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Above photo: People march in Washington, DC on the first day of the lame duck session of Congress to celebrate the popular victory over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and declare that it’s time for a People’s Agenda. By Eleanor Goldfield/Art Killing Apathy

The People Should Set the Agenda Not the Oligarchy


Recent academic studies confirm that the United States is a oligarchy – ruled by and for the few, instead of the many. Studies show that government policies overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy and corporations and do not serve the interests or needs of the majority of people.

Now that the election between the two least popular presidential candidates in history is over, the people’s movement should not allow the billionaire elected president to set the agenda. This would also have been true if the other oligarch representative, Secretary Clinton, had been elected as well.


We showed that when the people are organized we have power. We just defeated the ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership- this was a treendous people-powered victory over transnational corporate power. We must build on that victory by putting forward our agenda and organizing people so that the political culture is moved to support the urgent necessities of people and planet. We must set the standard and force the political system to move toward us.

Evidence of the oligarchic domination of the political process is obvious from how healthcare was “reformed” and other recent policy decisions.  The Affordable Care Act was written by the private insurance industry and bailed out that industry and protected pharmaceutical company profits while tens of millions of people remain without coverage and even people who have health insurance struggle to afford care. Trillions of dollars were used to bail out Wall Street after the financial crash and most of the ‘recovery’ has gone to the top, while millions of people lost their homes, wealth inequality is growing and more people are in debt. The government has failed to act on the people’s demands for $15/hour minimum wage, police accountability, labels for GMO foods and ending the fossil fuel era. Our people are being sent abroad for endless wars while weapons makers and war profiteers are enriched.

1riseupWe have the power to change this. In fact, it will only change if we rise up and take action!


Right now is the opportune time for people to say no to oligarchy and demand a people’s agenda. The rejection of the Democrats and the unexpected election of Donald Trump have caused confusion among the elites and have opened political space. The vote was a protest vote against the status quo, just as Senator Sanders’ broad support was also challenging the status quo. Voting for Donald Trump was the only way to protest the system — it was not a mandate for a right-wing agenda — but a protest of Washington, DC writing laws for the wealthy and not for the people.

People across the country are rising up and will continue to do so. This is critical for social transformation. We encourage you to organize in your communities and to take the streets.We must also be clear in our demands.

We are offering an outline for a People’s Agenda. This is based on the initial work of the October 2011 (Occupy Washington DC) organizers and community with additions based on the demands of current movements.

Please review the People’s Agenda, and if you support it, sign on as an endorser (CLICK HERE TO ENDORSE THE PEOPLE’S AGENDA). Share it widely!

Now you can join the National People’s Agenda Conference calls. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND THE DATES.


