People’s Mobilization To Stop The US War Machine

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The US War Machine will rage on until we rise up to stop it.

Join the People’s Mobilization to Stop the US War Machine.

Download a flyer to take to your next action: peoplesmobe-flyer2

The US War Machine must be stopped, and only we can stop it. That’s why we are organizing the People’s Mobilization to Stop the US War Machine and Save the Planet, a series of actions in New York City from September 20 to 23 while the United Nations General Assembly meets. Sign up here.

At a time when all of the world leaders gather, we will say we’ve had enough of the US War Machine.

We demand the US be held accountable for its destructive acts. It’s time for the US government to obey the United Nations Charter by stopping regime change operations, ending the use of unilateral coercive measures (aka sanctions), ceasing military attacks and respecting the sovereignty of nations.

We demand the US sign the nuclear weapons ban treaty, rejoin the Iran nuclear agreement, disband NATO and close bases and outposts around the world and join the Paris Climate Treaty.

We demand an immediate transition to a peace economy that uses our resources to meet human needs and protect the planet.

Sign up to be part of the People’s Mobilization to Stop the US War Machine so we can keep you up to date as plans unfold and provide materials for you to spread the word in your community.


Download a flyer to take to your next action: peoplesmobe-flyer2

Schedule of events:

Plan to come to New York City for a full weekend of events. More details will be announced as we get closer.

Friday, September 20 – Global Climate Strike

Saturday, September 21 – Puerto Rican Independence March to the United Nations from Columbus Circle

Sunday, September 22 – People’s Mobilization to Stop the US War Machine

Monday, September 23 – March to foreign missions and evening event


The US War Machine is raging at a fevered pitch. It lurches from continent to continent seeking new opportunities to feed the insatiable weapons makers and military contractors. It overthrows governments, and even when it fails, as it has in Venezuela, it marches on in delirious denial. It jettisons diplomacy and international law to the trash heap.

Not content with wars abroad, the US War Machine rages at home through the militarization of our communities, schools and cultural institutions. It consumes more and more of the federal budget, now eating two-thirds of discretionary spending, cheered on by Congress members from both major parties. Every year, the war budget grows while cuts are made to housing, health care, food programs, and other necessities. Every year, more veterans kill themselves, leaving their families and loved ones to mourn.

The US War Machine threatens our very existence as it gobbles up more fossil fuels than any other institution, spewing greenhouse gases and driving climate chaos. It destroys the land, water, and air, and threatens the life of every species with its war games, weapons tests, military bases built in sensitive ecosystems and dumping of depleted uranium and other toxins. And, with nuclear weapons now on hair-trigger alert, the US War Machine has moved the doomsday clock dangerously close to midnight.

As US hegemony falters, the US War Machine is becoming more bellicose. Like a drunken jilted lover, it lashes out at everyone without regard for the consequences of its actions.

Participating organizations:

Embassy Protection Collective
ANSWER Coalition
Black Alliance for Peace
International Action Center
Popular Resistance
United National Antiwar Coalition
US Peace Council
Veterans for Peace
World Beyond War
Pima County Green Party
Mt. Zion Church Ministries
The Raucous Rooster
Show Up! America
Environmentalists Against War
The Nuclear Resister
Canadian County Safe Water Coalition
Green Party of Bay County
Green Party of Monmouth County NJ
Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) – Vancouver, Canada

  • ThisOldMan

    Perhaps this could feature a reenactment of Lysistrata on Broadway? Done right, I could see this as really improving on coverage by the mainstream media!

  • Lanny Cotler

    Can you expand upon what you mean by “done right”?


  • Michael MacPherson

    Trump and his crime family will tell what ever lies they need to start wars with other countries, especially with the election coming up, Trump is using the tactic that a president during war time will get reelected.

    This is what will continue to sink this country! If people continue to vote for the corporate presidential candidates that are well spoken, looks presidential, or are good speakers! This will keep us in the grips of the corporations and the rich, for example, Joe Biden is up in the presidential ranking even though he is taking campaign funds from corporations and the billionaires, if elected Joe Biden will be beholden to the corporations and the rich and they will get away with crimes and even the deaths of people caused by their companies.

    If the voters want a president not accountable to the rich and corporations and only accountable to the people by working for the people of this country they need to vote for a candidate not taking campaign money from special interests. Voters need to fact check and not cast their votes for candidates because they are good orators, look presidential, and other shiny things bells and whistles. You have to fact check and decide if you want a corporate president or a president for the people working for the people and candidates taking money from corporations and the rich will not cut it.

