Palestinians Will Not Cease To Demand Their Rights

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Above photo: Israeli wall from the Palestinian side.

The West has long been enamored with the specter of passive resistance with tens of thousands of unarmed demonstrators facing off against a heavily armed and ruthless force in pursuit of justice.

Today hundreds of thousands of peaceful unarmed demonstrators marched towards the rim of the sealed off Gaza Strip. They got no closer than several hundred yards from Israeli snipers before shots rang out leaving hundreds of Palestinians injured and at least ten dead.

This is not a movie. It is Gaza. It is Palestine.

For more than seventy years Palestinians have tried by all means possible to obtain their rights as guaranteed under international and humanitarian law.

Over these decades dozens of resolutions have come from a wide range of international bodies, associations and NGO’s in support of our fundamental rights to freedom and self-determination and a return to our homes, from which we were forcibly expelled in 1948.

Despite a romantic rewrite, dozens of respected historians and journalists including Israelis such as IlanPappe and Gideon Levy have documented the coordinated Zionist attack on hundreds of age-old Palestinian villages in 1948 as the onset of a calculated project of ethnic cleansing that continues unabated today.

To suggest that almost a million Palestinians voluntarily left their homes, schools, mosques and churches in 1948 is little more than to proclaim the earth is flat. The hurried desperate mass flight of Palestinians from the paramilitary assault upon our age-old communities is beyond honest debate or dispute.

Despite near unanimity among international jurists about our cause the world community has been unable or unwilling to provide justice for Palestinian people who live in walled-off Bantustans in our own homeland or in a forced diaspora as so-much stateless refugees throughout the world.

Meanwhile Western States have openly embraced policies that not only favor and protect Israel but empower it to continue a now decades old illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories.

No state has been more supportive of this historical injustice than has the United States. Not satisfied with more than 250 billion dollars in direct government aid to Israel, the USA has used its veto more than 70 times in the Security Council to prevent passage of resolutions condemning Israeli policies.

Among its unprecedented financial support for Israel, the US has provided many tens of billions of dollars in military aid and equipment that has subsidized Israeli control over the legitimate rights and aspirations of millions of Palestinians and inflicted widespread death and destruction among our communities. Tens of thousands have lost their lives, many more been injured  or crippled and even more detained for years on end in a military “justice” system which denies Palestinians any modicum of justice.

Recently, in an effort to further punish Palestinian civilians for the temerity of their political will, the US Administration cut more than $ 360 million in aid out of what was its $ 1.2 billion annual share to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).  This international aid effort provides health, education and food benefits to some 5 million Palestinian refugees’ worldwide that represent some forty per cent of the total population of 11.5 million Palestinians inside and out of Palestine.

For the last 25 years, Palestinians have tried in good faith, and in vain, to achieve their legitimate aspirations through participation in a long, complex and counter-productive negotiation process.

Because of the fundamental imbalance of power on the ground and an ever-present international pro Israeli bias, Israel has exploited this “negotiation” as little more than dilatory cover while it has continued its agenda of illegal annexation of Palestinian land in the West Bank.

Not satisfied with flooding the West Bank with hundreds of thousands of illegal “settlers” Israel has continued its systematic attack upon fundamental rights of Palestinians throughout all the Occupied Territories including Gaza.

What then has been the result of this 25 year old unilateral Israeli stall? Have we not seen the destruction of any meaningful opportunity for stability and de-escalation of violence that, predictably, has spilled over throughout the region?

Has not the delay, by design, challenged the remaining hope for our people for freedom, an independent state and a return to the homes they have been displaced from over these many years? And what of the daily life of Palestinians under occupation, whether in the West Bank that is divided into controlled cantons or the besieged Gaza Strip. Both have been turned into an unbearable hell, for all to see but for us to taste.  Murder, imprisonment, siege, land seizure, house demolitions, poverty, unemployment, and denial of medical treatment and travel have become the daily way of life for millions of Palestinians.

Like the rest of the world Palestinians are a people who love life, community and family and seek only a better future for our children. However, it seems as if our collective and lawful aspiration is unacceptable to some of the world which stands by with idle interest and even less action as the occupation and injustice unfolds in plain view.

It seems few at the table of nations have felt the need to confront the Israeli aggression and its occupation which, by any definition, offends all standards of decency and international law.