  1. Corporatism – Firmly establish that money is not speech, corporations are not people and only people have Constitutional rights. End corporate influence over the political process. End corporate welfare that enriches the few and instead treat government investment as something that all profit from, ensure corporations pay their fair share by ending corporate loopholes and tax subsidies and put in place a global tax so that off-shoring of money does not avoid taxes. Protect people and the environment from damage by corporations and end corporate trade agreements and partnerships that undermine consumer, labor and environmental protections. Trade must be re-made to protect people and planet and developed in a transparent and participatory way without undue corporate influence. Re-invigorate corporate charters so corporations need the approval of government to exist and so their work can be reviewed on a scheduled basis to ensure they are still functioning as their charter requires. Stop privatizing public goods and services in order to commodify them for corporate profit.
  2. Foreign Policy, Wars and Militarism – End wars and occupations, end private for-profit military contractors and end the weapons export industry. War crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace must be addressed and those responsible held accountable under international law. The United States should not be engaging in regime change of other governments but rather it should respect the sovereignty of nations, including Indigenous nations. Honor the treaties. Reduce the national security state and demilitarize the police. US foreign policy should be based upon obeying international law (all of the recent US wars violated international law), protecting human rights and participating in diplomacy and not war. Armed forces should be used to defend the nation not to attack other nations.
  3. Human Rights – End exploitation of people in the US and abroad. End discrimination in all forms, guarantee equal civil rights, and the right of people to travel across borders to work and live. Make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international treaties that protect civil and political rights a reality. Negotiate reparations for Native Americans and African Americans. End deportations and create a welcoming path to citizenship for immigrants.
  4. Worker Rights and Jobs – Guarantee that all working-age people have the right to safe, just, non-discriminatory and dignified working conditions, a sustainable living wage, paid leave and economic protection. Workers should be enabled to form unions for collective bargaining by removing the barriers that have been put in place since the 1940s. Put in place policies that allow worker owned and managed businesses, e.g. worker-owned cooperatives, so workers can build wealth and have greater control over their economic lives.
  5. Government – Guarantee that all processes of the three branches of government are accountable to international law, transparent and follow the rule of law. Respect the civil rights of government employees. Create a work environment in government that empowers people to serve, participation, honesty and integrity and that protects whistleblowers. Build policies and infrastructure that allow people to participate in decision making.
  6. Elections – Guarantee that all citizens 18 and older have the right to vote without barriers and establish universal voter registration. Ballot access laws should be re-written so they are consistent for all federal races and are not a barrier to inclusion of alternative parties and candidates. Count all votes in a transparent method open to the public. Institute new voting systems so that more than majority views are represented, e.g. proportional representation; and voting systems that avoid voting based on fear of the greater evil, e.g. instant run-off or ranked choice voting. Create a level playing field by funding public elections with public dollars and clean election laws. Require that all donations directly and indirectly to elections should be transparent, i.e. no anonymous funding of elections. Media should be required to provide equal time for all candidates running for office. Debates must be open to all qualified candidates. In the presidential race, all candidates on enough ballots to achieve a majority of electoral college votes should be included. The fraudulent debate commission, controlled by the Democratic and Republican parties, should have no role in deciding who can debate.
  7. Criminal Justice and Prisons – end stop and frisk and other racial profiling police practices that lead to police harassment,  brutality and even killings of civilians; respect constitutional rights against search and seizure, right to counsel and against self-incrimination. Create systems for community control of policing. Perform an independent investigation of all deaths of civilians by police. End the drug war and adopt a public health, evidence-based drug policy that respects individual rights and does not rely on law enforcement. End private for-profit prisons, end mandatory sentencing, recognize prisoners have the right to humane and just conditions, including the right to vote, with a focus on rehabilitation and reintegration into society and abolish the death penalty. Police need to protect the right to peaceably assemble to redress grievances and the right to Freedom of Speech without infiltration or other police practices that undermine those rights.
  8. Healthcare – Create a national, universal and publicly financed comprehensive health system, i.e. improved Medicare for All, which provides full health coverage throughout life with no out-of-pocket costs. Promote wellness in public policy. Recognize that health is a human right not a commodity.
  9. Education – Guarantee that all people have the right to a high quality, publicly-funded and broad education from pre-school through vocational training or university. Protect and empower teachers through unions, strong credentialing standards and professional development. Erase student debt.
  10. Housing – Guarantee that all people have the right to affordable and safe housing. End predatory mortgage and foreclosure practices.
  11. Environment – Adopt policies that create a carbon-free and nuclear free energy economy and that respect the rights of nature. Confront climate change with a rapid and comprehensive transition to an energy efficient, wind, solar and other renewable source-based economy that ends the wasteful use of energy. End the extractive economy and move toward a circular system where there is no waste and everything is re-used. Remake land use planning consistent with climate change and to support a healthy environment.
  12. Finance and the Economy – Break up the too big to fail banks, develop public banks in every state and major city, encourage community banks and credit unions, create local stock exchanges to allow investment in local communities and create micro-finance loans to encourage entrepreneurship and support local businesses. Return the power to create money to the US treasury so that money is no longer debt-based. Put limits on the discrepancy between worker and executive pay. End policies which foster a wealth divide and move to a localized and democratic financial system. Guarantee that people’s deposits are protected and that the public does not pay for financial institutions that fail. Reform taxes so that they are progressive and provide goods, monetary gain and services for the people including creating a guaranteed national income.
  13. Media – End the concentration of media by a small number of corporations. Democratize the media by recognizing that the airwaves and the internet are public goods and recognize independent and citizen’s media as legitimate media outlets. Require that media be accurate and accountable to the people and that the internet be accessible to all people, respect people’s privacy and promote the sharing of information. Protect net neutrality and freedom of expression on the internet so there is equal access to the Internet as a common carrier.
  14. Food and Water – Create systems that protect the land and water, create local, affordable and sustainable food networks, encourage community supported agriculture and farmer’s markets and diversify local food supplies so that food does not depend on transit over long distances. Encourage organic food production free of chemicals and regenerative agricultural practices. Label genetically modified foods. Guarantee the right to produce and harvest seeds. Stop commodification of water and guarantee access to water as a public good.
  15. Transportation – Provide affordable, clean and convenient public transportation and safe spaces for pedestrian and non-automobile travel. Develop land use planning that creates walkable and bikeable communities, with mass transit so that people do not depend on automobiles. Improve travel by train, rapid transit and commuter rails, so people are not dependent on air travel and automobiles.
  16. Economic Security for All  – People should have basic economic security throughout their lives. To end poverty and homelessness and insure economic security throughout life, we urge a guaranteed national income for all, sufficient to meet basic needs. The United States can end poverty for tens of millions by putting in place a basic income which has been supported by economists on the left, right, including libertarians, conservatives and radicals. This will be a supplemental income for many and the only income for others. In retirement we advocate doubling the Social Security payment and paying for it by removing the cap on the Social Security tax and creating a progressive tax for all forms of income including investment income.

