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People’s Climate Movement Demands Bold Action

Above: Four photographs by Jenna Pope of People’s Climate Movement action in New York City.

On October 14th the People’s Climate Movement showed the breadth and diversity of the movement for climate justice, sending a message to the US government as it prepares to go to Paris for the UN Climate negotiations in November.  In announcing the nationwide protests held this Wednesday, the People’s Climate March wrote

The People’s Climate March on Sept. 21, 2014 signaled to both U.S. and global leaders that large numbers of people in the United States cared about the climate crisis. Not only was the march the largest action on climate in history, but we successfully changed the notion that climate change was just an environmental issue. The march made it clear that this is also a social and economic justice struggle. Building off of the energy and success of the march, the People’s Climate Movement was formed to continue to build on that energy and excitement and expand across the country.

This fall, front-line communities impacted by the environmental crisis and climate change, are joining with workers, people of faith, students, immigrants, racial, climate and economic justice activists and other community members, to call for bold action on climate at the local, national and global levels.

As you can see from the tweets below, they achieved their goals. The message of the march was to “demand bold action on the climate crisis facing our planet. We are calling for a sustainable, democratic and just economy that preserves our planet and works for all peoples.

Along with Margaret Flowers, Mackenzie McDonald Wilkins, Lee Stewart and Thomas Parker we attended the DC march to highlight the link between climate and trade: you cannot have climate justice without trade justice. Our banner seeks to emphasize that TPP stands for Toxic Political Poison — every elected official should stay away. We also handed out materials, and received an enthusiastic response about the November 14 to 18 convergence in Washington, DC.   

"No Toxic TPP Planet First" by Chris Owens at the People's Climate March DC 10-14-15
“No Toxic TPP Planet First” by Chris Owens at the People’s Climate March, Washington, DC October 14, 2015.

Below are tweets from the day. KZ

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