Having considered our various options as well as our lawful right to resist Palestinians in Gaza have decided to launch peaceful marches near the segregation barricades that deny us any meaningful scrap of self-determination. This campaign will demand an end to the occupation, an end to the siege of Gaza and recognition of the right of Palestinians to return to their homes in accordance with UN resolution 194, issued in December 1948.

These events which begin today coincide with the anniversary of “Land Day”, in which six Palestinians were killed in 1976 while defending their land as it was seized by Israeli authorities in the Galilee area.

In the tradition of passive resistance our activities will be peaceful and continue on the borders until May 15th, the 70th anniversary of the “Nakba”, when upwards of a million Palestinians were expelled from their homes.

All Palestinians in our homeland and diaspora including men, women and children will participate in these marches and related demonstrations that share a common theme of justice, opportunity and freedom. Our activity will be overseen by a national committee, which represents all Palestinian forces and factions as well as civil society and independent Palestinian figures and supporters.

The Committee has circulated numerous publications and directives for participants in the marches, which emphasize the peacefulness of this particular movement and the need to avoid violence or any provocative escalation by Israel. The Committee has also designated various on-site representatives to oversee our collective efforts and to ensure that our message is heard through powerful and peaceful means.

Notwithstanding our best efforts we full well expect provocation by Israel during our protests and will do all that we can to ensure its inflammatory efforts will pass without any response.

Despite our best efforts, once again, this fear proved to be reality today as Israel unleashed hundreds of rounds of live ammunition and canisters of tear gas at first sight of peaceful demonstrators armed with nothing more than their voice and self-determination.

Ultimately, Israel has long feared and challenged any and all efforts by Palestinians to expose the reality of the occupation and the siege of Gaza which certainly puts the lie to its claim as the only democratic state in the region; one that respects and protects human rights and honors the fundamental right to freedom of expression.

Against this chant stands the daily practice of occupation forces that show a completely different face . . . one built of racism, violence and systematic violation of human rights.

Recently, the arrest and detention of now 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi in the West Bank because she slapped a heavily armed Israeli soldier who broke into her home is but one of hundreds of like stories which depict life and death in Palestine. Not long ago, wheelchair-bound Ibraheem Abu Thuraya was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper for little more than waving a Palestinian flag on the Gaza border in plain view of Israeli soldiers who control who and what may go in and out of the beleaguered home to some two million people.

Given a long and well documented history of violence in furtherance of the occupation, Palestinians have a well-founded fear that despite the peaceful nature of these marches, Israel will use them as a pretext to kill and injure more of our people.  In the past occupation forces have been quick to provoke non-violent expressions of protest into violent confrontations in which our communities and children have paid a dear price for their voice.

Once again, today’s Israeli attack upon our peaceful people proved that history is often the most certain indicator of what is yet to come.

Nevertheless, we will not be deterred by Israeli aggression as we exercise our fundamental rights to resist and to demonstrate so as to ensure that the path for our children will lead to a better, just and equal future.

Basem Naim, who resides in Gaza, is the former Minister of Health and Advisor to the Palestinian PM on International Relations.

  • Robert H. Stiver

    Well laid out and written with one quibble: the twice-cited “25 years” of struggle (a reference to the long-ago-discredited early 1990s Oslo Accords?) is far too understated. In reality, as Mr. Naim correctly points out elsewhere, the Palestinians have been pursuing their inalienable aspirations for justice, human rights, liberation, nationhood and peace for 70 years and even longer.

  • Blaine

    Warsaw Ghetto come to the Med.

    And the US breaking ground on new embassy in violation of International Law and any sense of decency.

  • si91

    BS. The US has every right to locate its embassies wherever they please. The Palestinians have no business complaining, and no claim on Jerusalem whatsoever. When was it ever even an Arab capital, let alone a Palestinian capital at any point in history? Never! There was never a Palestinian state at any point in human history. The only reason that East Jerusalem is even separate from the West is because Jordan illegally invaded and stole it in 1948, ethnically cleansing the Jews from what was at the time a Jewish majority city, and destroying Jewish culture there, going so far as to use Jewish tombstones to build latrines for their soldiers, and banning Jews from visiting their sacred Western Wall. Israel simply took back what rightfully belonged to her in 1967. By terming this a “violation” of international law, you are legitimizing Jordan’s ethnic cleansing of 1948.