Here is another version of the People’s Agenda merged with the agenda that came out of the People’s Revolution.

There is a national consensus developing on many of the issues in the People’s Agenda. Below is a series of articles that provide polling showing support for these issues.

–  National Consensus Builds For Transformational Change: Action Needed

– We Stand With the Majority

– The American People Could Rule Better than the Political Elites








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Berning Media

Birthing The Future

Community Organizing Center for Mother Earth

Democratic Socialists of America, North Texas

Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice

Hampton Roads Light Brigade

National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance

New Mode

North American Climate, Conservation and Environment (NACCE)


Popular Resistance

R.I.S.K  Consultancy


Spiritkeepers Education Center

The Band of Rebels, Rochester, NY


The Sacramento Z Newspaper

Trade Justice Alliance

Vermonters for a New Economy

Viva La Vida Foundation

Western Massachusetts Code Pink

White Rabbit Grove RDNA

  • DHFabian

    Count me out. This is the old Some People’s Agenda, affirming faith in our deregulated corporate state, in spite of decades of proof of its failure. Exclude me from any trickle-down agenda that represents only the interests of the more fortunate.

    The US is 20 years deep into one hell of a war on the poor. Eight years from now, a percentage of those who read this will also be among the jobless poor, in a country that has absolutely no mercy on the jobless poor. These are the people I stand with.

  • BeUtahful

    The Peoples Agenda is self evident truths of humanity! Actions against them are crimes against and must be prosecuted. We must usher in an age of accountability and make OUR world the paradise it should be! No excuses!

  • BeUtahful

    The Agenda sounds good to me! What’s your agenda?

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  • ForDemocracy

    While The People’s Agenda accepts some of the bases on which Capitalism is founded (just to mention two-wages and what may be construed as acceptance of the Electoral College & associated political processes (gerrymandering, etc) it represents the important step forward from a system that enshrines & protects profit, private control of our economy and an underlying slavish ‘class-divided economic & civic state’…and therefore as a TRANSITIONAL STATEMENT helps to focus on our existing power to organize in ways that can de-legitimatize the narrative ‘TINA” (There is No Alternative) propoganda that our schools, our media, our culture all bow to. There IS an alternative to Capitalism, call it what you will. BUTuniting in the here and now, using transitional ‘revolutionary’ reforms-with-the-stated-goal-of replacing-the-old-dysfunctional-Capitalist-class-divided-system with a new cooperative commonwealth is the surest way to bring new ideas into not only theoretical discussion, but into real-world practice. The left has tried doing it ‘purely’, some have tried ‘rage & disappointment’. It hasn’t worked. We are at a tipping point, lets try something’new’, building a huge coalition that agrees-at this point- on MANY of the same things, tho admittedly not all. We need to try ‘many roads’, to at least begin. Eventually we will need a clearer goal, but we’re simply NOT THERE YET. WE ARE HERE> Lets let discussions have a chance. PeopleForANewSociety has a new vision, a new model for a new economic and civic democracy that eshews all Capitalist principals, institutions, values. But unless we allow time for this (or other) visions to grow, we have to admit we can’t get there by carping that ‘this isn’t good enough’. Maybe so….But here’s a fact: We are only at the beginning of Capitalism’s decay, with conditions themselves acting to reveal the facts (CAPITALISM IS A DYFUNCTIONAL & AT THIS POINT MALIGNANT SYSTEM). Lets take this as our opportunity to build a movement of more awareness, more empowerment, more unity and base it on respect for all. No crystal balls, we need to be as proactive and realistic as possible. Perfection? No. Progress, yes. (BTW, I am a member of the Green Party, hoping to see it become as ‘progressive/socialist’ as possible, vigorously supported Bernie, voted for Jill & Ajamu, supported Margaret Flowers, Ian Schlactman (sp?), Howie Hawkins, Kshama Sawant…Gar Alperovitz & Richard Wolff and The Green Shadow Cabinet & New Deal Agenda. )