  • Michael MacPherson

    The thing is, if you want to vote for a presidential candidate that is a great speaker and looks presidential but is taking money from corporations and the rich, you are part of the reason we are in the situation we are in, because we will get a president accountable to the corporations and the rich he/she is taking money from. Don’t dump on Bernie because he is not entertaining you with all the bells, whistles, and shiny things you like, is that your idea to vote for a candidate that entertains you even though he takes money from corporations and the rich, and will be a corporate president accountable only to the corporations and the rich like we have now?

    Bernie Sanders is for the people and is covering all the basis to change America into a country with democracy, freedom and Constitutional Law where no one is above the law! What we all have to do is fact check who we vote for and what it boils down to is do we want a president taking money from the corporations and the rich and will be accountable to corporations and the rich, or do we want a president only accepting donations from the people and will be a president working for the people.

  • Guy

    Gods speed with the initiative to stop the US war machine .Live far away from New York and in Canada but my heart will be with you.

  • Guy

    Looking at the US as a Northern neighbor ,if I was a citizen of the US , I would vote Tulsi in a heartbeat.Come on fellas ,she does not mince words .She is the only candidate that has worn the uniform and was in Iraq .She knows first hand what war is like.She does not kowtow to the corporate world and first and foremost she is honest .You will get the president you deserve which will be more of the same if anyone else comes to the fore ,IMHO .
    Vote for real change because that is what really needs to happen to the USA .

  • Alan MacDonald

    WTF are you saying??

    I was a Bernie delegate in Maine for him in ’16 — and he is my #1 choice of a candidate likely to overtly and honestly come-out against this damn DGCCEmpire.

    I will be pleased by any of these few who might have the guts and brains to come-out against EMPIRE:

    Bernie, Beto, Tulsi, or Pete. (But my heart belongs to Bernie)

    I doubt that any of the others have either the brains nor the courage to come-out against EMPIRE.

  • Michael MacPherson

    Alan MacDonald – So basically you are a sick psychotic lunatic that enjoys calling people names. When you resort to name calling you show you are not a serious person who wants to exchange ideas.

    I was hoping you would be an intelligent person with the ability to have an intelligent conversation and act like a sane adult. I believe if you had gotten love as a child, you would not be an insecure psychopath, who has a twisted unstable mind.

    In what world is being a rude obnoxious out of control loser calling me vial names because you are incapable of an intelligent conversation, and because you have no facts, you know nothing about me. Seriously Alan, get some help you are a hair away from having a complete mental break down.

  • kurumba

    Well spotted Lanny! I really do not comprehend how most Americans sit there and cop the endless lies fed to them about selected targeted countries and even more so, how the population continually allows their hard earned tax funds to be increasingly drained by dead end Military Spending when the population needs those funds spent on THEIR urgent needs such as urban rebuilding, dental and medical care, access to College tuition, child care, schooling etc. Not to mention the need for the return of proper full time emploi. Why has the US population failed to RISE UP??

  • kurumba

    Yes and the results of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” are in and they include the following: 1. Mass Unemployment due to the abolition of Industrial Planning and Central Government; 2. The re-introduction of Sharia Law and Feudal Tribal Customs such as FORCED MARRIAGES put on girls as young as NINE. Yes NINE YEAR OLD GIRLS ARE FORCED TO HAVE SEX AND MARRY MEN OLD ENOUGH TO BE THEIR FATHER!!! This has caused an increasing number of women into suicide; 3. Widespread breakdown in utilities and essential services. Riots are common over the dearth of potable water and erratic electricity supply especially in their blazing summer; 4. Rivers and waterways clogged with human waste and rubbish in fact a recent BBC Documentary titled “Iraq’s Poisoned Rivers” showed just how bad it is in Iraq; 5. A significant increase in cancers due to Bush & Blair dropping illegal depleted uranium onto Iraq’s fields and cities; 6. Inept Central Government and massive corruption as Bush and The CIA hurriedly rushed in a group of Neo-Liberal Iranian based exiles [Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq or SCIRI] to “run” Iraq after they destroyed anyone with anything to do with the Baa’th Socialist Party; 7. The widespread use of death squads and torture to eliminate all opposition to US takeover of the country and to eliminate all Baathists and those with Independent Economic Philosophy.

  • Michael MacPherson

    One of the key things to watch for in a presidential candidate is, are they taking campaign contributions from special interests like corporations and the rich. If so a candidate taking money from corporations and the rich will be beholding to them and nothing will get done about corporate crime. We need a president who will see that corporations are held accountable for their crimes, so that we will not have a problem with the banks as we did in 2008, corporate crime is out of control and it needs to stop, we need to raise their taxes so they are paying their fair share, and corporate welfare needs to stop.