  • Blaine

    The US does not have a right to violate international law and its own DOJ rulings – these treaties and conventions carry the weight of law. But when israel tells the US to ignore its own Consititution, thats exactly what their hired dunces do.

    The israelis have no legal claim to Jerusalem, have no legal claim to any land outside the 48 borders, certainly no legal claim to any land outside the 67 borders except as needed military outposts.

    All settlements are legitimate military targets, as are the israelis who live there.

    All current israelis should be required to undergo DNA analysis, any that are not of ME origin should be stripped of israeli citizenship and deported, as they have zero claim to Jerusalem or any land in the ME for that matter.

    At the least they can go about their criminal barbarism alone – all dual national AIPIC members should be rounded up and deported if they don’t immediately cease all contact with US govt persons, all US taxpayer aid to israel should cease immediately and a Visa regimen reinstated. They’re criminals who support a criminal govt with an enshrined criminal policy.

  • si91

    BS. Israel is the only state with any claim to Jerusalem. The only reason that claim isn’t even disputed is because Jordan stole he Eastern half and ethnically cleansed the Jews from what was then a Jewish majority city. There are no 1948 or 1967 “borders” there is only an armistice line; borders can only be established when Israel’s enemies agree to stop terrorism and negotiate them. The idea that all settlements are legitimate targets is nonsense. A Jew who buys land in Judea and Samaria and is living peacefully is not a “legitimate target” unless you are a Jew hating racist. Furthermore, deporting Jews after they fail a DNA test is racist ethnic cleansing that only the Nazis would do. What next? Deporting the Arabs to Arabia and African Americans back to Africa based on DNA tests? You’re insane.

  • Blaine

    You might claim Israel has a “right” to Jerusalem (and you would still have no legal standing), but you cannot say they same for Jews of European decent. They have no more claim to Jerusalem than the Dutch. Using DNA as a means test against this claim is no crazier than European Jews herding Palestinians into ghettos, cutting off their water, cutting their livestock’s throats, tearing up olive trees, shooting them in head point blank with tear gas, dumping sewage in their villages etc all because they are not Jewish.

    Palestinians have more of a right to return to their stolen land than israel has to evict them from Jerusalem.

    –” The Court held that if the authorities could show that a settlement was established at a strategic position and that its aim was enhancing defence of the state, requisition of the land could be justified as being for military needs.On the other hand, if the motivation for establishment was political, rather than security, requisition of the private land would be unlawful.”–

    All settlements are tied into the military infrastructure. They are military in nature or they are illegal – either way they are legitimate military targets.

  • si91

    More nonsense. You can deny Israel’s cultural ties and legal rights to Jerusalem all you like, they don’t go away. Additionally, Many settlements are civilian neighborhoods, some dating back to Jordan’s ethnic cleansing in 1948. And again, your DNA test drivel is nothing more than racist nonsense uses to justify Jewish ethnic cleansing, no less absurd than kicking African Americans back to Africa based not on DNA tests. A Jew, even be of European ancestry, has every right to stay in the country he was born in – Israel.

  • kevinzeese

    Aren’t you denying Palestinian cultural ties and legal rights to Jerusalem? You make arguments for the Zionists but ignore the same arguments for the Palestinians who have much stronger ties than European Jews. You just seem to be a Zionist making up arguments and ignoring the justice on the side of the Palestinians.

    Speaking of ethnic cleansing, amazing that on the memorial day for the Nakba, when scores of Palestinian towns were destroyed, hundreds killed and 700,000 made refugees by the ethnic cleansing and land theft of Israel, that you point to Jordan.

    Your Zionism is showing very clearly with every comment you make.

  • si91

    No they don’t. Jewish ties to the area go back thousands of years. In contrast, the Palestinian Arabs came centuries later. The Palestinians have never had a state, let alone one with Jerusalem as its capital, while the only capital that Jews have ever had is Jerusalem. Moreover, under Israel, the holy sites are open to all, while under Jordan, Jewish tombstones were used to build latrines for Jordanian soldiers hole Jews were banned from the Western Wall. If Israel hands over East Jerusalem, what guarantee is there that the Palestinians, who go so far as to deny the existence of the Temple of Solomon, would protect Jewish culture there and allow Jews to visit? As it is, many Arab states ban Israelis from even entering. And yes, I bring up Jordan because during the much ballyhooed Nakba, Jordan and the rest of the Arab world were evicting hundreds of thousands of Jews that no one weeps for, because they moved on with their lives in Israel, while then Palestinians refuse to do the same elsewhere just as every other refugee population has. The Palestinian plight is morning unique. But Only then Palestinians insist on wagong a pointless terrorist war and wallowing in self pity. It’s pathetic.