  • thuszar

    I’m in! I’m a 61 year old white 2nd generation Anglo and I’ve never been more determined to to do and “be” whatever is necessary to make the changes to our country and our world that are so obviously urgent to the vast majority of the masses! There’s no more beating around the bush……..this is going to take a massive, unprecedented revolt by the people and it’s going to have REACH THE STREETS FOLKS! The time is right now! Believe it! Be it!! See you all in the streets my brothers and sisters!

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  • jemcgloin

    Gee, a guaranteed living wage would be horrible for poor people wouldn’t it? Who would want one of those, as all low to medium skill jobs are replaced by robots and artificial intelligence?
    I mean only people who already have good salaries would want a living wage.

  • DHFabian

    Did you know that the UN’s UDHR (for which you indicate support) includes basic food and shelter as fundamental human rights — even for the jobless poor, and those who can’t work (health, etc.)? The US ended this some 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve come across only a handful of voices (in liberal media) calling for restoring these basic human rights to America’s poor.

  • DHFabian

    One that includes restoring the fundamental human rights (UDHR) of food and shelter to our jobless poor, and those who can’t work (so many of whom fall through the gaps in any “safety net” that remains). Consider that since we ended actual welfare aid, the overall life expectancy of the US poor has already fallen to age 60-62.

  • DHFabian

    Dumb. A living wage is essential for every worker. Reality: The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s. We don’t have jobs for all, and not everyone can work. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 jobless people who still have the means to pursue one. What do you think happens to those who are left out?

    Are middle classers really so clueless about current conditions in the US/our poverty crisis?

  • DHFabian

    As seen from those countries that have embraced democratic socialism, or something close to it, it appears to be working much better than our deregulated capitalism. Since the US turned to the right back in the 1980s, the overall quality of life went from being rated at #1 (far from perfect, but better) down to #48 by the time Obama was elected.

  • DHFabian

    It’s still a Some People’s Agenda that embraces the notion that our deregulated capitalism is so successful, everyone is able to work, and there are jobs for all.

  • red_slider

    What I would next like to see next is a simpler, more encompassing list, this 15 ingredient recipe distilled down to a set of clear, brief principles, each a sentence or two which embody the essence of a single desired aim. The principles would be somewhat broader in compass and less aimed at the so-called ‘left’ and its flavors and more addressed to all who can embrace the sense and compliment of ideas that promote a sane, healthy and flourishing society.

    It would attempt to reach a lot further than just left-of-center people, perhaps a third or more into the ranks of the right, as well as to independents and others for whom left/right politics is an artificial distinction and an anathema to rational discussion. The power of numbers are needed here, and a way that can provide it without compromising basic values. Principles should reveal at a glance the idea of what is being sought, and only that, stripped of any specificity, suggestions of particular means, groups or methods of achievement, prioritized issues o other descriptive detail.

    This recipe then serves as discussion material for constructing platforms and making other direct addresses to problems, things which may change over time or with new circumstances. The principles, by contrast, are permanent ideas which are expected to endure over time and regardless of political winds or fortunes.
    Principles are like a barometer against which all other ideas can be tested to insure they move towards the goals that are really desired and not away from them.

    Principles are the things from which a big tent can be made. And that is what we need, a really big tent.

  • jemcgloin

    That was all dripping with sarcasm, since the agenda that you oppose includes a living wage for all people, which is obviously most beneficial for people with no or low wages.
    Does the agenda rely on the people using the US government systems? Yes. That is the only likely way to make a living wage.
    And since robots and artificial intelligence are likely to take most jobs over the next century, it seems smart to start now, before the billionaires replace all governments with the international finance system.

  • Alexandra Hayward

    Instead of asking for endorsements, you should be asking for suggestions. The EPA needs to do its job and stop the pollution that has been happening for years. Spraying of the skies must be stopped and those doing it must be held accountable. It is the peoples’ sky, not those spraying it with poisons. Yet the EPA ignores this and the UN actually orders this spraying of poison!

    Stop the vaccine programs that are used as population reduction methods, as Bill Gates has alluded to by stating that we can reduce the population if we do a really good job with vaccinations.