  • Guy

    What you said is long overdue.I have to wonder if it is possible to clean up this mess of corruption as it is totally beyond repair IMHO.
    And not just the USA .It is a problem also where I reside ,in Canada , just slightly , less so.

    Is there such a person with such convictions to do this monstrous job ? The only one that has the integrity to do this is your candidate Tulsi Gabbard ,but would the controllers let her live to do so .

  • Michael MacPherson

    It would take a big grass roots effort to change the country from corporate rule to the people saying how the country works. That is why it is very important for the candidate that are not taking money from corporations and the rich to win the Senate, House, and the presidency. The Republican Party is the political arm of the corporations and the rich, they use the Republican Party to enact legislation that only benefits the corporations. Lucky you that you live in Canada! I am originally from Nova Scotia.

  • Guy

    I do believe we are on the same page regarding US politics.
    I reside close to Winnipeg ,in Manitoba .About 45 minutes from ND border .I research geopolitics out of interest as to what happens in the world .We live in very interesting times that is for sure.

  • Michael MacPherson

    Yes I also believe we are on the same page when it come to politics. One of my sisters and her husband lived in
    Winnipeg for many years, and really loved it there.

  • Alan MacDonald

    No. “Basically, YOU are a Quiet American with no Courage to get into the STREETS!

    Unfortunately, “EMPEROR Donald Trump Owns This Once Proud and Sometimes Progressive Country” and this insane faux-Emperor will continue to act exactly like he is the ‘Emperor of the World’ until ‘We the American people’ WakeTF-UP and remove him from ‘our’ White House’, ‘our’ Country, and our world by firing a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally NON-violent “SHOUT (not shot) heard round the world” in order to ignite an essential people’s peaceful “Political/economic & social Revolution Against Empire” — just as our fore-father’s did in 1776, as described by Justin du Rivage’s deeply researched and definitive history of our first American “Revolution Against Empire”!

    WakeTF-UP folks — or be judged by the world as being nothing but gutless and brain-washed “Quiet Americans” and “Good Americans” — [in the same quiet & gutless sense that the German people were called “Good Germans”] under the Nazi EMPIRE.

    For a people who overthrew the effin (near global) British EMPIRE and kicked their arses up to St. Andrews NB from Castine, Maine. — we are NOT acting like Americans — “O’er the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE”!

    GET BRAVE Americans, — and GET INTO the effin streets in the percentages and greater numbers than the partially FREE, but obviously BRAVE Chinese in Hong Kong!!!!

    This is not JUST A FIRE DRILL — under EMPEROR TRUMP — this is a sign of our clear-thinking, “COMMON SENSE”, and most importantly our courage, to overthrow an EMPEROR and this damn Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE.


    “We can’t be an EMPIRE”!

  • Alan MacDonald

    kurumba, the ONLY THING that matters to this GD Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE is to loot and control everything the EMPIRE desires.

    9 yr old child brides/rapees are of NO concern to this effin EMPEROR or this GD EMPIRE.

    Just like dumped ‘negative externality costs’ on our country, children, and world — these are just avoided and hidden ‘Negative Externality Costs’ on ‘others’ — “collateral costs” are of no effin concern to any Empires — they never were and they sure as hell aren’t to this first (and last); ‘effectively-Disguised’, ‘truly-Global’, ‘corruptly-Crony’, ‘Capitalist-fueled’, EMPIRE in all of history!

  • kurumba

    Alan I might add one special point about the so called “Empire” and its longest “enemy”: Cuba. The ONE point never mentioned about Cuba never discussed is its Sugar Industry. There used to be a phrase “Sin Azucar No Hay Pais”. Cuba was a pure economic Monoculture where growth depended on the terms of trade for sugar i.e the level of import capacity that sector generated through its international exchange value. You would think that the Cuban Exiles would have understood this and upgraded the sector and then trued some economic diversification. No exactly the opposite! Prior to 1959 the degree of MECHANISATION in the Cuban sugar industry was ZERO in both loading and especially in cane cutting.The Island had 370,000 Professional Cane Cutters i.e slaves who only worked 6 months or so per season. Hence Unemployment reached 25% or so for much of the year there was little other employment. Both the World Bank [1952 Report] and the UK Board of Trade Mission [1954] urged the Batista Regime to adopt policies to diversify the economy but little was done. By 1990 and the collapse of COMECON Cuba’s main trade partner Cuba had fully mechanised sugar loading and cane cutting was now largely done by Cuban made KTP Harvesters wherein 70% of inputs were Cuban made. Unemployment meanwhile remained very low at 2-3 %. Unlike in most underdeveloped countries there was little fear of Cuba’s labour saving technology from creating mass unemployment because the State created new employment eg social medical and educational work plus new factory cleaning stations to service the new agricultural machinery being used. More generally, this production enabled Cuba to build new sectors they never previously had such as Agricultural machinery and parts, Bio-Technology, Telecommunications, Computer Software and Mini Computers, Medical Services and Research, Military Equipment etc. These structural changes achieved in Cuba were highlighted by Robert BAZELL in his excellent NBC Science Report I think it was 1990-1. I refer you all also to la livre by Charles EDQUIST a Swedish technological change academic in his “Capitalism Socialism and Technology: A Comparative Study of Cuba and Jamaica ” 1985 Zed Books. Its cheap to but its contents will shock Americans!!