  • kevinzeese

    All the BS Zionist arguments. Send me an ancient map with a Jewish state and Jerusalem is the capital. I’d be very interested in seeing proof of this Zionist fantasy. Look at the numbers of Palestinians and Jews before and after the Nakba. The ethnic cleansing is obvious,

    Here’s are maps from before Israel was created, the area was named Palestine. Show me a map where Jerusalem was the capital of a Jewish country, of any name.

  • Blaine

    I never asserted African Americans should be deported, that’s just some of your straw man BS.

    Israel has zero right to unilaterally decide the fate of jerusalem, any more than the Dutch. If you wish to declare a cultural/ethnic bond to the history of a region, you should be prepared to show it. A black emigre from Cameroon in 1998 cannot come to America and demand reparations for slavery, a red-head from County Cork cannot move to upstate NY and claim to be a Seneca without some proof.

    Many Jews in Israel are nothing more than settler thieves come from overseas for the state sponsored ethnic cleansing cheap land program and to inflict Old Testament barbarism on other human beings. Do as your god commands, leave me out of it.

    As a US citizen I feel I’ve paid the price of admission via my extorted taxes, without which Israel wouldn’t exist. I have every right to call this spade a spade.

  • si91

    BS. Israel has every right to do what it wants in its capital, like any other state.
    And when you insist on the ethnic cleansing of Jews based on DNA tests, it’s only natural for sane people to ask what other ghoulish schemes you could be thinking of.

  • Blaine

    Well, a single state solution would be easy enough – just recognize equal property and civil rights of residents everywhere in the OT.

    I wasn’t thinking of organ harvesting from dead Palestinians, such as perpetrated and confessed to by the esteemed Dr Hiss…now THAT would be ghoulish 🙂

  • si91

    More debunked blood libel. I bet you think Jews drink the blood of Palestinian children too.

  • Blaine

    Only when they’re thirsty…

    As usual, you count on folks having short memories and then resort to smears.

    –“Hiss said: “We started to harvest corneas … whatever was done was highly informal. No permission was asked from the family.”–

    –“Professor Hiss said in the interview that until the 1990s, pathologists
    used to harvest organs, especially corneas and skin, from the bodies of …Palestinians”–

    Hiss even kept some of Rachael Corrie as a souvenir even after being told not to conduct an autopsy without someone from the US embassy present.

    –” Hiss admitted under oath
    that he had lied about the presence of an American official during the
    autopsy of Rachel Corrie. He also conceded to taking “samples” from
    Corrie’s body for “histological testing” without informing her family.
    Just which parts of Corrie’s body Hiss took remains unclear; despite
    Hiss’s claim that he “buried” the samples, her family has not confirmed
    the whereabouts of her missing body parts.”–

  • si91

    Glad you find blood libel to be amusing. You’re the one using Hiss to smear all of Israel, which investigated what he did and held him accountable.

  • Blaine

    –“Hiss was given only a reprimand and continued to hold his position as chief pathologist at Abu Kabir and eventually regained his position as director.”–

    Yes, that’s accountability all right…

    What I find amusing is your weak BS. But then you don’t have much to work with in the way of facts or truth. In that light you’re doing fine!

    Speaking of facts and truth, that reminds me, we’re only a few weeks from the anniversary of USS Liberty attempted massacre/sinking. I’ll be observing a moment of silence, how bout you?

  • si91

    Lol a Jew hater peddling blood libel lecturing me on truth! Go home Blaine, you’re drunk.

  • Blaine

    Pfff , save it for your next mirror pep talk. You got nuthin…

    Free Ahed!

  • si91

    Lol Ahed the Pallywood actress. Free her from her jihadist family that encourages her to attack and provoke IDF soldiers and then whine when they respond.

  • Blaine

    Actually the IDF had to go back for reinforcements, and catch her while she was sleeping. Otherwise we might have had the pleasure of watching her literally bits-slap another IDF pansy.

