Police Use Violence On Protesters Against Police Violence

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Above photo: Protesters in front of the Mayor’s house. Pittsburgh Current.

A group of protesters gathered again Wednesday evening at the Point Breeze home of Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto to protest the snatching of a protest marshal off the street over the weekend by heavily armed police officers in an unmarked white van. This was the second consecutive night of protests. On Tuesday evening, an even larger crowd showed up at Peduto’s front door and spent the night until they were ordered by Police to leave at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.

A different scene unfolded Wednesday evening though, as the group was met by Peduto sitting on his front porch, waiting to talk. Peduto invited the group up to his porch to talk and protest organizers voiced their concerns and frustrations with the police response to previous protests, including the June 1 East Liberty where Pittsburgh Police unleashed tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray on the group.

Talks on the mayor’s porch didn’t go well, however, as Peduto didn’t give the response protesters were hoping for. As talks were breaking down, protesters took to megaphones and chanted, “Bill Peduto has got to go.”  The mayor then got up and went into his house, closing the door behind him.

Watch the video here.

The group then took to the street in front of Peduto’s house on Hastings Street, remaining peaceful, yelling and dancing. At 10 p.m., the mood changed for the worse. Pittsburgh Police arrived in riot gear at the top of Hastings Street and declared an “unlawful assembly,” giving protesters two minutes to disperse.

After the two minutes elapsed, officers in riot gear began approaching the group of about 100 protesters, forcing them down Hastings Street. They forced the group onto Elysian Street which then connects perpendicular to Fifth Avenue. This is were protesters had nowhere to go but into Mellon Park. Police gave very unclear and conflicting orders, telling the group to first, “back up onto the sidewalk.” Then gave the orders, “do not obstruct the sidewalk. Go further into the park.” After abiding all the police orders to move into the park, police then said over the megaphone, “The park closed at 9 p.m.”

The police line started pushing, pepper spraying and shooting less-lethal projectile rounds at the crowd. A cyclist was pulled by his pants off of his bike and arrested. Screams were heard throughout the park as protesters were sprayed in the eyes and mouth at very close range with pepper spray.

  • John R.

    These MFer’s will treat the protestors any way they damn well choose – that includes spraying them in the face with mace – this is done over and over again around the US. How’s that feeling for you ? Now move along and take the abuse they dole out. Remember – the US is the most incarcerated population in the world so we must be pretty bad and deserve anything they do to us. /s and disgust

  • Edward Winslow

    As the working class becomes more restive and belligerent, the occupation force will continue to escalate their crimes against humanity on orders from the plutocracy. Sooner rather than later, the goons will begin to open fire with automatic weapons on unarmed, peaceful demonstrators. As the tiny criminal plutocracy’s fear increases, the occupation force’s actions will incrementally become more brutal.

  • Bill Rood

    People do not have a “right to peacefully assemble” in the middle of a street without a permit, nor do they have a right to obstruct traffic on a public sidewalk. This is long established to protect the rights of the general public.

    The police have not the right, but the obligation to clear a crowd from such areas and push them into a place where their assembly will not infringe the rights of others, such as a private hall the assembly owns or has rented, or a public park that is open. It would be a good idea for the police to allow the assembly to continue for a short time in the park after it is closed, especially if the park is unfenced, but they have no duty to do so.

    Once people are legally informed that their meeting is an “unlawful assembly,” they must respect and obey orders to disperse. If they resist those orders, even passively, they are no longer a peaceful assembly, but a mob. I would argue that they actually crossed that line when they assembled in the street in front of the mayor’s home, particularly when they pulled out bullhorns and started chanting. The mayor was willing to have a dialogue. He refused to listen to shouts or endure noise pollution at a late hour.

    It’s quite telling that Bill Peduto is a Democrat. Even Democrats are fed up with your antics.

  • Bill Rood

    I’ve been a member of the “working class” all my life. I was a 1st line manager for about 3 years, thinking I could help to humanize the company, but never in any sort of executive or owner position. I was once provided an “outplacement opportunity” largely due to the off-shoring of jobs, so I think I’m aware of the struggles of the working class.

    I don’t know what will happen with four more years of Trump, and I don’t look forward to it, but the Democrats and their partisan supporters have made it abundantly clear what their agenda is: mandatory masks regardless of RCTs showing they don’t slow the spread of respiratory viruses and may in fact harm your immune response, tracking of your every move, censorship and mandatory vaccines. All for a disease with an infection fatality rate about the same as seasonal flu.

    They are using you and your demonstrations of discontent that they have largely brought about in their decades of control in our large cities, in hopes that the chaos will result in either the outright defeat of Donald Trump or enough chaos that they can cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election. They like corporate control of government, which is an inverted form of fascism, and they are using the tribalism of people who claim to be Neo-Marxists but are in fact anti-Marxists because Marx encouraged the unity of the proletariat, not identity politics that pitted one worker against others.

  • John Chadwick

    People who are ‘fed up’ with protests are the very zombies the authorities want us all to be. When there are no more issues/practices to protest, then we will have a society compliant with all the shit we are forced to wallow in without a whimper…
    doG bless ameryucka

  • mwildfire

    Yes. When they got an unsatisfactory answer from Peduto, it was their proper duty to go home, shut up, and accept that police would continue to have excessive power and be excused for violence.

  • mwildfire

    Yeah, all of that has been shown to be true, along with the moon landings being faked, climate change being a hoax, Obama born in Kenya, Hillary running a pedophile ring, and alien lizards running our government. Also the universe was created 6000 years ago.