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PHOTOS: Nationwide Protests Against McDonald’s Wage Theft

Fast food strikers in Detroit rally on Tuesday in support of a Michigan-based class action suit filed this week alleging systematic wage theft by McDonalds. The protest is part of a nationwide day of action raising awareness about the problem of wage theft.


“This is a corporate McDonalds. They should be paying living wages, not stealing them.” – Chicago Alderman Bob Fioretti


Community supporter at St. Louis rally. “I was living in my car in a McDonalds parking lot – the McDonalds where I work”, said a disabled worker. “My two children were staying with my parents, but I could barely afford to keep them fed. And the whole time, I believe my boss was robbing me.”


Workers from NYC-based Fast Food Forward make a citizen’s arrest of Ronald McDonald for alleged wage theft. In a 2013 poll, over 80 percent of New York City fast food workers reported being victims of wage theft.


“Making me pay for a uniform and register shortages is wrong, the wage theft has to stop.” – Amanda, Raleigh, NC


A Denver fast food worker shares his perspective: “Wage theft is like coming into a person’s house and stealing food from the fridge.”


Workers and supporters from MassUniting rally outside a McDonalds in Boston. “We work way too hard for way too little. I can’t provide for my son.” – Kadija White, McDonalds worker, courtesy of MassUniting


Kansas City Street Theater performs as Hamburglar and Ronald McDonald: “Less for workers means more for us. Greed is what makes us rich. Wage theft is how we make the payment on our vacation homes.”
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