    Given remotely even odds the IDF don’t fare so well, that’s why they’re still afraid to go back into Lebanon. But they are good at roughing up teenage girls and shooting double amputees. What a joke….

  • kevinzeese

    You know the Zionist has lost the argument when he starts name calling.

  • kevinzeese

    More name calling from the Zionist. Right, she provoked the IDF when they came to their home and beat her brother. Get real.

    I am still waiting for that map of the Jewish country called Palestine for centuries, as well as a map showing Jerusalem was a Jewish capital for centuries. You made false statement and now offer no proof.

  • kevinzeese

    The blood libel is your defense of Zionist troops killing and abusing unarmed Palestinians.

  • kevinzeese

    Why does Israel fear democracy in all of Palestine? Answer: Because they would lose in a democracy. Why does Israel use an Apartheid system of laws? Because they are an apartheid racist state trying to control a majority population who has greater legal rights to the land than Jews who have primarily come from Europe with no connection to the land.

  • si91

    The Jews have more of a connection than Arab invaders who came under the early caliphs and many are descendants of recent Arab migrants who themselves came from neighboring Arab states, as their own last names reveal. There is no apartheid system there. The Palestinians don’t have democracy because their PA leaders refuse to hold elections. They are not Israeli citizens and don’t want to be, so how is Israel the one fearing democracy? It is not Israel that fears democracy; Israel is the only democracy in the region and gives its Arabs more rights than any Arab state. It is Israel’s opponents who are brutal dictatorships.

  • si91

    Liar. We are talking about an armed rioting mob of Islamic Jew hating zealots here, not “unarmed Palestinians.”

  • si91

    Lol as if nonsense about “apartheid” was anything more than name calling.

  • si91

    It is not the IDF but Hezbollah that is afraid, which is why they did not bother Israel for a decade following the 2006 war. As far as Ahed is concerned, she comes from a family of professional rabble rousers and terrorists. That she felt bold enough to hit an IDF soldier speaks volumes about how humane the IDF is. An Arab soldier serving an Aran dictator would have raped and killed her for that, as they do to protestors in the Arab world.

  • si91

    She’s a Pallywood shill there to fool gullible people like you.

  • Blaine

    Arab soldier wouldn’t have climbed over the wall like a thief and trespass on private property, probably looking for something to steal or a place to defecate. There would have been no need for slapping.

    Hez does not “bother” israel as long as IDF and settlers stay on other side of the border – which they have! Stirring up trouble only makes life hard for civilians as israelis don’t have the heart for casualties fighting when they can blow up civilian infrastructure from the air. Maybe you forget why Hez was formed in the first place. They’ve been successful ever since, preventing more innocent people from having their land stolen or punks climbing over their garden walls, rummaging amongst their children’s underwear drawer.

  • si91

    Yes they would have, because unlike the IDF, the soldiers who serve Arab dictatorships are supposed to be oppressive and cruel.

    Hezbollah itself oppresses innocents in Lebanon itself and has shot missiles into Isrsel and kidnappes Israeli soldiers even when Isrsel withdrew from Lebanon. They don’t care about foreign invasion, and we know that because they supported the illegal occupation of Lebanon by their fellow Iranian proxy Syria. They want the Jews dead, and are proud of it. Nasrallah himself brags about keeping the severed limbs and torsos of IDF soldiers like he’s some kind of serial killer.

  • kevinzeese

    We can see with our own eyes the intention cruelty of the IDF. We can see their sharp shooters murdering Palestinians. There are so many videos they would fill this website. IDF intentional cruelty, unnecessary violence and killing is commonplace. The news agancy ma’an reports on daily IDF violence. IDF whistleblowers have exposed this intentional violence.

    I do not recall a single video documenting your claim.

  • si91

    We see their sharpshooters killing Hamas fighters, as we should. So called IDF whistleblowers rarely prove their case in court, so why should we take their unsubstantiated claims seriously?

  • Blaine

    –” unlike the IDF, the soldiers who serve Arab dictatorships are supposed to be oppressive and cruel.”–

    Yes, shooting unarmed men, women and children, bulldozing their homes, holding them down and breaking their bones with rocks, protecting settler filth while they toss urine and feces on non jewish children, makes then NOT oppressive and cruel?!!

