Pence Supports Unelected Politician’s Claim to be Venezuela’s ‘Acting President’

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Above: Venezuela’s Juan Guaido.

Note: The sick joke of US claims to want to return democracy to Venezuela is now the US is supporting an unelected person to be president of Venezuela rather than recognizing the legitimate election of President Maduro. The false policy of the US creates obviously sick lies. KZ

Washington has moved to delegitimize democratically elected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, with US Vice-President Mike Pence offering support to an opposition politician claiming to be the country’s real leader.

In a phone call to National Assembly speaker , Mr. Pence praised his “courageous leadership” and called on him to unite all opposition groups against Mr. Maduro.

The National Assembly has no legitimate role in Venezuela since the establishment of the Constitutional Assembly, which was elected in August 2017 despite violent attacks from right-wing opposition groups seeking to stop people from voting.

However, following Mr. Maduro’s inauguration last week, the body declared Mr. Guaido to be the country’s “acting president” and refused to recognize Mr. Maduro, despite him having won a second term of office last May with a thumping 67 percent of the vote.

In a statement, Mr. Pence branded Mr. Maduro a “dictator with no legitimate claim to power who has oppressed the Venezuelan people for too long.”

He endorsed Mr. Guaido’s claim to be interim president, which has also been recognized by the right-wing governments of Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

It is understood that Mr. Guaido also has the support of the Organisation of American States, whose secretary-general Luis Almagro was recently expelled from the Frente Amplio party in his native Uruguay for backing intervention against Venezuela.

Mr. Pence said that Washington would continue “to press for a full restoration of democracy” in the country.

The US has long sought regime change in Venezuela, implementing a raft of punitive sanctions and other measures. Last year it emerged that US President Donald Trump had given serious consideration to military intervention against Venezuela, including the possibility of a ground invasion to topple Mr. Maduro.

Yesterday, the Washington Post published a column by Mr. Guaido in which he accused Mr. Maduro of being a dictator with links to drug trafficking and guerilla groups and demanded his overthrow.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the darling of liberals, has also branded Mr. Maduro a dictator, refusing to recognize his presidency. However, at a university debate yesterday, he refused to answer questions about his support for far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

Mr. Maduro dismissed Mr. Guaido, who was part of the protest movement that tried to topple his late predecessor Hugo Chavez, as “a usurper.”

  • rgaura

    There is something deeply wrong with Pence. Just look at him. I remember him grandstanding before the press, claiming that he and his family were threatened by anthrax in the aftermath of 9/11. Honestly, what a dufus! How could you believe anything he says.
    This really points out how ridiculous our `representatives´ make us look on the international stage. Venezuela has cleaner elections by far than the USA. They have a more vibrant democracy. They can sell gas, but cannot repatriate the money, due to the medieval siege the US has established. Billions of their own money they cannot have access to, due to banking restrictions.
    So, these idiots can say black is white, not be laughed off the stage?

  • dopfa

    It’s not Pence’s or Trump’s fault that US oil is under Venezuela’s soil. It the duty of the US to overthrow any government that stands in the way of its claim of ownership of any and all resources of the planet. If nations don’t give up their resources and power to run their own governments, the owner of the world is obligated to stomp the shit out of them. Manifest Destiny dictates that the US own the world, and anyone who believes otherwise will be dealt with. Submit to US power or die. It’s simple US foreign policy and has been since its inception. It’s what makes America so great, (according to its owners, anyway).

    I guess the US should expect a Venezuelan caravan at the border when they overthrow Maduro. Better get that wall built!

    It’s ironic that the illegitimate government of the US claims the real government of Venezuela is illegitimate. Trump lost the popular vote by three million! Maduro got 67%.

    The US did the same thing when it overthrew Jean-Betrand Aristide, the president of Haiti and told the world that this Jesuit priest was involved in drug trafficking. US soldiers forced and accompanied him out. The US supported the hideous regimes of Papa Doc and Baby Doc for decades, and have now installed what Aristide called, “A knife in the back of Haitians.” The list goes on and on and on. The US corporate government is the biggest parasite on the planet, sucking life from everything and everyone in every way. It won’t stop until it has killed its host, which won’t be long now. Too bad its host was our Mother.

  • Steven Berge

    They’ve got the american people not knowing which way is up. We have a government that is an oligarchy, claiming to be fighting for “freedom and democracy”, and the people don’t question it! And now the indoctrination is intensifying with media consolidation, anti Boycott, Divest and Sanction legislation, and several branches of the military/security state spending our tax dollars to propagandize us. “If you’re not careful, they’ll have you hating your friends and loving your enemies.” Please be active, or be consumed by the darkness.

  • pancho Zsoy

    These gentleman have their minds confused. No logic element in their head. They should work on things that THEY, in their country and communities can help themselves with and respect the common guy. Their all little Trumps that could be eliminated at any given second.
    What do they hope to gain in the little time they’re here? Pobrecitos. Must be that tough European mentality makes them think they’re still the top CONQUISTADORES. whatever

  • pancho Zsoy

    You’re a very smart person. You should run for President. The heck with Pence.
    And maybe with all the oil we get from those other people we can make enough money to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  • pancho Zsoy

    Oh Poor Pence. He suffers so much helping Trump. All technology is rigged up for him to win the next election. Prepare the minds of the fools in the streets. The ONE is coming

  • pancho Zsoy

    Stevie, Stevie….
    You da man!

  • pancho Zsoy

    And what are we doing in Venezuela. I thought we would stop all that years ago AND GET OUT OF THERE. That Italiano is a member of the FOUR SEASONS along with Tony Goudio and Frankie Valli. Only he changed his name from Clemente to Taco and then to Juan (from the Guadalupe Shrine). Now he is well known as JUANITO VALLI GUAIDO.