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Peruvian Congress Rejects Impeachment Of President Castillo

Above Photo: With a 30 vote difference, Peruvian deputies rejected the impeachment motion against Castillo. Peruvian Congress.

With 76 votes against and 46 votes in favor, the members of Congress rejected the right-wing proposal.

Peru’s Congress rejected the initiation of impeachment proceedings against President Pedro Castillo with 76 votes against, 46 in favor and four abstentions. The vacancy motion was proposed by the right-wing caucus, composed of the parties Avanza País, Popular Renewal, and Popular Force of former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori.

In order to be admitted, the proposal had to obtain 40% support in the legislature, equivalent to 52 votes. This was the Peruvian president’s third clash with Parliament in only five months in office.

The voting process was accompanied by demonstrations of support for the government in front of Congress.

“On behalf of my government I am thankful that the vote of Congress prioritized Peru over all interests. Brothers and sisters, let us put an end to the political crises and work together to achieve a Peru that is just and based in solidarity. The people have entrusted us with their wishes, let us not disappoint them,” Castillo wrote.

Vice President Dina Boluarte also thanked the deputies. “Now that we have overcome this chapter, all political forces have space for criticism in democracy. Let us never abandon the possibility of building consensus.”

Last Monday December 6, the Peruvian president had met with leaders of the center-left parties to ensure their support, which was confirmed at the end of the vote.

Both the members of congress of the Somos Peru and Acción Popular parties, which make up the opposition to the government, declared that their vote sought to defend the stability of the country.

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