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Piercing The Veil Of Impunity That Allows Israel To Commit Genocide

On January 11 and 12, the International Court of Justice, also called the World Court, will hear testimony in South Africa’s case charging the state of Israel with genocide. Organizations around the world are mobilizing to press their governments to support South Africa publicly and through Declarations of Intervention in the hope that Israel will be held accountable and that effective actions will be taken to protect the rights and lives of people in Palestine. Clearing the FOG speaks with Suzanne Adely, president of the National Lawyers Guild, about the Genocide Convention, the new International Coalition to Stop Genocide in Palestine and the risk of a broader war in Western Asia.

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Suzanne Adely is the first Arab-American president of the National Lawyers Guild, co-chair of the International Committee and member of the bureau of the IADL. She has worked as an organizer and human rights and labor advocate in New York, Chicago, Egypt, India and elsewhere.

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