Police Try To Assassinate Atatiana Jefferson’s Character After Killing Her In Her Own Home

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  • Infarction

    The days when we could reasonable expect so-called law enforcement to approach a wellness check without their guns blazing in paranoid PTSD episode are long gone.

    Nowadays, the notion must be disabused that the occupation force that replaced local police can react in a civil and nonviolent manner. Their first response is always to escalate the most ordinary encounter with the working class.

  • dopfa

    I am so sorry for the loss of this person to the jack-booted thugs who are allowed to kill anyone, anytime, for any reason. I wish I could say it has come to this, but Amerika has always been dangerous for people of color. I hope the officer who shot this woman will spend the rest of their life in prison, but it’s doubtful they’ll even be tried for this outright murder. A badge in the US is evidently a license to kill.

  • Zanga

    All I can say is #FTP and #BLM
    This country is officially worthless at this point! #DownWithEmpire #NoKingsNoQueens #CrapitalismKILLS #LandOfTheFeeHomeOfTheSlave #FreeJulianAssangeNOW
    #FreeManning #FreeSnowden #NoExtradition

  • John Chadwick

    WHY WHY WHY does anybody think they have to call the police if something looks amiss at the neighbor’s house. Am I the only one in the world who would go to the neighbor and ask if anything was wrong???