    Whaaahoooo! Man you are a hoot! 🙂

    Hez formed as a direct response to IDF attrocities – popping flares and providing security and logistics for the dirtbags who cleared out Sabra and Shatila among other civilian massacres.

    Then they kicked Isreal’s az out of Lebanon, twice. Now Hez in Syria is actively protect Christians as well as Alawites, Sunni, Shia and some Druze, helping many get back to their homes – basically the opposite of what the IDF does to non jews in israel. And now all those folks in Lebanon who should hate them according to you, have voted…by voting.

  • si91

    No, shooting armed terrorists, protecting the Jewish right of close settlement endorsed by the international community is not oppression. And Lol the IDF has non Jewish soldiers while Hez is murders Jewish civilians as far away as Argentina, is committed to a Shiite theocracy, launches rockets from civilian areas, and smuggles drugs and launders money through the US and Latin America to fund their genocidal campaign against Israel . The Lebanese vote for a Jew hating terrorist organization – color me surprised. In contrast, Israelis vote for a responsible civilian government that protects them from Hez’s aggression.

  • kevinzeese

    More Zionist lies. I did not see any weapons of significance, i.e. rocks, on the Palestinian side. You think throwing a rock deserves the death penalty. You call that restraint. You are out of touch. Yes, we all have great trust in Israeli courts and their justice system, give us a break. Stop your Zionist nonsense.

  • si91

    I think being a Hamas fighter deserves the death penalty, and even Hamas admits that the majority of the people killed were theirs. Moreover, you clearly are unfamiliar with the number of innocent Israelis who actually have been killed by rock throwers – like when their rocks break windshields and crash cars. And why shouldn’t we trust the Israeli judicial system when Arab lawyers and judges are included in it? It’s certainly better than that of Hamas, which drags alleged “collaborators” with Israel to death by motorcycle.

  • Blaine

    You just don’t stop…
    How often do Israeli aircraft violate Lebanon’s airspace on an average day? How often to Lebanese from any faction violate Israel’s airspace?

    Lebanese voted for organization that does not engage in ethnic cleansing and actually provides social services. Hez in Syria help eliminate Wahabbi mercenaries that israel supplies and transports.

    Without provocation Hez stays on their side of the border, but that isn’t enough, as Israel claims right to their land and intend to seize (steal) it and expel all non jews. That’s why Hez is hated by israel, and why Syria is hated by israel, and by extension Iran.

    3 weeks to anniversary of the Liberty, the most decorated non combat ship in the US Navy.

  • si91

    More BS. Israel has never claimed Lebanese territory and never expelled nonJees from Lebanon. Hez, Syria, and Iran do not recognize Israel because they want to destroy it and kill all its Jews, and refuse to stop telling us that this is what they’re want.

  • Blaine

    They expelled many of the inhabitants of Sheba, citizens of Lebanon, to steal their water. HRW has documented it.

    And what’s up with not allowing wounded Pallies to leave Gaza for medical treatment in Turkey? Is not enough they leave unless it be in a bag?

  • Helga Fellay

    Kevin and Blaine, you are both totally wasting your time and energy on si91 who is a paid hasbara troll, highly trained in how to exhaust and exasperate people seeking the truth. They know they cannot dispute facts and the truth, so they resort to psychological warfare. Its sole objective is to completely exhaust and demoralize their “opponent” until they just resign themselves to no longer comment and publish in the interest of self-preservation. That is the chosen zionist tool to combat the rising global awareness and condemnation of zionist terrorism practiced against Palestinians and those who empathize with their suffering. Zionists may win in the short term, but in the end it will backfire and unfortunately lead to growing “anti-semitism” – this time the real kind, not the fake one they use as a rebuttal to any and all criticism of zionist cruelty, barbarity and lawlessness.

  • Blaine

    That is why I keep responding….

  • Helga Fellay

    I am trying to understand you. I guess it’s a way to turn the hasbara’s weapon against himself. Every nonsense he posts gives you an opening, a justification, to put out the truth which overcomes his ridiculous propaganda, making it more evident to the uninformed reader exactly whose side the truth is on. I have done that on occasion, when I felt energetic enough to do it, not to convince him which would be impossible, just seizing the opportunity to repeat for others that which should not need repeating. It’s draining, though. More strength to you.