Paying Off Climate Change, A Nostalgic War & The Thing About Jews

| Resistance Report

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Here’s what happens when you fine big polluters – plus a look at how intertwined law enforcement and pipeline companies are (hint: it’s not you they’re protecting and serving.) Next up, should we stay or should we go? Why corporate media is getting so nostalgic for perpetual war in the Middle East. And finally, Senate Bill 1, anti-zionism, anti-semitism – clearing the fog with Nora Barrows-Friedman.

  • il corvo

    Ok let’s separate Jews from Zionist Israel. How to do that when you have US political lobbies marrying the two and then financially supporting candidates that support their view of a Jewish Israel? As one looks back on the history of the US, there are Indians, AfroAmericans, Japanese Americans that could have used the Israeli playbook but neither group had the money, the newspapers, the banks, or the politicians in their back pocket. Money talks and shit walks. Justice, like security, is an illusion. Justice, now a days, is dependent on those defining it.