Plant Brigade To Bring Wall Street Down To Earth

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Illustration by Richard Register of Ecocity Builders

Our Labor. Our Earth.

Add your touch to an innovative installation in the Financial District, NYC, on April 22, 2014, 5pm.

“What would Wall Street look like as a garden?” reads the flyer from the Plant Brigade. “Bring a plant to cleanse the New York Stock Exchange for a historical photo. This is a participatory action. The more participants the bigger the garden.”

This kick off to the Global Climate Convergence will reclaim Earth Day. The mass rally and march will be the largest NYC action in the Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet, and Peace over profit. The Convergence is a world-wide network linking events and actions from Earth Day, April 22, to May Day, May 1, uniting labor, environmental, and community groups in solidarity.

The “System Change Not Climate Change; the Ecosocialist Coalition” FaceBook page describes how we are connecting the dots: “The capitalist system is in fundamental conflict with the climate system. Capitalist exploitation of nature is the flip side to the exploitation of human labor. Ultimately therefore, to solve the ecological and social crisis, we need a revolutionary movement that creates a new society free of exploitation, oppression, and the profit motive. A society which measures the quality of life not through the competitive acquisition of things, but by our relationship to each other and nature, that acts to protect and restore our planet for future generations.” You can read more and get involved at their website.


For many years now, Earth Day has served as little more than an occasion for companies to roll out “greening” initiatives and push “sustainable” products. This year, Earth Day becomes a day of popular struggle and participation.

Wall Street is the ultimate source of the social, economic, and environmental crisis we’re in. But this will not be a gloomy occasion! Expect Puppets, a May pole, lots of revelry, and… plants!

Invite friends and comrades!

Join former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, System Change Not Climate Change, Occupy the Pipeline, the Green Party of New York State, NYC and many others. Rise up in resistance against the global assault on our shared economy, ecology, peace, and democracy. Keep up to date with planning for the NYC convergence on this Tumblr.

Participants in the Convergence are calling for nothing less than a global, emergency green New Deal– a solution as big as the crisis we face– and it will take a mass uprising to get us there. Find out more.

Mayday B of A Occupation

And to cap off the Convergence, on May 1st join in the occupation of B of A Headquarters!