    Stop the fluoridation of water since fluoride is a neurotoxin that does not prevent tooth decay or strengthen bones and actually lowers IQ.

    How about term limits for all govt agencies?

    We already have citizens’ banks in every state, they are called credit unions. It is the big banks like Wells Fargo that need to be dismantled, along with other monopolies like ATT and of course the Fed Reserve, which is a private mega bank that illegally taxes income and puts it in their pockets.

    How about NOT promoting international law, since it is the UN who orders the spraying of our skies with poisons, and the UN that recommends interference in foreign conflicts that helps their mega corp buddies. Lets outlaw international law or at the minimum, not abide by it.

    What is the point of doing anything if the very air we breathe is reducing our life spans, giving us Alzheimers, and lowering our IQs? Why isn’t that on the agenda? And speaking of agendas is there no acknowledgement of Agenda 21 and the confiscation of private land? In my area, Agenda 21 is in full implementation. Exits from highways removed, multiple rf weather mod and GWEN towers disguised as cell towers with even two right next to each other and sometimes 5, cramming of people into a small area with increased in population with constant expanding and building of homes while stealing home owners’ lands to run roads through their yards or sell/give it to foreign govts like China).

    How about stopping selling or giving away American suburbs to foreigners/noncitizens/nonworking? The latest thing the news does not report is the owning of homes by the Saudis and other noncitizens, who then get HUD to fund and rent them out to people who take advantage of the system. They do this exclusively in middle to upper middle class neighborhoods, which is unfair to people who actually work and have pride in their hard labor/homes/neighborhoods, and have to tolerate able-bodied neighbors who do not work and overcrowd these homes with their family and friends and relatives. These system freeloaders have relatives’ kids living with them and get multiple government checks, the more kids they can find the more money they receive from HUD. They drive multiple new cars purchased with their multiple government checks; yet do not work. Many of the homes’ occupants have no employment yet they enjoy the middle class lifestyle while parking their multiple cars on the grass, breeding pets for sale in the back yards, bringing fowl in the yards, basically turning the neighborhoods into nonzoned areas the middleclass must flee. Most middle class citizens cannot afford their nonworking neighbors’ lifestyle. Since these homes are overcrowded, deterioration of the neighborhoods occur with people hanging out in the streets, on their neighbors’ front yards/streets, living in rvs in driveways, 20 people or more in 3 bedroom homes in middle class neighborhoods while the homeowners associations ticket citizens for mowing incorrectly yet allow 20 or more to live in single family homes if they are on HUD or foreign.

    This is happening exclusively to middle class neighborhoods. Even Ben Carson acknowledged this since HUD does not actually help out the poor who need rental assistance-it exclusively gives money to those who are willing to relocate to invade neighborhoods they cannot afford. It promotes the lazy to nice neighborhoods they destroy with illegal home room additions that the city will not look at or penalize, with houses overloaded with people who do not work yet enjoy the middle class lifestyle (and I do not mean disabled people, I mean young adult freeloaders invading neighborhoods with HUD income).

    The poor who actually need HUD rental or mortgage assistance, do not receive it if they are not willing to move into neighborhoods they cannot afford. It is the agenda to destroy the working class. I do not see any agenda to destroy poverty or to destroy the wealthy so why is the middleclass the only victims and the only ones who actually do the nation’s work?

    Or how about illegal immigrants moving in next door with vans and rvs coyoting illegals in from Mexico or elsewhere and using the homes in middle class neighborhoods as hotels while they collect money from their private businesses that are untaxed? I know I cannot have an unlicensed food truck but I see theirs everywhere.

    How about the police when responding to complaints about noise from these types saying we must learn to get along and not ticketing dog breeders, backyard bands, multiple vehicles with no one in the homes having the car titles or insurance? I have been hit three times by people from other countries with no car insurance and no car titles!

    Protection for workers across borders? That is a huge problem that needs to be resolved now, not promoted as a right!!

    No noncitizen voting, period!

    And what rights do LGBT not already have??

    This agenda is nothing but a promotion of the same crap that is destroying our culture now. End the FED is actually the only good thing about this proposal but they fail to mention that it means end income tax as well, since the Fed Reserve bank and income tax are illegal anyway!

    And the cancer killing industry? The stamping out of alternative treatments that have a much lower mortality rate than conventional chemo and radiation? That I medical treatment for profit then death!

  • js121

    We MUST mobilize in larger numbers this year!! We need some big buck financing so that people from all corners of this Nation can participate. We want a MILLION showing up at Every event! Please hit the guys with $$ so we get Road Warriors to show up! They will if we have rides!

