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Poor People’s Army To Protest At Biden’s Headquarters During DNC

Protestors have declared that irrespective of permits, they plan to march on Presidential Candidate Biden’s national headquarters on August 17th at 4pm from the Liberty Bell. Upon arrival demonstrators will present the DNC and Biden offices with a list of demands. They include:

● Unite immigrant families and children
● Transfer the war budget to provide healthcare, housing, and food for people
● Meet with PPEHRC homeless families that are forced to live in abandoned houses

Consistently ignored by those in government, and disproportionately impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, poor and homeless people, low income workers and immigrants have had enough.

Poor People’s Economic Human Rights campaign (PPEHRC), an organizer of the march, has for decades advocated on behalf of poor and homeless families throughout America. Members of the Poor People’s Army are prepared to conduct direct actions to draw attention to the unbearable conditions families in Philadelphia and beyond are facing.

“This is not about our votes, it’s about our future. Both political parties don’t give a damn about the poor,” says Cheri Honkala, National Director PPEHRC. Protesters will be joined by poor and homeless people from Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Maryland, New York, Washington D.C. and other US cities and states. “We are proclaiming our own declaration of independence. Corporations and billionaires that choose to build luxury homes, deny healthcare, food, let people die during a global pandemic, keep people incarcerated in prisons and immigrants in cages. We are declaring independence from all of them.”

Demonstrations will take place regardless of weather. Protesters will be wearing masks and abiding by all social distancing guidelines.

Cheri Honkala Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign ‪#ppehrc#Poorpeoplesarmy #Biden #DNC2020#LivesOverLuxury!‬

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