  • Michael MacPherson

    The thing is you just keep showing you are a loud mouth authoritarian with no knowledge of who I am, but you continue to make up your own version of who I am. Try something new, get some facts before you decide to open your mouth.

    I am a disabled person so I cannot get out into the streets, for the past 2 decades I have been answering petitions and writing to Congress, the Senate, and many other government groups to do what I can to bring back Democracy and Constitutional Law.

  • kevinzeese

    Thank you both for doing what you can do. I appreciate the efforts of everyone trying to make the transformational changes we need.

    Online work can be very valuable. My belief is the most valuable online work is to make yourself the media. Share articles from Popular Resistance with your own commentary. Subscribe to the Daily Digest on the front page of the websige so you have the latest news everyday. Then spend time sharing articles that are important to you and consciously build your networks on social media. Each person can reach thousands of people and become an important part of the People’s media.

    But, if you want to have a personal finght, please take it off this website. We can do a lot of positive things together if we each recognize our strengths and abilities and do what we can.

  • Alan MacDonald

    We won’t stop either the ‘War Machine’ nor the ‘EMPIRE Machine’ until…

    “Rich Will Keep Getting Richer and ‘Nothing Will Change,’ Says Bernie Sanders, Unless US Leaders Have Guts to Take on the Powerful ‘Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE’, along with the Empire’s dual Vichy-party facade of Democracy”.

    Bernie only repeated his vague, two-word, sound-bite ‘16 campaign slogan of “Political Revolution” — but did not yet have the courage to extend it to this essential revolutionary call to action — for a true people’s peaceful “Political/economic & social Revolution Against EMPIRE”.

    Until, Bernie has the guts and brains to fire a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally Non-Violent “SHOUT (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite this essential people’s peaceful Second American “Political/economic & social REVOLUTION AGAINST EMPIRE” — no effin thing will happen.

    “Can’t see the FOREST for the TREES”

    “Can’t see the EMPIRE for the ISSUES”

    Get off the little effin distractive, dis-empowering, and DIVIDING ISSUES and see the effin EMPIRE folks!!

    Bernie has to be a real socialist and ‘call out’ the EMPIRE.

    Bernie, get the courage to say it:

    “Political/economic & social REVOLUTION AGAINST EMPIRE”

    2020, like 1776, is not so much an election, but a REVOLUTION AGAINST EMPIRE!

  • Alan MacDonald

    My commentary to the NYT in support of Tulsi going a step beyond Bernie in calling-out, ‘exposing’, and igniting the essential people’s peaceful “Political/economic & social Revolution Against EMPIRE”:

  • Alan MacDonald

    Congrats, Kevin, PR is climbing up to the level of reader comments that TD and CD get on important topics like War and Empire.

    The momentum is swinging in the direction of educating people to the most important causes of all the “issues” — and not just to focus on more and more problem “issues”!

    As I like the suggest to folks, even among the broad (but not so progressive audience of the NYT):

    “Can’t see the FOREST for the TREES” — translates politically into this:

    “Can’t see the EMPIRE for the “ISSUES”.

    So many of the ‘run of the mill’ MSM web sites, and even most of the leftish, progressive-lite, and pseudo radical ‘web-sites’ just expand their ‘audience’ and thus ‘advertising revenue’ by EXPANDING the number of little “ISSUES” they throw out there as AD bait — which, of course, is what the effin dollar-drenched, corrupted, vacuous, and Vichy demo-party does to expand their big empty ‘tent’ of dump followers.

    Where as the highly focused, informed, and knowledgable web-sites like PR, AW, WSWS, et al. drill down to the core of all the lesser “Issues”, subordinate “symptom problems”, and right to our entire seminal “ailing social order” [Zygmunt Bauman] to focus on the underLYING deadly twin causes of WAR and EMPIRE.

    Congrats, again, for PR and for your focus on wars and Empire as early as you did, Kevin, in your Oct. ‘11 prescient movement of DC Occupy action against Empire.