  • js121

    In Eastern Canada there will be NO more jobs as advised by the Cdn Gov’t. It’s all over ….a way of life on the sea is OVER for them. So, the Gov’t didn’t prevent over-fishing and now the people should curl up and die? A basic income which is talked about now for them IS required especially when the fault is not theirs….who else should support them? Move, you say? WHERE? There’s no jobs in automotive anymore thanks to NAFTA and the farms are gone thanks to Large AG taking over….Get into what we call Reality….WE didn’t do this to ourselves and we shouldn’t have to die for THEIR AGENDA!

  • sidandsue

    Two quotes to consider when prioritizing the 15 points of the People’s Agenda, especially point number 11.
    “Climate is the granddaddy of all environmental problems. Everything we do on all these other issues – local pollution, wildlife preservation, rivers and oceans – is going to be for nothing if we don’t solve the big one.” (Michael Oppenheimer)
    The following was in reference to global warming/climate change: “The other issues our political system is preoccupied with are less critical, because if you get it wrong, or do too little, you can always go back and fix it later.” (my emphasis – http://mahb.stanford.edu/blog/can-we-save-world/ )
    Sid Madison

  • jemcgloin

    Please see clarification added to original post.

  • js121

    Yes! C u if I haven’t already!!

  • js121

    Thanks, jemcgloin…I knew you were being sarcastic, lol. Great comments!!

  • Rikhard Ravindra Tanskanen

    Vaccines as population reduction? Be retarded somewhere else, alt-righter.

    Besides, if we don’t have population control, millions of people will starve in the Third World. The fact that morons like you actually oppose population control shows how despicable your ideology is.

  • js121

    And, International Police Forces!!

  • js121

    Yes, of course, these are things we once had and we want them BACK! However, we can’t even stop their outrageous wages THEY vote for themselves nor their outlandish pensions. They own everything and will do as THEY want since they’ve taken over. When they hold power; just how do we wrestle it back? 1000’s of Corporate Koch ALEC laws shoved down our throats. It will take a group of politicians with backbones to overthrow them and that’s the point now…..how do we overthrow them? No more Mr. Nice Guy when people are dying in our streets…..WHERE are the leaders who will shut it DOWN?

  • Agreed. The People’s Agenda should not be so complicated. The UDHR is a solid foundation for unifying the global human family. “Constitutional or Civil Rights” are at best secondary to Basic Human Rights, and actually many times a significant part of the problem, like in the case of the embedded protection of property rights for the few in the US constitution. We have been stumbling toward the right direction for many years now, but a whole lot of self education is still needed within the activism community before we will see the emergence of a united global people’s agenda that every human being and all life on this planet can support. Any agenda that does not meet the needs of the least of us is ultimately a failure for us all. I honestly don’t see how that will ever happen while we are so still deeply embedded and nearly universally conditioned by the monetary market system. Only a positive focus on the universal recognition and elevation of the basic human rights of all people above all other agendas, including every money agenda, has any chance of lifting us into the world we all know in our hearts is possible. Choose the world in which you want to live and then help make it happen. We are wealthy beyond measure. But only Sharing will ever eliminate poverty, hunger and war.

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  • Derryl Hermanutz

    Point 12 Finance and Economy, is the key: “Return the power to create money to the US treasury so that money is no longer debt-based.” Lincoln’s Treasury printed debt-free greenbacks — United States (Treasury) Notes — to pay the soldiers and suppliers who contributed to the North’s war effort. The Confederate government printed its own graybacks for the same reason: to avoid the bankers’ ruinous 24-36% interest rates for loans of their ‘gold-backed’ credit-money.

    That’s the only time a US government created its own spending money, so “returning” the power to the Treasury is not exactly accurate. The government would have to “seize” the money-creation power from the commercial bankers who historically and presently have owned and operated the money issuance and allocation system (“banking”) as their private fiefdom.

    The power to create money, and decide who gets it to pay for what purposes, is the power to financially govern the nation. As long as bankers — and now that the banks have already created 10s of trillions of US$ money: plutocrats and hedge funds who control vast pools of the money — decide what purposes will be funded by US dollars, private financial government will continue, and every socially beneficial reform will be “unaffordable”.

    During the 1896 election William Jennings Bryan spoke the truth: Without monetary system reform that includes government issuance of its own debt-free spendable money, no other reforms will be possible.