday To End Punitive Measures

The Palestinian Captive Movement has given the Israeli prison service (IPS) until next Friday to renounce its repressive measures against the prisoners in its jails, warning that they would take mass protest steps if its violations persisted.

This came during a pro-prisoner sit-in organized on Monday by Palestinian factions outside the Red Cross headquarters in Gaza City, with the participation of ex-detainees and human rights groups.

Addressing the attendees, senior official of the Democratic Front Ibrahim Mansour said that “the Palestinian prisoners are being exposed to mass punitive measures that violate all international laws and norms.”

Mansour conveyed a message from the Captive Movement in Israeli jails saying that the leadership of the prisoners gave the prison service until next Friday, September 17, to revoke the suppressive measures it took against them recently following the Gilboa jailbreak.

He added that the prisoners would start an open-ended battle as of Friday if Israeli jailers did not respond to their demand.

He stressed the need for massive popular support for all the prisoners against the raging Israeli attack on them.

For his part, senior Hamas official Mushir al-Masri described the issue of the prisoners as a top priority for the Palestinian people, affirming that the resistance would do the impossible to extract their freedom.