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Planning Actions for the Spring


spring is in the air


OWS Direct Action, February 18, 2013

lots going on in occupy.
from the unholy wedding of corporations to people, to the mass rally a day ago in washington. occupy is in the news. maybe not cnn, but trust me, we’re there.
so what do we do with this momentum. occupy sandy was what we needed to bring us together and get us working. occupy wall street closed out 2012 with a strong fourth quarter, and is now ready to tackle a new year, a new leap, and maybe, a new beginning.

for comrades who don’t know what to put their energies into, remember, may day is just around the corner. and so are other actions, like the autonomous tent city. organizing is essential. it is practically a principle of anarchism. not that all occupy activists are anarchists. but you know what i mean.
meetings may not be popular, but they are important. that is where we get the brains of occupy together, communicating, working. my hope is that just like this community got together to plan black monday (aka s17) and #13o, we will once again come together to plan the next few actions.
though it may not be a radical’s cup of tea to work with the institutional left or the hierarchies of unions who don’t accurately represent the rank and file, it’s always a good idea to reach out to our allies. plan as you may, but keep them in the loop. let them know what’s up and keep your fingers crossed, or crescented, or starred, in the hopes that they will rally their troops to join us in the streets.
actions don’t need to be complicated. though i disagree with total transparency (after all, this is a revolutionary movement, not the barack administration) we can make room for all ideas. we did that remember? s17! consensus, in my opinion, is what makes social justice movements like ours different from the tea party. we push for people power. we want all voices to be heard, to consent. if a party blocks, make a legitimate effort to come to an understanding. if enough comrades block, negotiate and work out something that is agreeable to all. however, if a provocateur continues to block, move on. we are a strong community that shoulnd’t let the actions of a few dictate how we make decisions. i didn’t come to occupy wall street to participate in a liberal, electoral organization. i came to lend my voice and my labor to this “movement of movements”.
though it’s not my preference to fall into the same old bad habits, i prefer to take baby steps since this country isn’t ready for an all-out arab spring style revolution. yes i would like to see capitalism collapse tomorrow and a federated system of anarchist villages all over form the day after, i understand and appreciate reality. so for the time being, as long as i don’t have to work with politicians, i am willing to work with left leaning organizations like, the sierra club and non-radical unions. for there to be a revolution, occupy must win the hearts and minds of all, and not just the socialists, marxists and the anarchists. there must be respect for all tactics, for all voices. but as long as we work towards empowering the people to make decisions that affect their lives instead of entrusting politicians and bankers, i am cool beans.
what are you waiting for? call for a meeting. and organize. there is a lot to look forward to. let’s start working.
source: the term “movement of movements” was first brought to my attention by my dear comrade marisa, who informed me that it came from the zapatistas who describe their community as such.
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