Pandora Radio And Shell Partner In Colorado To Promote Fracking

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I recently subscribed to Pandora radio. I enjoyed my music selections daily until one day I heard an advertisement about Ann who lives with her husband, Jason and their daughter Maggie in Northern Colorado. Ann and Jason are allowing their land to be fracked. She suggests that if we learn more facts about fracking, then we know that fracking is good for the land, good for the water and good for us. The advertisement is paid for by the Shell Petroleum Company.

In early August, 2013 I confronted Pandora about this ad.

They responded “Perhaps the best place to start is to tell you that, like virtually all media outlets, the advertising content on Pandora does not represent an endorsement of any kind on our part.” They further advised me that “There is always the option to subscribe to Pandora One, thereby removing all the advertising from your Pandora experience. It’s only $36/year”.

So, I argued that if someone wanted to put an ad for prostitution, I am sure that Pandora would not accept it and I frankly don’t see any difference between prostituting your body or exploiting/ fracking earth. I also told them that the issue is not advertisement. I said that I know all the facts about fracking and I am not worried about myself. I am worried about all those young minds that are brainwashed about how good fracking is for them due to their ad.  I also informed them that if this ad does not stop, I will turn the conversation to the fracking activists in Colorado and see what they think about Shell‘s ad transmitting through Pandora air.

Pandora responded “I encourage you to take whatever steps you feel compelled to in terms of Colorado activists. I do appreciate your concern over a topic that is controversial to say the least.” For a while they stopped, the advertisement, but came back with vengeance later. Please post this story on your websites, facebook pages. Hope we can stop Pandora/ Shell partnership in Colorado in regards to fracking.

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  • Another reason to not listen to Robot Radio and support your local community radio station. And another example of how being informed can help you make better decisions.

  • Oz

    This is misleading. It’s not a ‘partner’ relationship if one is paying the other. That’s not how a ‘partnership’ operates at all – in fact, it’s a perversion of the meaning of that word. Twisting word meanings to promote your agenda is not cool.

    I’m totally and vociferously opposed to fracking, but you are damaging your credibility – just like Mercola or Natural News – by stopping to what is essentially a deceptive tactic.

    And BTW, you might consider that prostitution, as it’s been practiced for millennia, with both parties consenting absent duress or coercion, is a great example of a victimless. Fracking is not. A better analogy would have been rape. Because that’s what fracking is.

    All in all, you totally missed the boat in two ways with this piece. Feel free to call for a boycott on Pandora, but do it honestly, by pointing out that is the the larger system of industrial capitalism coupled with plutocracy that generates such outcomes – the ultimate fault does not lie with companies like Pandora, but with companies like Shell, and the State that permits them to operate with such wide latitude to do such grave harm.

    By insisting they have co-equal status as you unfortunately have here, you actually diminish and dilute your argument.

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