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Peru: Social Movements Demand Resignation Of De Facto President

Above Photo: A march in Lima demanding de facto President Dina Boluarte’s resignation. Paolo Aguilar/EFE.

The National Unitary Coordination Platform of Struggle (CNUL), composed of several Peruvian social movements, called for a new march on Saturday to demand the resignation of de facto President Dina Boluarte.

The platform of social movements announced that Saturday, July 22, will be a day of peaceful struggle, with marches in working class neighborhoods of the northern, southern and eastern parts of Lima, and in other regions of the country.

On Wednesday, July 19, marchers from all over the country took over the capital and 59 other provinces, and the CNUL plans to continue the same during July 24-29.

A meeting of trade unions, agrarian organizations, university student federations, and regional movements is scheduled for this weekend.

The CNUL congratulated the people for their mobilizations inside and outside Peru, and for demonstrating their support for the popular demands in this historic moment for Peru.

Mass protests have been going on in Peru demanding the resignation of de facto President Boluarte, the closure of the unpopular parliament, and the convocation of a constituent assembly to draft a new constitution.

At numerous places, there were clashes between the marchers and the police, who try to deny the legitimacy and legality of the protests.

The CNUL also demanded freedom for political prisoners detained since December 7, 2022, when President Pedro Castillo was imprisoned and removed from office and replaced by the de facto authorities.

Another demand of the platform is retribution for those who were directly or indirectly responsible for the death of nearly 70 Peruvians during the protests, and moral and material reparations for the families of the victims.

A new demand that was raised during the third takeover of Lima was the defense of national sovereignty, and the withdrawal of the US troops that arrived in Peru to back up the Boluarte regime.

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